1. Writer's Block - a short film starring Bryan Cranston - 3 of a Kind Productions


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    You can purchase Writer's Block on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/writers-block/id731078413 Created by Brandon Polanco, writer & director of the short film, the short stars Bryan Cranston from AMC's Breaking Bad. The short was created in 2012 during the production of the film Cold Comes The Night. The short film was made due to a contest created by Mr. Cranston during Hurricane Sandy. An opportunity was offered to the production assistants to create a script, and if he liked the story, he would then star in the project. Mr. Polanco's script was chosen; after being written in a night, once chosen, he would only have three hours until he began production on the project. His fellow production assistants Chaz Rose & Spenser Granese jumped on board to help co-star and co-produce the film. The talented Lela Edgar, an actress in the right place at the right time and the best actress for the role, was immediately cast. The final member of our production team was Shane Valcich, a local filmmaker in Windham, New York; who valiantly joined the project as the director of photography. Erinn Clancy would join our team when we returned to New York City as our editor. Together we created Writer's Block and are very excited to share our film. And please check out Cold Comes The Night in theatres this January 10th!!!

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    • Finding the Experimental in Machinima


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      This documentary was made for the Machinima Expo Festival, November 2013. Raise a glass and toast to the drunkenness of things being various. ... An interrogation of the usefulness of terms like "experimental" or "avant-garde" in an age where the new is sought after in digital media as it develops every five minutes. So here are surreal, abstract, romantic, cynical, humorous, dissenting, obscure, oneiric, satiric machinima and film (and whatever rubric you want to apply to them), where new forms are being tried out all the time along with new modes of dissent and controversy by: Iono Allen, Brandon Dennis, NicoleX, Maya Deren, Ping-Yao Chen, Paul Carr, Anima Technica, Tom Jantol, Pip Chodorov, Gaelle Denis, Joe Zazulak, Lainy Voom, Pia Klaar, Alex Chen, Friedrich Kirschner, Toxic Menges, Tutsy Navarathna, Friday Siamendes, Saveme Oh...and even me. ;) I'm sorry if I left out some superb films... the doc was getting too long. This film is"experimental"--in the strictest sense: it's an experiment for me in that I've never done this before. ;) I wish I could've said more about Saveme's film at the end... but my recording was set already (I had commentary for another film of hers and switched to this one that had more dramatic impact). What I would have said: This film is not only the display of a SL innovation--wearing your art and taking the stage--but Saveme has literally made her audience sheep and asses! XD The film IMO comments not only on the display of art in SL but of viewing and judging it. Well, here it is in all its flaws.

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      • 733 perspectives of the ward (Experimental)


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        Experimental by Melissa Diem Music - "Thursday" by Jed Hershon (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jed_Hershon/A_Bad_Trip/Thursday)

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        • Walter Ruttmann - Lichtspiel: Opus IV (1925)


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          Walter Ruttmann (4m18s, 1925). Source: AVI, 159mb.

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          • Walter Ruttmann - Lichtspiel: Opus II (1921)


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            Walter Ruttmann (3m45s, 1921). Source: AVI, 156mb. "Ruttmann's visual style is considered to be more playful and impressionistic than Eggeling's and Richter's and produces an overall painterly feel both in technique and in the use of screen, colour and movement. Indeed, his technical methods were also painterly and would have had a definite bearing on the resulting imagery. His Opus films have been described as paintings that move in time. While Richter and Eggeling focussed on figures, forms and time relationships between visual elements, Ruttmann focussed on a more expressive visual aesthetic for his imagery. He exploited 'movement and colour to create choreographies, where entrances and exits, collisions and complementary trajectories establish a linear, cumulative scenario or development in which new configurations, colours and shapes appear right to the last moments of the film'." (Jennifer Valcke, Static Films and Moving Pictures: Montage in Avant-Garde Photography and Film, p173)

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            • Andy Warhols Eat A Hamburger [38 Scenes From YouTube RECON] (Digital File, 2010)


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              Part of a series of films reconstructing (RECON) moments of 20th century art out of remakes sourced from the internet. Other RECONS: John Cage - 4'33" [May '68 Comeback Special RECON]: http://vimeo.com/14252504 The Death of the Author [Psycho Shower Scene RECON]: http://vimeo.com/14235738 RECON Animated GIF Project: http://recons.tumblr.com/ “Completing our journey through vlogs and artistic re-interpretations, Dick Whyte's work, Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger, records a slightly different iteration of the theme. This time around, the source material consists of people videotaping themselves reconstructing the famous scene of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger. The work is part of a series of "RECON" works which re-construct several famous scenes by remixing different YouTube and other online video re-enactments. In 'My Meds', Bookchin identified and presented the ways in which vloggers mimicked the media more or less unconsciously. Here, Whyte identifies and re-presents people consciously, directly and parodically mimicking art and the media. If one purpose of art is to express the human on behalf of the many who have no outlet for self-expression, then Whyte's work explores the phenomenon of people obtaining expression and re-interpreting existing artworks. If our first three artists turned the camera around to record and present personal expressions gathered across the net, Whyte turns the camera around to record and present online videos which have already turned that camera around and trained it on artistic and media production itself.” (Alexandra Hay, Record/Record, 2011) “Dick Whyte’s Recon series... remixes scenes from films or “high-art” works with reenactments that people have posted on YouTube, more or less celebrating the creativity that occurs the moment a person hits the record button. By remixing the originals with the reenactments by average people his works 'deterritorialize the category of 'high-art' and reclaim these works for the people as 'folk' art'.” (Laura Kalthoff, Record/Record, 2011) Recon of Andy Warhol Eats A Hamburger made from 33 YouTube clips (including the original). This was originally a scene in Jorgen Leth's "66 Scenes from America" (a documentary film comprised of 66 long-take sequences of Americans doing things). In this particular sequence Andy Warhol eats a hamburger. As Leth writes, "He is told that he has to say his name and that he should do so when he has finished performing his action, but what happens is that the action takes a very long time to perform; it's simply agonizing.I have to admit that I personally adore that, because its a pure homage to Warhol. It couldnt be more Warholesque. That's of course why he agreed to do it." (Mette Hjort & Ib Bondebjerg, The Danish Directors: Dialogues on a Contemporary National Cinema, p70) I recently discovered that someone had a similar idea about a year ago and collected all the Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger videos on their blog: http://pietmondriaan.com/2009/09/29/andy-warhol-eats-a-hamburger/ Ha! Great minds think alike, or as I like to say, "like minds like to tell each other they're great." Visit my art blog: http://www.wayfarergallery.net/artdick

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              • The Ghost in the Machine [Lumiere SuperCinema] (Digital File, 2010)


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                Experimental film superimposing seven of Lumiere's first films over top of one another, inspired by principles of haiku poetry (title taken from Arthur Keostler). Part of a series of films reinterpreting Lumiere works. See the second film in this series here: http://vimeo.com/15700411 My art blog: http://www.wayfarergallery.net/artdick

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                • Audience


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                  Fullscreen/headphones, if possible. Please share, heart and give feedback!

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                  • Death of the Author [Psycho Shower Scene RECON] (Digital File, 2010)


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                    Part of a series of films reconstructing (RECON) twentieth century artworks out of remakes sourced from amateurs and professionals on YouTube. Other RECONS: John Cage - 4'33" [May '68 Comeback Special RECON]: vimeo.com/14252504 Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger [33 Scenes from YouTube RECON]: vimeo.com/14317171 RECON Animated GIF Project: http://recons.tumblr.com/ A reconstruction of Alfred Hitchcock's famous shower scene from Psycho using amateur YouTube remakes. All 55 shots sourced from a different YouTube remake and recombined with the original sound to create Hitchcock's literal death as an author. Each version reinvents the meaning of the scene and the intention behind it (from imitation to intervention). Of particular note are the reversals of gender which greatly complicate Hitchcock's authorship and place within dominant ideological flows. Visit my art blog: http://www.wayfarergallery.net/artdick

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                    • Trains are for Dreaming (excerpt)


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                      1:15 excerpt from the 7 minute, 2009, 16mm film Film and Sound Design by Jennifer Reeves 8 super-8 film years condensed into 7 eye-popping minutes. A dreamer moves through landscapes to far seas -over tracks, winding roads, skies and waters- a journey of flight and fancy. The animals are watching and the chicks are chasing sunsets and dancing with sharks. A 98-year old grandmother named Gladys reflects on life, while a 38-year old director looks back on her own. Dedicated to my late grandmother and father.

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