1. Advanced Indo Board Training at EZIA Human Performance


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    We were lucky enough to have Master Trainer Arthur Hsu instruct the Indo Board Fitness Workshop at EZIA Human Performance this past Saturday. Through the amazing teaching progressions and new exercises the coaches learned we will be taking our Board-Sport Training programs to the next level!!!!

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    • Balance-Disc Game


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      The Lean Berets "Fit Kids" demonstrate a fun and FUNctional balance game using two wooden discs and one soft rope.

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      • Brian Reh Interview Safegait 2015


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        At CSM2015.

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        • EZIA Snowboard Training with Jussi Oksanen


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          In the late 1900’s snowboarding began gaining popularity propelling the sport into the 2000’s. Through board technology and advancements in design, the snowboard has become an efficient piece of sports equipment for recreational and professional use. To improve performance and decrease injuries as the sport continues to grow, snowboarders have been turning to performance coaches for snowboard training to prepare them to outlast the competition. Professionals in the field analyze the sport specific movements required by snowboarders and create strength and conditioning programs related to the movement patterns needed for the sport. Jussi Oksanen, one of the world’s best snowboarders, has been snowboard training at EZIA Human Performance to continue staying healthy while becoming a more fierce competitor on the mountain. Jussi says, “…snowboarding is progressing quite fast, tricks are getting bigger and the falls come in a lot harder, so you got to be on your game.” At EZIA we train athletes to excel past their competition through sport specific training, positively impacting the athlete’s abilities. Within the video you will see Jussi performing different snowboard training exercises as described below: Long Jump:To master the kicker-take off and jumping onto boxes and rails while descending down the mountain, learning to do a standing long jump is beneficial to train the body to be explosive and powerful. Stand with feet hip width apart. From here swing arms back, sitting hips back (like into a chair), and forcefully throw arms forward while jumping forward, landing softly into a squat position. For snowboarders who are just starting, practice jumping straight up and landing in the same spot into a half squat. Landing soft is a key aspect of this exercise. Rotational Box Jumps: Rotational twists and turns midair can be trained with rotational box jumps. This exercise will challenge the core musculature to control and rotate the body similar to when on the slopes. Stand next to a tall box (or on ground or short box if you’re a beginner) with feet positioned hip width apart. Swing arms behind you, sitting into a squat position and explode upwards. While in the air, use upper body and core to torque body into rotation turning 180 degrees. Land softly into a squat on top of box facing the opposite direction. Depth Jumps: Landing hard off a big jump or rail slide can put the athlete into an unsafe position resulting in injury due to impact. Learning to perform a depth jump will help snowboarders land with proper technique. Stand on a tall or short box depending on ability level. Step off the edge of the box while holding onto a medicine ball. Land on the forefoot of both feet and quickly sit into heels allowing hips to sit back naturally, absorbing the shock. The goal is to land softly with minimal impact. Indo Board Balance: Rail slides are common on the slopes and doing indo board exercises can perfect snowboarder’s rail sliding balance abilities. To perform this exercise, balance on an indo board with feet positioned near the ends pointed slightly outwards. Bend knees to get into an athletic stance while holding onto a medicine ball. Move the medicine ball to different points in space while adjusting body weight on the board to maintain balance.

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          • EZIA Surf Training with Ian Walsh


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            Ian is one of the best big wave surfers in the world. Today he is training at EZIA HP for the few days a year when the swell gets really big, like 60 feel high or more! We are going to do 5 basic exercises together, one surf specific exercise for each of the primary movements required in surfing. The surf specific movements we will train are paddling strength, duck diving strength, pop-up speed and timing, coordinated bottom turn, hit-the-lip rotational power and stability in the tube... Watch the video to learn the exercises and do them yourself at home! www.eziahp.com

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            • FitDeck Balance Dome Highlight Reel


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              These are a few sample cards from FitDeck Balance Dome - a deck of custom playing cards that have exercises using a Balance Dome.

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              • Fit-In Fitness - Promo Video


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                Pre-Purchase Dec. 2 at www.r2factStore.com/campaigns/Fit-InFitness The world's most versatile portable fitness product combines an aerobic step, a rocker board, and wobble board into one compact unit for the most effective functional training product ever created. Also allows for Speed Training, Core-Rotation Training, and Weighted-Movement Training.

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                • Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® - 1 Hour All Level Workout


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                  This video was made on our old equipment. We have made LOTS of improvements in our equipment but the content hasn't changed! Be prepared to feel like you had a workout and massage at the same time!

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                  • Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® - 1 Hour All Level Workout with 15 Minute Wall Program


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                    This 1 hour workout includes 15 minutes Fly Gym® Wall Program followed by beginner low level swing exercises progressing to advanced high level swing exercises. There is something for every body in this wonderful workout sequence! Fly Gym® is "Better Health Through Fitness Made Fun"®! *** This video is filmed on our old equipment. Our equipment has changed for the better but the workout content is the same!

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                    • Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® - promo


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                      Certified Instructors Promo

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