1. The Young Turks - 5.12.15 Seymour Hersh bin Laden Raid Report, Employer Tracking, Commies & Bad Business


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    A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from May 12, 2015. For more go to http://www.tytmembership.com. Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Seymour Hersh wrote an article that disputes the official story of the Osama bin Laden raid and killing that was told by the...

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    • Islamic Bomb


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      Did America knowingly allow Pakistan to become the first Islamic nuclear state? Did they look the other way as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and others connived to create the ultimate weapon in defence of Islam? Was America so desperate to defeat the Soviets that they quietly sanctioned a trade off, permitting the Muslim world to create a nuclear bomb in exchange for help driving the Russians from Afghanistan? This latest film by investigative journalist, Nick Lazaredes provides a powerful and compelling indictment of US nuclear policy over the decades. In 2004, it was revealed that Pakistan had been selling nuclear information to some of the world’s most dangerous and unstable regimes. The blame was pinned on one scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, and the US authorities acted as surprised as anyone. But according to many experts, there is little way the Bush administration could not have known about the proliferation: “It was certainly apparent to French intelligence,” claims investigative journalist Joseph Trento. “They were convinced that the US was deliberately not acting on any of this. Virtually everybody in Western intelligence knew about what Khan was doing.” America’s policy of turning a blind eye to Pakistan’s nuclear proliferation is nothing new. In a 1979 memorandum to President Carter, National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski stressed the importance of securing Pakistan’s support against the Soviets in Afghanistan. “Our security policy toward Pakistan cannot be dictated by our non-proliferation policy,” he advised. “We made a deal with the devil,” states Trento. ‘They wanted to develop the weapons, we wanted to beat the Soviets. In order to do that we made a trade-off.” CIA sources suspect that up to half the funding for the Afghan resistance ended up being diverted to fund Pakistan’s nuclear bomb. With so much cash flying about, money trails were impossible to trace. But one source of nuclear funding that has been traced came from Saudi Arabia. “There is a clear trail through bank receipts that it was being funded, to some extent, by Saudi money,” states US Counter Intelligence Expert Mike Pilgrim. But the US seemed relatively unconcerned about Saudi Arabia’s nuclear agenda – even when faced with hard evidence of their determination to build an atomic bomb. In 1994, a high level Saudi defector, Mohammed al-Khilewi, offered America 14,000 photocopied documents exposing Saudi Arabia’s nuclear plans. These included instructions to diplomats on “how you can sneak in bomb-making material through diplomatic pouches.” But incredibly, the FBI agents who debriefed him were instructed not to accept the documents on offer. More worryingly, it wasn’t just the Saudis colluding with Pakistan. In the late 1990s rumours started emerging of Pakistani scientists meeting with al-Qaida operatives in Afghanistan. BBC correspondent Rahimullah Yusaf Zai is one of the few journalists to get close to Bin Laden. He met him twice and on both occasions was told “Look, according to the Holy Koran … the Muslims must upgrade their defences. They must be ready to meet any challenges by their enemies.” Nuclear secrets have also been shared with Malaysia, Iran and Libya. Religious parties in Pakistan have taken great delight in describing the nuclear network as ‘The Islamic Bomb’. “They say this is a bomb that should be used for the collective defence of Islam everywhere,” states Pakistani nuclear scientist Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy. He believes the situation in Pakistan is now dangerously unstable. “I fear that if Musharraf is assassinated there could be a dangerous situation in the country and the nuclear weapons then would possibly be hijacked.” With Pakistan now armed and their nuclear technology shared with other countries, it is impossible to now tell how much damage has been done. But, in the words of Joseph Trento: “Where you have Saudi interests and Pakistani interests and al-Qaida interests converging, it’s a very frightening picture.” (2004)

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        "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" is a 3 DVD, 5 hour documentary (this is DVD 3 of 3) that thoroughly summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11. All the most important issues in the debate are presented in full detail, showing both the positions of those who reject the official version, the 9/11 Truth Movement, and the positions of those who support it, called "the debunkers." 2013 Written & Directed by: Massimo Mazzucco

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        • Terrorismo: Como reverter o quadro do ódio?


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          O que é o terrorismo? O terrorismo é um círculo vicioso de ódio. O perdão poderia ser a solução? Qual a solução, diplomática, para por fim ao terrorismo, que ainda não foi tentada? Fernando Vieira Filho - Psicoterapeuta/clínico, palestrante e escritor. Autor do livro CURE SUAS MÁGOAS E SEJA FELIZ! – 2ª Ed. - Barany Editora - 2012. E coautor do livro DIETA DOS SÍMBOLOS – 6ª Ed. - Melhoramentos - 2004. E-mail de contato: ffvfilho@terra.com.br Conheça seus blogs e sites: www.harmoniacomflorais.com http://harmonize-se-com-florais-de-bach.blogspot.com.br/ http://curesuasmagoasesejafeliz.blogspot.com.br/ http://maldealzheimerhoje.blogspot.com.br/ http://obsessaoepsicopatologias.blogspot.com.br/

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          • Werk aan de Winkel 20150128


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            Wat gaan we doen vandaag? De rubriek van EuroCloud Nederland voor CloudWorks maken, met informatie over de EuroCloud Awards, het Nationale Cloud Monitor onderzoek en de nieuwe partners Proact en RAM IT. Verder met de content voor de nieuwe website van Custom Connect. En dan dit: Opvallend is dat de CIA maar 10% van alle informatie die is buitgemaakt in het huis van Bin Laden geanalyseerd heeft en het daar bij lijkt te laten.

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            • WHERE are the Oklahoma City Bombing Victims? Disappeared?


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              The Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary Special One of the most notorious mass murders of all time, is now clearly as a manufactured, faked event. Did the bomber Timothy McVeigh clear out the entire Murrah building BEFORE he set of his truck bomb... or was the whole thing staged by the Federal government? Those apepar to be the only two options left, after witnessing the documented facts presented in this film. Once one is aware of the truth, the Oklahoma City bombing fits very neatly into the continuing PATCON plan, hatched under the Clinton administration, in an attempt to frame patriot groups using faked terrorist events. This was the REAL nature of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" that Bill Clinton babbled about - it was an entity fabricated entirely by Clinton's minions, and under his direction. Eric Holder was U.S. Attorney 1993 and became Deputy Attorney General in 1997. Eric Holder played a key role in covering up the torture-murder death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. A fifteen-year investigation by Jesse Trentadue (Kenneth's brother) revealed that Eric Holder had covered up the murder of his brother in order to prevent congressional investigators linking the death, and eventually the Clinton Administration itself, to the Oklahoma City bombing. http://www.westernjournalism.com/eric-holder-exposed-the-trentadue-torture-murder-cover-up/ Similar to Obama elevating Richard Serino in 2008 to reward him for his Boston Marathon Bombing plan, some suspect that Eric Holder's interest in the Oklahoma City bombing and ultimate motive for the coverup of Trentadue's murder - and Clinton's reward to Holder of a higher post - lie in Holder's deep involvement in PATCON and the bombing. Certainly Obama put PATCON back into full swing with seemingly endless faked and false-flag attacks, along with his appointment of Eric Holder to Attorney General on December 1, 2008. This pushes the known horizon of the Fake Death Industry years ahead of 9/11, clearly to 1995, in unbroken extension to the faked Stockton Schoolyard 'massacre'. ===================================== More on control through staged violence: https://archive.org/details/AmericanTerrorManufacturedByTheFBI https://archive.org/details/ColumbiaMallshootingNowAProvenFake-PerpetratorsRevealed https://archive.org/details/ArapahoeFAKEVictimClaireDavisALIVE https://archive.org/details/GiffordsFAKEIII https://archive.org/details/HowTheyFakeTerrorism https://archive.org/details/TSADocs eric holder, scandal, anniversary, gun walking, gun running, DHS, FEMA, fast and furious, hearings, BJA, fusion centers, Gunderson, Obama, news, information, facts, terrorism, war on terror, oklahoma city bombing, World Trade Center Bombing, 9/11, 9-11, September 11, conspiracy fact, FBI, CIA, terror, Al Qida, bojinka, bin laden, bush, clinton, obama, politics, law, law enforcement, sting, murder, false flag, NWO, rogue networks, corruption, legislation, FEMA, coverup, whistleblower, defense, alex jones, tarpley, webster tarpley, MIHOP, LIHOP, fertilizer, axle, rental truck, video, federal building, trial, coverup, scrubbed, supression of evidence, nwo, news, news story, execution, indonesia, gold, secret, fireman, fire department, forensic, investigation, chuck harder, cash, shadow government, indonesia, afghanistan, asia, brzezinski, taliban, dictatorship, society, schools, education, history, 2012, elections, voting, tea party, congress, senate, presidency, current, WTC, history, elite, elitism, gun control, second amendment, staged, fake, fake death, mass murder, Boston Marathon, Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Aurora, James Holmes, Bill Clinton, statistics, investigation, truth movement, hoax, bomb hoax, shooting hoax, white house, Giffords, Safeway shooting, navy, Alexis, Mary Knight, attack, bombing, false flag, EMC, John Kerry, government, Christian Williams, police, death records, charity, public relations, PR, government sponsored, ihop, mihop, operation gladio, sandy hook, batman massacre, Littleton, Arapahoe, Virginia Tech, Sikh Temple, SPLC, ADL, PATCON

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              • Afghanistan, 9 Years on (A War for Imperialism)


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                British troops went to Afghanistan in November 2001 as part of US-led invasion in the wake of 9/11 attacks. The goal was to topple the Taliban who had given safe haven to the Al-Qaeda. That goal was quickly achieved and in the following years, the aims of the British machine broadened. Why are the British armed forces continuing to fight in Afghanistan, the world’s second poorest country? After nine years of war, causality figures have just been escalated. As the war in Afghanistan enters its nine years, thousands of people are demonstrating in London to protest against what they say, “the futile and unwinnable conflict.” They believe that this is the war for imperialist aims; a war for oil, power and prestige and not for helping ordinary people. PRESS TV Documentaries

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                • HARD TO BELIEVE - Cee-Rock ''The Fury'' feat. Timid [!Handzup! Network]


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                  *Song: HARD TO BELIEVE *Artist: CEE-ROCK "THE FURY" *Featured Artist: TIMID MC *Produced by: TWELVEBIT [aka 12BIT] *Label Imprint: !HANDZUP! NETWORK/THE ORCHARD *Cover Artwork by: FURY ANDERSON *Genre: REAL HIP-HOP *Video courtesy of: !HANDZUP! NETWORK

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                  • Mizanur Rahman: "Sono loro i terroristi. Devono morire"


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                    Rahman ha scontato una pena di 6 anni, ridotta a 4 per istigazione all’omicidio dei soldati in guerra in nei paesi musulmani

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                    • Anjem Choudry: "Bin Laden era un eroe"


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                      L'intervista ad uno dei più conosciuti e ascoltati predicatori radicali in Europa

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