1. Still


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    Shot on the Canon 7D

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    • Sentenced to Life


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      The Cabbie travels through time to find clues to saving his daughters life. Each time he returns, things have changed slightly. Did he do it, did someone else? He uses the titles and still images from previous chapters to form a sentence that tells all. Take your time and watch it twice, to discover the clues that compose this man's sentence to life. Great thanks to Eric Wise ( Cabbie), Myla Estes ( girl) Sean ( Boom Boom) Hickey for the soundtrack and as always friends and family that helped greatly. Directed by John Estes

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      • Detained


        from Bernie Radcliffe / Added

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        Detained is my interpretation and continuation of the previous Chapter 6 winner's still frame: "Fool Circle" by Marc Jonathan de Jesus ***note to viewers and judges*** I obviously messed up audio levels on this, can easily be fixed if a semi-finalist, my bad. "Detained" is about a small team who try to "incept" the Cabbie's brain for their own financial gain. I saw a new movie (we all probably know which one) while the next still came out, this movie made me think for days after, so I decided to incorporate it's basic cool rules/concept and adapt it to this wonderful story of 6 Chapters. I wish, of course like many of the submissions, that we could have up to 5 or 6 minutes! As you might see some of the cuts are rushed, this is usually not my style but I had a lot of material for 4 minutes, and every scene was important to the next. Hope everybody enjoys! This was real fun to work on. Chapter 1: "The Cabbie" vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 Chapter 2: "Job Security" vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/9394817 Chapter 3: "The Beach" vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/10363683 Chapter 4: "Allison" vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/11434588 Chapter 5: "Miracle" vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/12475071 Chapter 6: "Fool Circle" vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/13430937 Cast Nathan Spiteri .............. Cabbie Caitlin Gold .............. Wife of Cabbie Michael Hopkins ........... Doctor and Detective (Dream) Danial Namm .............. Security Guard (Dream)/ Dream Team Leader Rober Barnes .............. Dead Man Kiernan Griffin ............. Allison Keith Tschinkel ............. Photoshop for newspaper Mia Bauman ................. Makeup & Hair Written, Directed and Produced by Bernie Radcliffe

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        • Bear With Me


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          Submission for Chapter 7 Shot on 7D Had to rush to get this one done. Was out of town... so I had to shoot the Friday before deadline. Pretty much cranked out a script in one day and then got crew/actors/props/equipment/locations all together the next day and shot it all in one night. Figured I give it a shot since it is the last chapter. Quite an experience. Was quite surprised that I was able to get a group of people together. So yes... Bear with me... 1) It was just the Cabbie and the Bear... all along 2) Bear with me for the very limited time that I had to put this together. ENJOY! Written and Directed by Rock Chang DP: Justin Moore Music by Gabriel Zuniga Cabbie: Nick Drago Allison: Abby Hulett Agent 1: Mitchell Dunajski Agent 2: Jeff Tang

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          • Dead Hand - Part 4


            from Tom Mitchell / Added

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            Part 4 of the "unbelievably gripping!" thriller. This is my fourth attempt at doing cinematic stuff with my new camera, no previous experience, just wingin' it again! Part 4 is going to see us return to the present day - starting from when Part 2 left off. Filmed with a 550d, ISO 400, 50mm 1.8 + 15mm 2.8 + 18-55mm 4.5, homemade steady-cam, edited in Final Cut Pro, special effects in Adobe After Effects.

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            • The Making of "Chapter 6: DECEPTION"


              from Dan Rubottom / Added

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              Watch behind the scenes of the our short film: "Deception" which made the Top 5 finalists round in the Canon Beyond The Still contest! Edited by my 12 year old daughter in iMovie, shot by her friend on a Canon T2i. ------------ To VOTE for Deception, please first go back to main page vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/ Then, click on the PICTURE, not the text below it. If you have any difficulty registering... Try closing your browser and reopen if this happens. Also, when you get email verification of your new profile, cut and paste link into browser rather than click on it. THANKS SO MUCH for your efforts! Voting closes on Saturday! More behind the scenes photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/editdan/sets/72157624587416940/

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              • Chapter 6: Homecoming


                from Wurner Brothers / Added

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                Part 6 of the Canon/Vimeo 'Beyond the Still' competition by San Francisco based filmmaking team, Wurner Brothers. As the contest is drawing towards its end, we thought we'd take a crack at answering some of the many questions the previous chapters had raised. We shot this movie in two very long days on a budget of $400 dollars-most of that money went towards pizza. Check out the video, we really hope you all like it! CREW: Written/Directed/Edited by: Brandon Fink Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Colin Arlen Executive Producer: Austin Chu Art Director/Motion Graphics Designer: Mark Grothman Makeup: Marcela Navarro Sound Design/Audio Mixing/Foley: Frank Clary Audio Recording/Editor: Brian Chu Audio Recording/Producer: Jason Rosete Art Department/Producer: Steven Simonetti Key Grip/Jib Operator: Dan Allen Camera Operator/Gaffer: Ted Allen B Camera/Grip: Craig Ryan Grip: Stefan Runzuel Grip/B Camera Op: Kyle Anido Music: Redding Hunter CAST: Joachim Greve - The Scientist Steven Simonetti - The Cabbie Rachel Sylwester - Allison Mike Cox - The BeachComber/FBI Agent Omar Areas- Thug Mark Grothman - Scientist #2 SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Sylwester Family, Matt Mckee and Damon Anderson for their help and last minute warehouse hookup, Kevin Olmo, Redding Hunter and Frank Clary for awesome last minute sound assistance, Jenn Brown for bringing Brandon a sandwich and some RedBulls, Dylan, Jason Maggied, Colby, Kim Ish, the entire cast and crew, and everyone who helped to make this nightmare of a project that much less painful. We love you guys! CHECK OUT MORE WORK BY THE WURNER BROTHERS FILM COLLECTIVE AT: vimeo.com/finktoons thewerehaus.com macaframa.com Chapter One: The Cabbie - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 Chapter Two: Job Security - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/9394817 Chapter Three: The Beach - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/10363683 Capter Four: Allison - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/11434588 Capter Five: Miracle - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/12475071

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                • Chapter 6: The Course of Events


                  from Dr. Chaos / Added

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                  Sometimes the Course of the Events that shape our lives are pre determined. In this chapter we learn more about Cabbie as the FBI try and intervene. Thanks to the Cast and Crew for helping out and making the script a reality! Kudos to Canon, Vimeo and Vincent, this kind of open source online film competition is helping to push the boundaries of these camera's and help pioneer the next evolution of cinema. I'm truly proud and excited to be a part of it! Shot on the 5DMk2, 50mm 1.4 and 28-70. "Our goal was to start bringing the story to a closure, while leaving couple open ended story threads. We used the dialogue to provide some answers to what the elements from the previous chapters meant. There is also one major twist that we added. I hope you find it interesting to watch. Visually, we wanted to take the camera to a place and lighting situation it hasn't been before. We wouldn't be able to shoot a club scene like this one with a two men crew, guerrilla style, if we didn't have a 5D which is compact, light, has a big sensor and is amazing in low light especially with a 1.4 prime on it. I believe that scene alone is a testament to how amazing the DSLRs are." Crew Ergin Bayrak // Writer, Producer Randy Ross (http://randallmathewross.com/) // Director, DP, Editor, FBI Agent, PA Selim Mete (http://www.selimmete.com/) // Writer, Director, DP, Cam Op, Runner PA Kevin McLardy (http://www.kevinmclardy.com) // Composer Cast Cabbie - Nik Marcovina Older Thug - Lindsay Bourne Female FBI Agent - Michelle Wilson Younger Thug - Kevin Barth Scientist - Graem Beddoes This film is an continuation and interpretation of the past 5 winners, have a watch: Chapter One: The Cabbie - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 Chapter Two: Job Security - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/9394817 Chapter Three: The Beach - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/10363683 Capter Four: Allison - vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/11434588 Capter Five: Miracle - http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/12475071

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                  • Chapter 6: Deception


                    from Dan Rubottom / Added

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                    Thank you to everyone who helped us with votes, we really appreciate the support! It has been a great experience! The Story Beyond The Still Contest homepage http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill Catch up on the back "stories" here Chapter 1 http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 Chapter 2 http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/9394817 Chapter 3 http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/10363683 Chapter 4 http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/11434588 Chapter 5 http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/12475071 Chapter 6 “Deception” SETUP: Thug (kills Guard and finds Cabbie wallet) works for the scientist, Jeurgen, but has turned Double Agent and provides info to FBI. Jeurgen’s ‘boy’ allows Cabbie to visit his daughter, Allison, for one week. Cabbie escapes with girl. CHAPTER SYNOPSIS: Cabbie gives Allison to Beachcomber for safety. Beachcomber/FBI has set up a sting operation by sending girl with Double Agent on a plane back to Jeurgen. Double Agent discovers ‘evidence’ in a trunk, and turns it over to FBI. Mystery surrounds identity of girl- she is not the real daughter. CREDITS CAST Double Agent (aka Thug 1) Dino Brogna Jeurgen (aka Scientist) Darren Johnson Allison 2 Alexandra Karker Beachcomber/FBI Marcus Kaminski Biker FBI Martin Hogan III Sniper FBI #1 Jay Greiner Sniper FBI #2 John Dyer Photog FBI Larry Westfall Pilot John Dyer CREW Directed and Edited by Dan Rubottom http://twitter.com/danrubottom Written by Raven Rubottom Director of Photography Dan Rubottom Grading and Sound Design by Dan Rubottom Assistant Producer Dino Brogna Production Coordinator Raven Rubottom Audio Assistants Marleeta Smith Aaron Hogan Production Assistance Martha Smith Mardo Garcia Jay Greiner John Dyer Larry Westfall Prop Assistance Ashlee Hurst Original Scores Joshua Peterson www.lark-studio.com Willie Garcia Additional VFX David Chapman davechapfilms.com Special Thanks John Dyer CaroPam Corporation Hooks Airport, Spring TX http://www.lubedealer.com/jdsoilchange/ Special "Flashback Sequence" Insert film Crew Sterling Rubottom Alexandra Karker Equipment Provided by GlobalAidUSA.org Jib Rental Michael Walters www.hdtexas.tv Edited at Epiphany Creative Group http://www.epiphanycreativegroup.com/ Written and Shot within 24 hours, post-production the following week using: Canon 5D Mark II 1080p 24fps 1/50 shutter Superflat Picture Style Nikon manual primes 200 f4 100 f2.8 85 1.8 Canon 24-70 L Lensbaby Fader NDs Arri Kit Diva 400 2 Litepanels 4 Coleman LED lanterns Indie Dolly Zoom H4N Sennheiser Shotgun Edited, graded and mixed Final Cut Pro 6 Grade Magic Bullet Looks VFX After Effects CS3 Additional post sweetening in Soundtrack Pro Special Thanks! to additional scores submitted by Todd Burns http://www.todzillamusic.com/ Abel Orta Jr. Check out a new "making of" video edited by my 12 year old on iMovie, shot by her friend on a T2i. http://www.vimeo.com/13768993

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                    • Chapter 6: Bound


                      from SLBT Media / Added

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                      The Cabbie was given his allegedly deceased daughter back one year ago, for one week. But with the recent kidnapping of the daughter he stole and a mysterious note about the key, he's come to a time of reckoning as the mystery of the key, the chest, and his daughter begins to be solved. Crew: Directors, Writers, Editors: Micah Bickham (http://www.twitter.com/micahbickham) and Trae Stanley (http://www.beantreemedia.com) Grip: Cody Bess (http://www.codybess.com) Hassen Nadji (http://www.nadjifilms.com) Producer: Stephen Varughese Field Audio: David O'Farrell (http://www.twitter.com/DLOFarrell) Grip: Marleeta Smith Audio Mixing: Casey Graham Original score by William Garcia. Cast: Cabbie: Trae Stanley Allison: AJ Hurst FBI Agent: Darren Johnson Mastermind: Matt Beckham (http://www.mattbeckham.com) Goons: Jason Page, Jaidel Muller, William Berzins, Modesto Jaramillo Guy #1 on Train: Micah Bickham Props / Makeup: Jason Page Shot on the 5D Mark II, and the 7D. Shot with Nikon Primes: 35mm, 55mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm, 180mm. Redrocks Micro, Steadicam Merlin. Audio Captured with Sound Devices 744T, iphone 4, and Skype (Don't Ask) Lost and Want to Catch up?: CHAPTER 1: http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 CHAPTER 2: http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/9394817 CHAPTER 3: http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/10363683 CHAPTER 4: http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/11434588 CHAPTER 5: http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/12475071

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