1. Fixed Cog Hero Sushi Delivery


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    We deliver sushi . Sushi is beautiful . It is delicate and elegant . Making it takes years to master . Much like being lost in traffic of a fixed cog bicycle, you can become lost in a single grain of rice . You are that single grain of perfectly prepared rice . Know this .

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    • A Tomcat Among Cyclists, An Alley Cat Racer in New York City, By Christine Streich


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      A young and adventurous "alley cat" bicyclist speaks about his experiences riding and racing around New York City. He takes us around the city and through the year's biggest race for bicycle couriers: Monster Track. ----------------------- Mike Pelletier, 23, is a thrill-seeker who grew up playing soccer and snowboarding. So when he moved to New York City four years ago to go to college, he felt constrained by all of the concrete. One day, Mike ran into a classmate who consistently came to school in bike gear, breathless and sweaty. The classmate was a bicycle courier who rode around New York City delivering packages. For Pelletier, who had been seeking an athletic pursuit, this was a favorable alternative to his job waiting tables. A few days later, Pelletier became a bicycle courier. Pelletier quickly learned that there is a whole sub-culture to the profession. Couriers ride single-gear bikes with no brakes, and they take incredible risks to get the job done quickly. They'll ride in car lanes, hop on highways, and even sketch or grab onto vehicles and allow themselves to be pulled along. And the best part of it all is that they get together regularly to compete and show off their skills. Alley Cat Races are illegal, secret races that challenge the best bicycle messengers to vie for the fastest time. While the races vary in structure, they are all set up to mimic bicycle couriering. Competitors receive manifests of checkpoints, and they use their knowledge of the city to plot out the fastest route, just as though they were spending the day delivering packages. Monster Track is the biggest Alley Cat Race of the year, with over 100 participants. This was Pelletier's first time competing. Behind the Scenes: Michael "Curly" Pelletier is a friend and roommate of Andrew Shepherd, one of the CUNY J-School Equipment Room guys. He has competed in about a dozen Alley Cat Races over the past two years and was very excited to be riding in Monster Track for the first time. He wanted people to film his experience, and we needed a good story -- it was kismet. While we didn't touch upon it in the piece, riding recklessly like they do for Alley Cat Races is extremely dangerous. Mike told us a story about getting doored by a car (someone opened their car door right as he was approaching the car) and being flung into a garbage truck. Luckily, he didn't sustain any permanent injuries, but he couldn't ride his bike for two weeks. In 2008, the Monster Track race was cancelled because a cyclist died during a race that year in Chicago. Want to Know More? http://bicycling.about.com/od/glossarydefinitions/g/Alley-Cat-Race-Defined-What-Is-An-Alley-Cat-Race.htm http://www.bikeblognyc.com/category/alleycat-race/ http://english.cri.cn/6566/2012/03/20/902s688038.htm http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/09/nyregion/09bike.html http://www.flickr.com/groups/alleycatraces/ Transcription: It's the most exhilarating thing I can do, in like an urban city like this. Where it's all, it's all cement. You can't, can't snowboard in the streets, you can't uh, parasail on the beaches... I mean, you ride your bike as fast as possible through traffic. That's what we do. When you're doing Alley Cats, that's, it's a way to like kinda show people how fast you are, or I'm so much better than you, my bike's so much better than yours. Uh, in kind of a fun, friendly way. Usually when word of mouth gets out that there's a race, uh, they'll say meet up at the end of Brooklyn Bridge or end of Williamsburg Bridge. Uh, the guy will yell 'go' and then we'll all just sprint, sprint across, grab our bikes and just, I guess start the race. The most dangerous thing I've done in a race, uh, was probably, uh jump on the FDR for a couple, uh blocks. Um, and you can jump on really, really quick and you can shoot up pretty much you know 60 blocks without any traffic um and no lights. Cars are flying by you at 65 miles an hour when you're going 20, and it's a little scary but, uh, it's real fun. I grew up in like a suburban area, uh, you know, there was 10 houses on a block, so it was really, really easy to get a group of people together and do something really stupid. It would be 'who could climb up the tree the fastest and climb back down, who could skateboard on their belly the fastest down a really big hill.' So I guess it's in true form of myself to continue with this adrenaline-pumping sport. I think coming to the city and realizing how easy it is to bike around and how much faster it is to bike like through Brooklyn or through Manhattan on a bike really kind of drew me into it. Um, but when I realized, you know, you could race, and have a competitive side to it, that's when it really kind of kicked in that this is, (laughs) this is awesome.

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      • Cycling monk delivers chocolate


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        Another satisfied damsel in distress . We deliver stuff .... $5 902 233 6051 http://www.facebook.com/pages/FiXed-Cog-hero-Deliveries/195581473840778

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        • Destroyers of Perceived Boundaries


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          Being cycling monks we destroy many rules . You must know however that we do this without ego . We are simply trying gain complete responsibility for our own actions and destiny . We also deliver stuff ... 902 233 6051 http://www.facebook.com/pages/FiXed-Cog-hero-Deliveries/195581473840778

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          • Haircuts by trained cyclists


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            Spring is nearing and it is quite refreshing to receive an outdoor haircut from a trained cycling monk with his delicate yet reassured touch . $5+ $5 delivery fee . 902 233 6051 http://www.facebook.com/pages/FiXed-Cog-hero-Deliveries/195581473840778

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            • Just believe us, we can carry it .


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              1 We are a bicycle courier company seeking enlightenment. We wish to face the man headlong and remove his scary mask so that we may laugh at him once we discover what is behind is only the illusions we have created for ourselves. The man rendered clownish and silly, we can then begin to live through him in rebelious and creative ways in an attempt to mold the present in ways that are unexpected yet benificial to many - and when examined closely enough, practical. 2 We go by many names - Mr. Wind-Up-Bird, Yellow-Lining-Without-Ego, Skidding-When-Time-Is-Right, TrackStar SuperChampion, etc. These will all be explained in time. We are a living myth in the sense that we seek to live as a symbol but also to transcend it. Trackstar Superchampion (the symbol) is achieved by action (the lived work of art). It is worded to be grand because human aspiration is grand. Human dream can seem unreal to the dreamer if we are conditioned to feel this way. This is what the man has done. He has made our dreams unatainable. He has made the word Superchampion something to hope for but rarely achieve. He has made it so a select few can become gods in their own right. You probably don't know them. They are on television. They are the one's creating the myths that we can not see through. 3 The man has made it so we cannot face the world on our own - let alone face ourselves. We require a company to take care of us. We require an institution to educate us. Structure and the Spectacle to tame our senses. Standardized testing so that the man can know that we are able to function in the system he has created. But he doesn't know any better (the man). We are all at fault. We are a part of the man as we passively participated in his creation by way of not being able to give ourselves a pat on the back. By chosing our actions from a list of possibities that were given to us and being rewarded by a false feeling of contribution. 4 Fixed Cog Hero is a company. It generates income and is imbeded in the man's world. But it is here to keep us alive on more than one level. It is here to grow and change like our muscles and brain sinapses will change over time. It will become enlightened as we become enlightened. One day it may become redundant - it will have existed long enough. The company shall never own us. As the man says, it is low in overhead. There are no costs except for our bikes which we would own anyway. Surely you are familiar with the zen budhist proverb stating that your possessions will begin to own you. 5 We seek not comfort. Comfort for us is a sign of stagnation. It keeps us seperated from each other and from reality. Keep the flow. 6 An act of defiance enables the actor to be conscious of what she is doing in the present because the defiance comes from careful consideration what is happening. Defiance needs not be illegal. It needs not even be noticeable to all present in the location or exchange in which the defiance is taking place. It is the difference between automated action and pure conscious thought. It enables one to work hard at living at all times; to create one's own destiny and to allow others to mold it if they are captive enough to join in. We wish to experience life in a non-passive way. This includes succumbing to normative ways of providing for oneselves (which often eliminate a creative response to the base problems faced by every human in her existance; in a developed society). Developed society seems to bring with it a pre-concieved way of experiencing society (the man), of attaining nourishment - both physically and intellectually - i.e. surviving. To succeed in this world, there are paths we are coerced into going down. Many of us believe. 7 We are conscious of symbols that give an air of authority. Beep beep. These can be used against the man for he understands them to be something more than an abstraction. Beep beep. A walky talkie is a symbol of professionalism. It means these dudes mean business. Over. 8 We are a bicycle courier company. We offer personal delivery of stuff to places. Not all stuff, but some stuff. As purveyors of delivery culture we proudly ride to businesses, homes, bars, parcs, parked cars, bathrooms, back alleys, junkards, whore houses, illegal gambling halls, docked ships, brothles, public pools, public bath houses, day cares, gay bars, strait bars, strip clubs, restaurants, gas stations, fire station, police stations, county jails, court houses, sherrif's departments, hospitals, courtroom drama situations, book readings, book signings, book clubs, lawn bowling tournaments, curling clubs (to our discretion), potery lessons, kennels, dojos, dodo pens, zoos, secret society meetings, alcoholics anonymous, swingers clubs, jazz lounges, private dance rooms, sock hops, traffic accidents, baby engagements, sexual intercourse encounters, stolen kisses in a parc, tail gate parties, long linups, etc ...............

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              • Fixed Cog Hero Longevity Noodle Delivery


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                air du son has given their music to this beautiful bicycle courier company . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a bicycle courier company . This is a demonstration of the attention to detail placed in the selection process of the longest noodle in the pack for delivery to your person . It is said in ancient Chinese tradition, that it will award you a long life ... Perfect for any birthday celebration ... or daily existence . $5 + $5 delivery fee We are here to aid you in the ritualizing of your daily existence . Signed, Mr. Wind-up-bird ---------------------------- Other things of note : The remaining noodles are consumed by the trained cycling monk to fuel his fire for the delivery . We use Phil Wood's hand-cleaner to ensure cleanliness while preparing your noodle : http://www.philwood.com/products/gohc/handcleaner.php

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                • CORN FED #1


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                  Couriers riding hard in Indianapolis during the 2012 Super Bowl.

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                  • Snow Day


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                    A workday Snow Montage I guess?

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                    • Concrete Rodeo


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                      A documentary short made in the early 90's follows three Chicago bicycle messengers and the challenges they face on the job and in the streets. The film contains lots of bike riding footage in downtown Chicago interlaced with the messenger's personal stories. This twenty-two minute short provides a glimpse into the bike messenger trade, pre-911. Concrete Rodeo won several awards on the festival circuit back in 1994, including top prize "Work of Excellence" at the 17th Tokyo Video Festival. I produced, shot and edited this documentary as my thesis film while enrolled in the M.F.A. Film & Video Program at Columbia College Chicago.

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