1. Borneo - Mulu NP & Headhunterstrail


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    Just to the border of Brunei you find Mulu NP. It's famous because of its large cavesystems and the millions of bats living in them. It was rather impressive to see them coming out of Deer cave. We were lucky to see them flying out of the caves on 2 days. It was just before sunset and took over more than 3/4 of a hour before all of them left for their hunt in the night. We also climbed to the Pinnicals. It wasn't an easy track, because of the steep sloops and lots of roots which didn't allow you to set your feet just one time horizontal. The first Western explores who traveled here called it "the world's most nightmarish surface to travel over". I think I have to agree. It was only 2,5 km one way, but it took us all day to get around. But the sight was rewarding. A forest of sharp limestone needles rises above the treetops to heights of 45 m.

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    • Jungle Bats - Armoni Organizasyon


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      Kenyalı Akrobatlar, Jungle Bats, Armoni Organizasyon

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      • Agave Restoration Training Video


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        Volunteers help plant agaves at Coronado National memorial in Southeastern Arizona. Three bat species use the agave nectar as a food source.

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        • Inside Bracken Cave with NCKRI and BCI


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          Some interviews and clips from a research project inside San Antonio's Bracken Cave. The home to the worlds largest bat colony. Geologists and cavers where doing an electrical resistivity test to map out and determine the depth of the guano in the cave. Once the deepest spot is located, a core sample will eventually be extracted and scientists will do studies to learn about the caves history and the history of the animals that have lived inside it over the years. The test was performed by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute with Bat Conservation International.

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          • Bat Cave


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            More than 9,000 bats living in an artificial cave near Pardee Reservoir produced enough guano to fill more than four 35-gallon containers over the last five months. The excrement was collected for analysis by a group rangers and scientists Aug. 18. The bat population is comprised of about four species, including Mexican free tails and Little brown Myotis. Bats are prolific bug-eaters (consuming up to their body weight in insects nightly), are vital pollinators and the guano they produce acts as a fertilizer.

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            • The Cuban Underground


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              • Bats Flying under Fast Moving Clouds


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                I started shooting this scene to capture the fast moving low-level clouds. Despite the speed of the clouds, at ground level it was quite calm. If you listen carefully, you can hear bats chirping throughout the clip. There is also some other creature chirping, but I've not been able to identify it. If you know what it is, please let me know. The spot near the top about 1/4 of the frame from the left is not a stuck pixel. That is Polaris, the north star. The clip was recorded at approximately 2:30AM local time. I shot using a Nikon 14-24mm lens wide open at f/2.8. In post, I used Mediacoder, applying a gain of 1.3 or so (whatever those units are). There's a lot of noise in the shot, but considering the low light levels, I think it's acceptable. I'll upload another version processed with Neat Video as soon as I get it processed.

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                • 2014 Bat Movie


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                  The 2014 Bat Movie starring the 2nd graders of Shiloh Christian

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                  • D-BAT BATS


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                    Cade Griffis, CEO of D-BAT Sports describes the wood baseball bats manufactured, distributed, and sold by http://www.dbatsports.com

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                    • Sydney Botancal Gardens, Barangaroo X-tension Main Video


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                      This video presents a glimpse into the process of the 'Remnant Emergency Artlab' - held in Sydney in November 2010. The outcome is called the Botanical Gardens Xtension. This short film firstly lays out an seemingly intractable problem of managing flying foxes in a big city like Sydney. In Australia flying foxes are yet another threatened species - and yet one which is ecologically essential because of their critical pollination and seed spreading services. These flying foxes (predominantly the grey headed species) congregate in large numbers to sleep during the day in the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Through the inadvertent mechanical damage caused by large numbers of foxes, they are damaging the heritage trees there. The video suggests that, instead of the current solution which is to remove them all using industrial noise, that the idea/concept of what a Botanical Gardens should be extended - removing the separations between current institutions and acknowledging the immense ecological services the gardens provide beyond the conservation of plants. Our provocative idea is to extend the gardens throughout the city - and to focus key developments in areas adjacent to the gardens - in this case a harbour front site called 'Barangaroo' - South of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - a current a hot topic of conversation in Sydney. What is envisaged there at the site is the development of a new ecological park - in essence an Xtension of the idea of a botanical gardens into one one that actively attracts the flying fox colony to it - by creating favourable conditions for the bats through a mix of vegetation and temporary perching/hanging structures. By welcoming them as the extraordinary ecological and tourist asset that they are - the bat migration nightly from Barangaroo becomes one of Sydey's most important and cherished tourist attractions. See also www.xtension.cc for the fuller artistic vision. The video was shot and edited by filmmaker James Muller and features the input of the entire Sydney team: who are Natalie Jeremijenko James Muller Keith Armstrong Leah Barclay Tega Brain Kirsty Boyle Ilka Nelson Professor Tony Fry, Design Futures, Griffith University, Brisbane Collaborating in Sydney with UTS academics Dr. Lian Loke and Dr. Lizzie Muller aided by Holly Williams and Tania Creighton of UTS Gallery - where this work is on show till December 10th 2010. Other experts and participants who have contributed to this film and vision have included: Leading Bat Ecologists Peggy Eby and Kerryn Parry Jones, Professor Deborah Rose (Macquarie Uni), Zoo Architect David Hancocks, John Martin (Royal Botanical Gardens Trust) and architects Tom Rivard, Allison Earl, Nancy Pallin Joni Taylor, Sarah Waterson (UWS), Caitlin McGee & Tania Leimbach (UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures)

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