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    Als modernes Agrarhandels- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen unterstützen wir unsere genossenschaftlichen Vertriebspartner, die Landwirtschaft und die Menschen im ländlichen Raum mit qualitativ hochwertigen Produkten, umfangreichem Know-how, fachkundiger Beratung sowie erstklassigem Service aus den Bereichen Pflanzen, Tiere, Technik, Bauservice, Märkte und Energie.

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    • Asian Studies


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      Knowledge about Asia is a crucial national asset at a time of rapid globalisation and social change. The Asian Studies program at the University of Melbourne is one of the largest in Australia and comprises a comprehensive range of subjects in the intellectual, cultural, political and religious traditions of Asia, with a focus on China, Indonesia, Japan and South-east Asia. Asian Studies subjects are taught in English and do not require language prerequisites. Study abroad programs are available and Asialink offers a stimulating program of events and activities with an Asian focus. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/!B-ARTS-MAJ+1005

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      • Chinese Language


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        The Chinese language program at the University of Melbourne is one of the largest Chinese programs in Australia. The language subjects (taught at a range of levels, from beginner to advanced) are designed to maximise acquisition of the language and to develop their communication skills in various types of texts, interactional contexts and strategic aspects of meaning making. The curriculum also allows students to develop a broad understanding of cultural, social and historical aspects of China. Chinese language subjects are organised in a progressive sequence (of units) from Chinese 1 through to Chinese 10. Entry and exit points are determined by the student's background in the language, placement testing, prerequisites or at the discretion of the Chinese program. Students normally progress through the subjects in consecutive order. Mid-year entry is also possible into subjects with even numbers, subject to appropriate prior experience and approval from the head of the Chinese program. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/!B-ARTS-MAJ%2B1008

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        • Economics


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          On a micro level, Economics looks at how people use resources in the form of production, distribution and consumption. On a broader level, it looks at how market forces are at play locally and internationally, and how that affects employment, inflation and trade. The Department of Economics in the Faculty of Business and Economics offer a 112.5-point major and 75-point minor in the Bachelor of Arts. There are special arrangements for BA students wishing to major in Economics. View the example plans on the Course structure web page: http://ba.unimelb.edu.au/about/course-structure?qt-course_structure=4#qt-course_structure Note: Mathematical Methods or equivalent is a prerequisite for this program for students intending to major in Economics. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/!B-ARTS-MAJ+1013#overview

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          • English and Theatre Studies


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            English and Theatre Studies is a combined program and students can specialise in either area. It offers studies in imaginative writing and dramatic performance, focusing on their form, content, traditions and practices, and on the myriad ways they engage with the everyday world. The program offers subjects in a wide range of areas, from the Medieval and Early Modern to Romanticism, Modernism, and contemporary literature and performance. This includes British, Australian, American and postcolonial writing and theatre, and literary, cultural and performance theory. English and Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne is recognised nationally and internationally for its innovative teaching, scholarship and research.

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            • Gender Studies


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              Gender Studies considers the significance of gender and sexuality across a broad range of cultural contexts, identities and histories. The program analyses how gender intersects with crucial issues such as ageing, class, disability, ethnicity and globalisation. Subjects consider ideas about femininity, masculinity and sexuality through close engagement with an extensive variety of theorists, case studies and media. Gender Studies is transdisciplinary and draws on the diverse interests of specialists located throughout the Faculty. This enables its students to develop a unique combination of research skills drawn from both the Arts and Social Sciences. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/!B-ARTS-MAJ%2B1039

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              • Geography


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                Geography is the investigation and understanding of the dynamic relationships between societies and environments. The discipline raises and answers questions about why these relationships are the way they are, how and why they are changing, and how and why their characteristics vary over time and space. Geographers study human actions and activities from the local scale to the global scale. Geography is one of the few disciplines that encompasses very different ways of knowing - those of science and those of the humanities and social sciences - in its approach to the world’s urgent problems and injustices. As such it is a globally-minded discipline that seeks to understand the complex connections between people and place in order to work towards a more equitable world. The BA Major in Geography allows students both breadth and specificity in the study of Geography. Specific pathways within the Major are dedicated to the study of urban geography, cultural geography, development geography, environmental geography (especially focused on climate change issues and debates) and Asia-Pacific geography. Field classes in Australia and overseas (at 200-level and 300-level) offer students the opportunity to explore and examine geographical issues, policy and problems first-hand.

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                • German


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                  German has more than 100 million native speakers and is the third most popular foreign language world-wide. Knowledge of German opens up the rich culture of German-speaking Europe as well as its history, philosophy, literature, music and scientific traditions. The German Studies Program has a proud history of more than half a century at the University of Melbourne and provides students with the opportunity to complete part of their studies overseas through scholarships and exchange programs. German language subjects are organised in a progressive sequence of units from German 1 through to German 10. Students may enter at any point, subject to placement testing and/or prerequisites, and normally progress through the sequence in consecutive order. Accelerated progression is possible with the permission of the course convenor. Mid-year entry is also possible into subjects with even numbers. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/!B-ARTS-MAJ+1017

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                  • Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


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                    Linguistics is the study of language in all its aspects including its structure, its diversity, how it changes and evolves, how people learn and make use of it to communicate, and how it is implicated in relations of power. It provides students with an insight into the most fundamental of all human faculties, develops strong analytical skills and a foundation for work in many diverse areas. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/%21B-ARTS-MAJ%2B1027

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                    • Politics and International Studies


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                      The Major in Politics and International Studies enables students to develop an understanding of the main political issues, institutions, ideas, policies and actors that dominate local, national and international agendas. It includes the study of identity and community, power and how it is exercised and contested, democracy, the state and state system, governance beyond and below the state, public policy, political movements, war and conflict and conflict-resolution. The Major offers subjects on these themes from a variety of perspectives in political science, including international relations, public policy, political theory, political economy, comparative politics, Australian politics, indigenous studies, regional studies and feminism and gender studies, as well as subjects on research methods. For more information visit the Unimelb Handbook: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/!B-ARTS-MAJ+1029

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