1. Coochie Crook By: Derek Clarke


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    A ROMANTIC COMEDY, with sly, catchy unfiltered humor. Theo's a player, and has developed the perfect scheme to get women. He steals their wallets only to portray himself as a "Good Samaritan" when he returns it, slyly hoodwinking them into dates. It's when he meets his match Stacy, that Theo becomes his own victim of true love.

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    • Toyhood


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      A Tribute to Boyhood.

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      • The Screen Girls & Lil B


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        http://thescreengirls.com/gospel-lil-b/ Lil B‘s religious allegory starts in his birthplace of Berkeley, California. Not much is known about the Based God’s early years, until he came to rise with his disciples, The Pack. He began rapping with them at 16 and found early success with Vans. The song was a staple in the burgeoning hyphy movement, which was spreading beyond the Bay Area and finding its way into homes and clubs all across North America. He went solo soon after that and launched his career independently via social media. Whether by fluke or his own premonition, he saw the value in promoting through Myspace, and created hundreds of accounts to share his music. He’s somewhat of a trend forecaster when it comes to social media, abandoning Myspace shortly after its peak for YouTube, where he’s been a mainstay, clocking hundreds of thousands of subscribers, who faithfully guard the comments section on his videos. Somewhere along those lines, he discovered that he was very based, perhaps the most based of all, and decided to crown himself as such. What’s based you ask? We’ve gathered that it’s a positive affirmation, a sort of Mills harm principal, in which you live life according to the pursuit of your pleasures. It’s also a haven for those who can appreciate irony and the sentiment behind being based. Supporting Lil B is kind of a fuck you to the music industry, which tends to churn out the same sort of music with the same super producers and an image that is full of false braggadocio. It’s there in Lil B’s music too, with songs like “Pretty Bitch” and “I’ma Eat Her Ass” but it’s done in a very lowbrow, and ironic sort of way. It’s okay to laugh with him or at him because he’s laughing too. His high output of work is notable; he’s put out thousands of songs, some deeply engaging (Birth of Rap) and others that are merely repetitive sentences sung with enthusiasm. He’s a veritable force on social media, especially on Twitter, where he was very proud of himself for following one million people with his own hands (no bots!). It’s social media where his fan base congregates, multiple times a day, to relish in the tidbits of wisdom he offers them. He preaches love – love for yourself, others and of course for the Based God. We weren’t yet ready to receive it, when we reached out to him via email to set up an interview. “Love you!” was the simple response we received to our inquiry. Initially we were confused; the adoration from this tiny man was overwhelming. Yet, the most instinctive thing to do was to reply “Love you too”. The week before his show, we monitored his social media, trying to make sense of his constant postings over multiple platforms. He was everywhere, replying to commenters on his videos (love you!), retweeting his fans (love you!) and on Instagram, regramming pictures sent to his direct message by young girls.

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        • Jake Rice Reel 2015


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          My first motion graphics reel from 2015! jakericedesigns.com

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          • Told Da Bitch To Suck It


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            use to be a clueless kid, with no idea about this world, then I soon realized something n turned, into something like a monster. the shit in my temple makin me go mental. he put fucked up things in my head so I scream fuck the fedz- as now I pop a pill, to fix this ill. but unfixable- like broken glass- never be the same, try to get this membrane, you’ll go insane. you seen my pain, but the ghetto in vain. cuz shawty keeps askin me if im alright, I tell her ya but she ain’t seen the truth. that inside I’m ruthless. the king up there watchin my six, like im in a warzone. battle these pricks, with declined dicks- but fuck that let me theif dmx’s balls. need balls to get your ass standing tall. and if I fall ill get back up- cuz inside its tough. but rough and rugged the scars killin’ with what im willin’ so whats good, where you from, where you been, let me see if youre down for this sin. ghetto symphony, screamin ya buddy, better trust nobody, get into this soldiers mentality, this ghetto belongs in the army. no fear when we die, no fear if we fry. so you can try, but my oh my watch you tounge tie as our paths collide Flow is so assertive/ Sick and twisted poet/ Dick erected so I show it/ Bullets I averted/ Demonic voices I have heard it/ No means no, well depends on how she word it/ My word is murder/ Cross any line until I can’t go further/ Beat the shit out the track/ I didn't mean to hurt her/ Wish I could take it back/ Put her in the ground like the meat of a burger/ Bitch stole my heart like a burglar/ Now I had no choice to take a shot with my burner/ Nah I don’t got a 9 I lied/ But I do got a 9 that’ll slip inside and fit so tight/ This dick just might rip her side rip her wide/ RIP, the Ripper sighs as I leave my kids inside/ Bitch eat a dick like Jeffrey Dahmer/ These words is my child and the beat is my baby mamma/

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            • Katy Perry


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              • Smith and Morehouse Rope Swing.


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                Cute bois doing it big at a rope swing.

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                • TROY Remix


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                  • The Pope


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                    • YOUNG M.E. feat. Ma$on HighLife | One Too Many Prod. By Jae Prince


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                      Brand New Video From "YOUNG M.E." featuring Up and Coming Artist "Ma$on HighLife"

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