1. BT Vision Easter Ident (Directors Cut)


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    Our latest seasonal on-air identity for BT Vision is now airing on the platform. This time we were commissioned to develop and produce an Easter package of idents and bumpers that would combine a sense of Springtime with a crafted and homely Easter feel. Stemming from our clients love of mechanical wooden toys, and like the previous year, mimicking a traditional animation technique, we conceived an Easter scene that would come to life in the form of a carved wooden Automaton. Focussing on a 'March Hare' as the central element, our machine comes to life as the crank is turned with each cog, gear and ratchet authentically moving in unison to make the Hare run and the scenery live. The splendid Box of Toys Audio composed the music and crafted the sound design to great effect to really reinforce the tone and mood of the package.

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    • Robotagger: GML + ABB4400


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      GML (Graffiti Markup Language) drawings from 000000book.com are converted into DXF via a small Processing utility. Motion paths for a robot arm are developed from these DXF files using Rhino and MasterCam. The ABB IRB-4400 series arm is wielding a 2" Montana Hardcore marker. Developed 11 January 2010 by Golan Levin and Jeremy Ficca in the CMU Digital Fabrication Laboratory (dFAB). Concept: Evan Roth, F.A.T. Lab Programming & Production: Golan Levin Machining & Motion Planning: Jeremy Ficca Co-produced by the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the CMU Digital Fabrication Laboratory, in cooperation with FAT Lab and 000000book.com. For more information please see http://www.flong.com/blog/archives/565.

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      • Happiness Machine for couples


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        On Valentine's Day, we installed a remote-controlled vending machine at a busy shopping mall in Istanbul.

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        • Napoleon Complex


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          Introducing SCOUT. With the same intelligence and charm of it’s larger sibling IRIS, but scrappier and even faster. SCOUT dramatically increases creative possibilities for tabletop and high-speed shoots. Stunningly quick, articulate and obedient, the compact system is ideal for live action and innovative stop-motion cinematography.

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          • Cinema 4D Tutorial: Xpresso If/Else


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            Xpresso is extremely useful in helping you create more personal and complicated setups. Even though it's nowhere as vague as starting with a scripting language, it can be a little intimidating at first glance. In this tutorial we will look on an xpresso basic setup: How to make an If - Else operation in Xpresso using a few different ways. You can download the project file here: http://orestisc.com/if_else.c4d

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            • 3ds Max Speed Tips - 04: Rule of Three


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              Fourth in the series of speed and workflow tips for 3ds Max. I hate doing things three times. Here is how to use Maxscript and the built in listener to make batch changes to things in your scene. Also how retrieve variables from objects quickly to develop scripts that actually save you time, the first time you use them. A beginner should be able to follow this video, but it is pretty rapid paced, so if you may be interested in a previous video, where I cover tool creation: https://vimeo.com/41341256 If you liked this video, check out the rest of the series in this album: vimeo.com/album/2233877 If you have any suggestions for speed tips, or request for other tutorials or maxscript things, please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment! www.aarondabelow.com

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              • After Effects: Animation Composer Plugin Tutorial (FREE)


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                More Info: http://creativedojo.net/tutorial/animation-composer/ ‎ Get Animation Composer (FREE): http://misterhorse.tv/products/animation-composer/ In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at a powerful free plugin called Animation Composer for Adobe After Effects. This plugin makes animating tons of layers in After Effects simple, with customizable controls and timing. CinemaSpice's Long Shadows Preset: http://cinemaspice.net/product/long-shadows/ Zack Lovatt's Explode Shape Layer Script: http://aescripts.com/explode-shape-layer/ Special thanks to our friendly sponsors from Squarespace. For a free trial and 10% off, visit http://www.squarespace.com/dojo and use the promo code: DOJO Website: http://www.creativedojo.net Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/creativedojo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/creativedojo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/vinhsonnguyen If you have any questions or feedback, leave them down below in the comments!

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                • Aygaz - Step into Future


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                  Around April this year we started sketching out various space capsule designs based on the brief coming from the agency. It was for a roadshow that an automotive LPG company called Aygaz going for. The idea was capturing audience attention on the field with an unexpected object, a space capsule coming from the future with a message in it. The message was composed of three key future projections; Climate Change, Health and Economics. Story focus and our goal was to rise awareness and target emotional, perceptual experience. On 21st of May we had approval on capsule designs, materials, construction plans, key visuals and concept overall. Except we had no storyboard and two months to deliver the thing on field. To cover up roughly we built a 4 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and 2.2 meters high made of aluminum space capsule looking experience area. We planted five LCD TV’s inside, three of them were the main screens which was feed by a multitouch application streaming 3240 x 1920 pixels of data and two of them were on the sides acting as control panel, status updates and fictional settings. Again on both sides we had 8 highlighted subjects in seven segment displays. Displaying realtime numbers of deaths today, births today, deaths caused by cancer and deaths caused by hunger for instance. Each topic had 35 to 45 seconds of animation content to narrate the story, at the end of each scene, users faced with an interactive 3d world geometry to go through the details of just explained. For example after the Climate Change scene an interactive scenario opens up to let user browse the drastic escalation of carbon dioxide and nitrogen emission between 1956 to 2056. Throughout the story every crucial detailed data was mined from various articles, reports, future projections and documentaries. Overall journey actually starts with a push of a button on the back side of the space capsule. When button kicks in an automatic door opens up while sending a signal to an Arduino board which triggers another Arduino board with two real time clocks to light up seven segments. Another signal goes to main PC which runs the multitouch application and video feed to initialize the welcome screen. Third signal going from the main Arduino board to the second PC which runs the side screens. Fourth signal goes to led control panel for lighting the ceiling which is responsive to the current content playing on main screens which makes led control panel synced in realtime to the main pc. Yes it was a complicated setup and in the end we found our self controlling every bit with a network of Arduino’s talking each other even when logging out from the capsule. There is a button inside which is yellow by the way, when you press that button, automatic doors opens up, system shuts down and CCTV stops operating until the next push from outside. After 52 days of sleepless nights, lots of calories and chain of events ruled by Murphy we delivered the space capsule on time for the roadshow. It was a huge experience for all of us and full of education on every step of it. In the mean time this is the making of video : https://vimeo.com/113534798 http://www.buyukayi.com/aygaz-step-into-future/

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                  • Slackbot Bot


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                    "Slackbot Bot" is a hi-tech robot that helps out with important office tasks around the office. He’s made from a Raspberry Pi running Node.js and a Spark Core (arduino) and a tornado siren. He is activated by simply posting commands in Slack. We mapped our office with beacons which he uses to guide himself around the office.

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                    • Autopilot Visualizer - A data visualization application for exploring IT infrastructure automation


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                      The AutoPilot Visualizer is a software tool for exploring complex data structures used in the automation of maintenance and supervision of large-scale IT infrastructures. The environment is a visual front-end to the underlying AutoPilot system by Arago, a company that specialises in the automation of data environments using artificial intelligence techniques and graph-based algorithms. FELD was commissioned to develop a visualisation application which represents the data in a way that makes the system easier to navigate and more intuitive to understand – both for system specialists and for non-expert users. The environment is centered around the graph-browser where the main structure is clustered into several subgraphs, each representing a different part of the system. All events that occur in the system via the connected API are represented by agents that show the progress of any issue that may arise in real time. The software is designed to run on a range of different devices – from single-screen laptops and tablets to multi-screen setups in control room environments.

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