1. Jack and the Beanstalk: 10 Years Later (corrected version)


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    Mystified by the Vimeo upload process, I try again. Yesterday this corrected version just kept uploading and would not stop, going into an endless loop (the upload counter on the screen reported way more mb than the size of my file, and the remaining time was counting upwards...) ----------------------------------------------------------------- This corrected version fixes the missing cast member (forgive me, MEG!) and speeds up the end credits. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Also, the file format is at a lower resolution in order to facilitate upload/viewing pleasure... ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm your host, Douglas Prance. The story known as Jack and the Beanstalk is well-known to many. But have the passage of time and the hidden agendas of the participants obscured the true nature of the events? How was an ignorant farm boy able to convince an intelligent and brilliant botanist to exchange valuable magic beans for two drunk guys in a cow suit? --------------------------------------------------- St. Vitus Improv Workshop Tony Papaleo, Director This film is not "Citizen Kane," for sure. It's designed to be a showcase for the abilities of workshop students to create characters. On the way to creating this piece, we wanted to learn the basics of modern digital filmmaking and editing. So yeah, we know all about the technical shortcomings in "Jack," no arguments there. We got the idea that we needed to do a "graduation" show with the students in the workshop...instead of hiring a venue and putting on yet another sketch comedy show, we decided to film one scene that came out of an improv in class in 2010. Tony Papaleo constructed the scenario and assigned the parts. The students basically hit the beats for their characters and played it they way they wanted. We're hoping you agree with our choices on what we kept in was the funniest... Film geeky information: Top of the list: Always record your sound independently, regardless of how "good" your built-in camera mic is. Also, both of the mic inputs on our cameras did not work with our boom mike. Took too long to troubleshoot, so we went with the internal mic. Learned several lessons regarding film format: Number one was shooting on tape not ideal if you can avoid it and go directly to solid state media, do so. We had it all on 4 mini-DV tapes...that because they shot on 2 cameras, one in HD and the other SD...we discovered a conversion and rendering issue immediately. Then we learned the unforgiving nature of "pro-sumer" Windows platform editing software: If you think you have enough disk space, guess again and double that number. That's what you will need. We crashed the system when we were about 80% complete with the film. The files were seemingly unrecoverable. That was the real start of our journey: Finding a new Windows PC with more horsepower and storage space, and a better NLE suite. We found a 17" Dell laptop with 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive and Intel Core Duo 2 cpu. Saved 200 bux by getting Linux OS and no Firewire port. Woops. Stripped Linux out and installed Windows XP Media Edition SP3. Finding no way to transfer mini-DV via USB from the cameras, had to spend money on an analog-USB solution to capture the files. We tried a number of "free" and shareware Windows-based solutions for the NLE. We liked NCH's Video Dub, but the whole NCH model of advertising and installing suites of stuff you may or may not want was irritating. Tried Camtasia for the trial period, it was very nice and STABLE, but limited in features, at least for what we could figure during the trial. Then we found LightWorks. Happy to see we exceeded it's hardware specs, we downloaded it (it's open source) and discovered what looked to be very high-end pro-oriented suite. Unfortunately not that intuitive--the learning curve is steep and the 300-page manual daunting. Someday, we will return to LW. Borrowed a copy of Adobe Premiere (unfortunatley not the latest...would not support USB capture device). Finally settled on Cyberlinks PowerDirector 9. It gets rave reviews on the web, was affordable, and the comparison matrix shows it does everything that Final Cut Pro will do. We got the trial of PD9, and everything was perfect. We plunked down the $70 and downloaded the full version. Downloading the product as opposed to spending extra bux and time waiting for a CD...that's another cautionary tale for later. PD9 -- simple and intuitive to use, and if you don't want to make anything more than a 5 minute film destined for YouTube, this is for you. The software in incredibly buggy and unstable. It uses a 500mb of ram just sitting there at startup. We made the purchase early on in the editing process. Little did we know that as we approached 10 minutes in project running time, memory would be an issue, even with 4gb. Up until 10 minutes, everything seems to be fine. Then, weird stuff starts happening, like previews of sound for random clips not playing, freezing, and my favorite, "C++ Runtime Error: Abnormal Termination." Sometimes this would happen AFTER you rebooted to clear the caches and ram as well. I seriously believe this project took about three times as long to edit because of the constant rebooting/crashing. We did learn to trick it by booting into a Windows "minimal" services mode via msconfig...after three weeks of trying to get a support question answered by their email-only tech staff. Upshot: 1. Look for more St. Vitus films coming out of our classes! 2. Saving up for a pro system. Do we really need a Mac? Anybody out there usig LightWorks? Can we afford an Avid system?

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    • Hang Gliding at Bo Peep


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      Nice day out with Ian P at Bo Peep and the SDHG locals including John B and Matt. Some take off and landings with one thermal up to 1900'. Sadly my best thermal of the day wasn't captured because the camera battery ran out but it also missed the worst landing of the day too :-) Enjoy.

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      • Fun at Ringstead & Bo Peep in June


        from Richard King / Added

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        The good the bad and the ugly in landings and an interesting incident with a model glider !

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        • Downhill slide fun


          from Dave Martin / Added

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          • Bo Peep Outlaw 2010


            from Kyle Clarkson / Added

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            The fastest hill on the UK outlaw. 40+mph into a steep, tight left hair pin followed by a sweeping right. Standup, Luge and Butt board. Big thanks to Oli and the Bexhill crew for organising such a good race.

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            • Gin Sprint Evo at Bo Peep


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              A test flight on a Gin Sprint Evo on a beautiful crispy-cold day at Bo Peep on the snowy Sussex Downs. I have now decided to buy one :-) With thanks to John for additional footage, and to Flybubble paragliding for the demo wing.

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              • Bo Peep - Carnage Corner Owns You


                from Thane Magazine / Added

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                Bo Peep: Crash and Burn race 2012 - IGSA Qualifier. Carnage Corner takes no prisoners, especially in the wet!

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                • Shadow of the Wolf Puppet


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                  Based on the poem, "The Greedy Ol' Owl," This is a story of what happens when the price of greed is too high! Shot in the wilds of Oregon with a cast fit for a classic fable, Shadow of the Wolf Puppet, is inspired by all the great fairy-tales with a moral at the end.

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                  • Badito (First edit)


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                    Up and coming Bandito Film Director Will Clare bringing you the first edit of a truly unique and jaw dropping skating experiance!

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                    • Wildthing flying


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                      Some snippets of Wildthing flying at Bo Peep 13th Feb 2010. Please note (in case anyone gets "animated"), spotters were used during the making of this video and plenty of space was left between all other aircraft except the Wildthings.

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