1. Astropolis Star Party Jodlow 2010


    from Patryk Kizny / Added

    Astropolis Star Party Jodlow 2010 A short film by Patryk Kizny Astropolis Star Party is an annual event organized by www.astropolis.pl, the major amateur astronomy community in Poland. The stagazers from the entire Poland come together each year to admire and photograph the beauty of the sky above us and mystery of the space. Thanks to Astropolis, we had a great pleasure to shoot a short film during this event. Credits: • Production company: LookyCreative • DOP & Post-production: Patryk Kizny • Camera: Patryk Kizny & Agnieszka Gonczarek • Selected shots: Mateusz Zdziebko, Jacek Dobrowolski & Robert Paluch • Astrophotography: Krzysztof Gaudy & Patryk Kizny • Music: "Midnight Theme" by CDK (CC) - http://ccmixter.org/files/cdk/14246 "Medieval Choir" by thefurnaceroom (RF) - http://bit.ly/a6BBDV "Tribal Scores" by ChristopherJung (RF) - http://bit.ly/9S25KV The film was shot using a DitoGear OmniSlider More details at www.ditogear.com Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. www.facebook.com/kizny www.twitter.com/PatrykKizny www.twitter.com/AgaGonczarek www.facebook.com/agnieszka.gonczarek

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    • Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse


      from William Castleman / Added

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      Time lapse video of Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010 from 1:10 AM EST (6:10 GMT) to 5:03 AM EST (10:03 GMT) from Gainesville Florida. The music is Claude Debussy's Nocturnes: Sirènes. A stabilized version of this video has been posted at: http://www.vimeo.com/18239117

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      • Pale Blue Dot


        from ORDER / Added

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        A visual response to Carl Sagan's famed 'Pale Blue Dot' monologue, where he muses on our planet's appearance in a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. The most distant photograph ever taken of Earth. This was a personal project, designed and created in After Effects with extensive sound work created to sit along side the music from 'Cosmos' and the spoken word from Sagan. Thanks for taking the time to view and all the amazing feebdack! twitter.com/thisisorder www.facebook.com/thisisORDER www.thisisorder.com

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        • WITHINcast Episode 1


          from LINKtv / Added

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          FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY Within Films presents Episode 1 of a new series of Tahitian podcasts. Tahitian bodyboarders are stepping up to international bodyboarding standards. It's funny these guys have gone so many years with hardly any recognition whatsoever. Look out for these guys as it's a definite possibility to see one or more of them on the tour in the near future. Filmed, directed and edited by Eric Schnitzler Effects and Assistant Camera by Maiti Charles Underwater equipment used: HCW CameraWaterHousings by Chad Stickney, Laguna Niguel, CA Additional footage provided by: Maureen Maiau Marc-Antoine Bouvant Timmy Hamilton Thank you to the Tahitian riders for making my time behind the lens worthwhile. Music Artists and Songs: Intro: ELLIE GOULDING, Lights, Bassnectar remix Main Body: BASSNECTAR, Timestretch Tahitian Music: Angelo Neuffer / Bobby Holcomb, My Island Home Music Selection: Tahurai Henry WITHIN facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Within/171896349493187

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          • Silent Storms


            from Ole C. Salomonsen / Added

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            Silent Storms is my fourth consecutive aurora/astro film. In a way Silent Storms shows how the night skies can be during the three seasons we have darkness here in northern arctic Scandinavia; autumn, winter and spring. It was filmed in Norway, Finland and Sweden, primarily around the Tromsø area, Norway. The "storms" referred to, are the geomagnetic storms which takes place in the atmosphere when a strong solar wind hits earth, often followed by a CME. When a geomagnetic storms takes place, it can last for days, with several substorms causing auroras to appear. Although there has been reports of audible auroras, this has yet to be proven scientifically. Shooting through these different seasons raises different challenges, and opportunities. Late august/early september you are still battling against the sun, with the skies appearing very bluish. When the sun finally is low enough beneath the horizon, and there is still no snow, you have pitch black darkness, and it is difficult to use and lit foregrounds properly, unless the moon is present. At this period, I find using silhouettes exciting. When winter has settled you have the most beautiful period, with snow coverd trees, icy reflective grounds, partially frozen rivers etc. In March/April when spring arrives, sun is coming back, causing bluish skies again, but you also get beautiful colors from the sun in the horizon to combine with auroras, if lucky. Shooting milky ways/startrails this far in the northern hemisphere is challenging as well. First because of the obvious that we cannot see the strongest parts of the milky way up here, but also because there always seem to be som auroras "interfering" when you're planning to shoot an astro shot, even if activity is reported to be low. The film is made primarly of stills, two sequences are realtime video (03:17 and 03:38). The still sequences has been slowed down in post to a speed I feel is representative for a fast to to normal authentic moving aurora, although still to a speed/length which allows fitting the sequences within the timeframe of such a short video. Some sequences was added panning to using motion control and rails from Dynamic Perception. This video is in HD video 720p, but the film is available in full HD 1080p, and 4K/UHD, please contact for licensing inquiries. Shot using Canon DSLRs + lenses. The realtime sequences was shot in RAW 14bit video using Magic Lantern Firmware on the 5D Mark III. Check out my previous projects here: https://vimeo.com/64122803 - POLAR SPIRITS (2013) https://vimeo.com/40555466 - CELESTIAL LIGHTS (2012) https://vimeo.com/21419634 - LAND OF NORTHERN LIGHTS (2011) Commercials: https://vimeo.com/82181786 - HOME OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS (2013) https://vimeo.com/68924195 - HUNTING THE LIGHT (2013) More info about me: www.arcticlightphoto.no www.facebook.com/arcticlightphoto Music: AJ Hochhalter Licensed from: The Music Bed www.themusicbed.com Ole

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            • Sundown: Nighttime Timelapses of South West France


              from Jon Bryant / Added

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              A series of nighttime timelapses shot on location in South West France over a period of two weeks. All footage shot on a Canon 7d. Une série des timelapses faites dans le sud-ouest de la France pendant deux semaines. Fait avec un Canon 7d. I'm an aspiring time-lapse photographer. If you like my work, or even embed it as content in your own websites, then please consider a donation via the Vimeo tip jar below, this will help me in generating similar content in the future. Thanks!

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              • MAGIC Telescope - Time Lapse


                from Michael Rissi / Added

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                This is the MAGIC Telescope on the Canary Island La Palma, which is a so-called Cherenkov Telescope and measures Gamma-Rays from the most violent processes and objects in the universe. I captured this time lapse during my last measuring shift. The music is from Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony (Symphonie pathétique), the 2nd movement, a waltz "with a twist". If you don't hear the twist, then try to dance a waltz to it and you will find out quickly! http://www.magictimelapse.ch/en

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                • The Aurora Borealis


                  from Per Byhring / Added

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                  This video explains how particles originating from deep inside the core of the sun creates northern lights, also called aurora borealis, on our planet. See an extended multimedia version of this video at forskning.no (only in Norwegian): http://www.forskning.no/artikler/2011/april/285324 All the animated parts of the video was made with Apple Motion 4. ----------- This video is produced by forskning.no in collaboration with the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo. Production, animation and music: Per Byhring - http://soundcloud.com/perbyhring Script: Arnfinn Christensen Scientific advisors: Jøran Moen, Hanne Sigrun Byhring and Pål Brekke Video of the northern lights: http://arcticlightphoto.no Video of coronal mass ejection: NASA

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                  • Docking


                    from Mato Atom / Added

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                    "Docking" - A little film

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                    • WITHINcast Episode 2


                      from LINKtv / Added

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                      Within films in association with PRIDE bodyboards & SURGE bodyboarding present the 2nd episode of WITHINcasts. Additional footage, courtesy of: Maureen Maiau and Niko Richard Marc-Antoine Bouvant David Tuarau Tshanny Tessier @ Sapinus Prone Tahurai Henry Ok thanks to: Anyone who contributed to or was involved with this project in any way, don't want to name drop and leave anyone out. Maururu to all the Tahitian bodyboarding community for their modesty, regardless of how talented they are, they always seem to keep it humble which is how it should be everywhere. Big thanks to all the Tahitians for allowing me to film their world class waves. Sorry if I couldn't include everyone, there's more to come. Manuia!

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