1. SaBo-FX - Glazed (1080p)


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    Please let me know what you think! Leave a comment and/or 'LIKE'... Song title: Glazed Music: SaBo-FX Video (edit): SaBo-FX Models in this video: [Your sister] Jessica Burciaga Bethanie Badertscher Chloe Miranda Music Background info: I was suffering from a writer's block for some time. But I'm back on track with this song which is a SaBo original for a change. The strange sounding instrument starting from 1:34 is actually a vocal that I found on a sample CD amplified with an electric guitar. I hope you enjoy the break beats in this song. I spent a lot of time fine-tuning them. Personally I like the last part of the song the most (starting from 3:04). I used the Camel Phat VST in combination with ReFX Nexus filters to create the raw bass sound. Video Background info: I can't wait to hear what you think of the babes in this video. I really fell in love with the blonde girl 'Chloe'. But when I had the video reviewed by my friends, some did not agree. So let me know which of the girls you would like to see in a future video. And again I would like for Playboy to show girls with at least a pretty face and not just big boobs. If it takes a while before my next video is released, it's probably due to a lack of nice footage. You deserve the best and I will not drop my standards. Off-topic: I really look forward to Adobe After Effect CS6 which is about to be released. It promises to have a lot of cool and useful features. Hardware: My super sweet workstation: Specs: Intel® Core™ i7-2600K, GeForce GTX 570 / 1.2 GB on-board, SSD Crucial CT128M4SSD2, Corsair 16 GB DDR3-1333 Rendering this video from start to finish took 1 hour and 16 minutes Credits / disclaimer: I need to credit Playboy for providing the high quality footage for this video! For several reasons, I had to cut out most the juicy bits from the original footage. But I don't need a lawsuit from Playboy. Don't let me stop you from downloading the uncensored video from the playboy website. This requires a paid subscription. (just so you know). Fetch the MP3 from my SoundCloud page: http://soundcloud.com/sabo-fx/sabo-fx-glazed Or download high quality MP3 versions of all my trax for free (including the music of this video): ftp://youtube:sabotrax@ftp.sabo-fx.net:3306/ (copy the line above and paste into your browser address bar) Sign up to my twitter: http://twitter.com/#sabofx Hit the [subscribe] button to automatically receive a notification of my future video releases. Recommendations: Listen to the music on either a headphone or some big ass speakers (to fully enjoy the baseline). Watch the video in 1080p for the ultimate audiovisual experience! Don't forget to visit www.sabo-fx.net to check out my other productions. Audio/Video software used: (no hardware synth) * Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3 * Adobe Audition CS5.5 * VST Re-FX Nexus 2 * VST Stylus RMX * VST Camel Phat * Adobe After effects CS5.5 * Trapcode plugins (for After FX) * Video co-pilot Twitch plugin (for After FX) * ffmpeg Thanx & greetz: * My girlfriend Hoda for reviewing the video, giving honest feedback and putting up with my obsessive behavior in general. * My friends & co-workers (particular Jeroen) for giving honest feedback on video of this track * Amsterdam VIP Service for their continuous support! http://www.vipserviceamsterdam.com/tag/sabo-fx/

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    • Retrigger - EZ Money [videoclip]


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      “ORNITORRINCO VOADOR” – DOWNLOAD NOW! http://www.cockrockdisco.com/CRD2/albumpages/Crockp3-018.html roteiro, direção e edição / screenplay, direction & editing: marcelo reis produção / production: marcelo reis & raul costa direção de fotografia / director of photography: byron o'neill assistência de produção / assistant producers: andré azucrina, dagson silva, manuel azucrina, marcos paulo, nilo augusto, patrícia vieira, pedro henrique, rafael romualdo making-of: haison lucas bagulium loquo est - belo horizonte - brazil 2009 jun :: www.retrigger.net :: :: http://www.baguliumloquoest.com ::

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      • PULSE


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        "Pulse" 2012 Audiovisual Installation 3 projector | Sound Stereo 2/0 Duration: 08'00" loop

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        • Circle Kingz - The Revolution // Dj Woodo vs. J:Loop


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          Circle Kingz - The Revolution J:Loop and dj Woodo decided to make a new track called Circle Kingz - the Revolution to honor one of the most legendary b-boy events in the b-boy kingdom. This event always meant a lot to us, as it was one of the purest and realest event about the art of b-boying. At CKZ all what counted was originality, flavor, spirit, attitude and style. Your own style. Peeps came from every where to battle for the crown. To become the Kingz. The Circle Kingz. The Song was made to honor all the b-boys and b-girls around the planet who helped to build up such an unique and fresh atmosphere at each event. And to thank Amjand and the 7$ for beeing part of it. Free Download of the Track: Circle Kingz - The Revolution by Dj Woodo vs. J:Loop http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-woodo http://www.facebook.com/djwoodo http://www.woodo.dj http://www.soulvision.ch http://www.woop.biz Video was shot on Sony A 77 / Nikon D7000 Lenses: Tokina 11-16 / 2.8 Tamron 10-24 3.5/4.5 Nikon 10.5 f.28 GO Pro HD 2 Camera: Reto & Fipi Aebischer Phil. Woodtli Cut & Edit: Phil. Woodtli

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          • Nobody beats the drum - "The Drum"


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            Music video for dutch electronic act Nobody beats the drum. Directed by Rogier van der Zwaag. A 100% Halal production. http://www.100procenthalal.nl

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            • Dj Trax - Thoughts In Widescreen


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              Artist: Dj Trax Record name: "Thoughts In Widescreen" Song: "Thoughts In Widescreen" Record label: Audio Buffet http://djtrax.wordpress.com Animation: Dean Warner http://www.divertedlight.com Thoughts In Widescreen is the latest short animation created by Dean Warner. The animation explores the connection between memory and chemical responses which take place at a cellular level. These responses are triggered by audio visual stimulus such as photograph's and music which in turn produce chemical reactions, growth and development to construct new memories. The emotive and inspiring soundtrack is by Dj Trax, and is available on the brand new album Thoughts In Widescreen.

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              • Silicone Poplars


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                Nominated Best Music Video at Underground Cinema Film Festival 2012, Dublin Nominated Best Music Video at SENE Film, Music and Arts Festival 2012, Rhode Island Official Selection at Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2012, Ohio Official Selection at Darklight Film Festival 2011, Dublin This is a music video for Berlin based composer Eutechnik. The song 'Silicone Poplars' is from his debut album with the same name. It was shot on a Sony EX3 and EX1. http://www.soundcloud.com/eutechnik http://www.ishkafilms.com/

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                • Xero Tribe Presents: Post-Apocalypse - St Louis, MO


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                  11/19/2011 Filmed & edited by Craig Schuster www.vimeo.com/overgroun www.facebook.com/overgroun www.flickr.com/photos/29110499@N07/6375267543/ If you've attended a Xero Tribe event before you KNOW that we bring the heat on the production side of things. This year we will be utilizing Projection Mapping, intelligent lighting, LED banks, bars and cams, lazers, foggers, hazers, strobes, and anything else we can get our post-apocalyptic hands on to create an environment unlike anything St Louis has ever seen. Long ago an asteroid collided with the earth making the surface uninhabitable, so we went underground, the only place we could survive. We scrapped up an existence from the wreckage found in tunnels, bomb shelters, mines, and sewers. When we finally stabilized, we called out. Wounded, the people came together and formed the Xero Tribe. Life continued, but nothing like before. It was dark. From that darkness came a glow that grew brighter as we began to re-create a life for ourselves. We began to flourish but the underground could no longer hold us. We sent scouts to the surface, no one knew what to expect. All we had were tattered books and videos salvaged from the junk. No one knew until now. Our scouts have come back with news. The surface is alive. We returned to the surface to find a world capable of sustaining mankind once again. The old cities are the new jungles, a wild terrain made up of rust and concrete seamlessly blended with wild animals and overgrown vegetation. We are back and we will survive. For this reason we congregate, for this reason we celebrate, for this reason we PARTY! ROBB G Promo Records / robbg.com / Toronto “Highly animated DJ/producer and force behind Promo Records, Robb G, is a known dancefloor destroyer.” – Eye Weekly “The Man in Canada, Robb G has been in the front of the pack for some time over there. Quality release after quality release” – Knowledge Mag Robb G is literally "in" the music when he's on stage, dripping with sweat as he screams at the crowd, possessed by the music while he throbs in a head banging body thrash. After seeing him live, there is no questioning that Robb G is a man who truly loves what he does. Known for his speedy beatmatching and continuously layered mixing, he's performed in Europe and from coast to coast in North America, appearing in over 50 cities on his native continent. Robb G has had releases and remixes on over a dozen labels in the last decade. Remixing DJ Dan, MC Flipside, Will Bailey, Hatiras and many more along the way. His 12 Inch Therapy single received tremendous acclaim, making its way to the top of URB, iDJ, and Mixmag’s Best Of 2008 lists. It hit the number 12 spot on the UK buzz charts and became the number 1 most requested song on Sirius Radio's Boombox Channel for the entire year. It is no surprise that the Plump DJs named him alongside Justice and Switch when asked who the most exciting producers are. 2011 started with a bang as Robb G’s remix with Lazy Rich of “Lose Control” became one of the most sought after releases with rave reviews from Portugal to New Zealand, NYC to Poland. It received over 15 000 plays on Soundcloud and spent over a month in Beatport’s top 100 sales charts, peaking at number 16 in electro house. He’s booked for the second year in a row to play the sold-out Ultra Music Fest in Miami. Billed as “The World’s Premier Electronic Music Festival” with 100,000 people attending each day, Robb G is set to embark a multi-city crosscontinent tour this spring in support of his new 7 track Get Slayed! EP, bringing his energetic presence to the far 4 corners of North America and abroad. Ill DJ Chris B Zone Records / Illeven Eleven Recordings / Orlando, FL ILL DJ Chris B is a native of Orlando Florida who produces and mixes breakbeat. Having an opportunity to attend legendary dance clubs in Orlando during the early 90's, like The Edge, Firestone, Ultra Violet, Cyber Zone, The Blue Room, Icon, Alpha Bar, Eli's Crib, Thee Grotto, and The Bank (Fusion), along with numerous other clubs in Orlando and throughout the United States, it is easy to see where he gets his influence of electronic music from. Wherever he goes you can be sure that he's droppin' nothing but the best. END: The DJ Nilaihah Records / CircuitHeads Music / San Diego, CA Known for his expert Industrial Club DJ sets in the EBM, Rhythmic Noise, Hard Dance and Aggrotech genres, END: the DJ continues to break down boundaries in the Electronic music fields on dance floors while promoting the dark independent music of today & tomorrow! Originally from San Diego, CA, END mixes at nightclubs & conventions with many music genres with underground electronic dance themes, opening for such artists as Combichrist, Assemblage 23, FGFC820, Panzer AG, Slick Idiot, Angels On Acid, Man + Machines, Ego Likeness, The Cruxshadows, The Last Dance & many, many more. END was part of KOMOR KOMMANDO live with Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil) and represented his XENOMORPH PRODUCTIONS studio. He has also been part of NORTHBORNE live with Christian Lund (Icon Of Coil). END continues to tour in North America, has toured in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico with plans for the rest of the world in the near future. END has also created CircuitHeads Promotions, a service for the music artists End supports to clubs and listeners in North America and internationally. Booked and highly ranked with Industrial as well as Electronic Dance Music DJs, END is integrating and indeed 'endtroducing' the stompier, darker, more cyberpunk apsects into nightclubs with each live mix, one heavy beat at a time...for what is light without the shadows you cast on the dance floor? Visuals by: Benji Ramsey - Anaphase / Indianapolis, IN Kidd PirateTransmissions / Omaha, NE If u have enjoy the visuals at underground sound for the last 4 years then u will enjoy what these two will bring to the table. EZ Brothers The EZ Brothers are a dynamic combo of seasoned DJs, NMEZEE and J-FORTUNE (aka Flashdance Gordon), who rocked parties across the region for the last decade individually before coming together in 2008. Now based in Kansas City, the EZ Brothers have joined the Mammoth Live Agency, and have toured with 12th Planet and shared innumerous bills with all the relevant acts of today, including: EOTO, Eprom, Eskmo, Vibesquad, The Glitch Mob, Datsik, Nitgrit, Nero, SPL, etc, to name but a few. 2011 has been a seen the festivals Wakarusa and Kanrocksas with more before the year is out. The EZ Brothers keep pushing boundaries and moving bodies with a diverse sound of techy, dubbed out beats and shaking bass lines. Look out for new mixes and an EP coming to an outlet near you! Unkle Funk - G.F.G - Moogonaughts / Sunday Slackin' / Louisville, KY DJGFG.com l facebook.com/THEGFG l facebook.com/MOOGONAUGHTS l DJGFG.com/SUNDAY-SLACKIN l soundcloud.com/g-f-g soundcloud.com/moogonaughts As a DJ and promoter for over a decade, Glenn Giles explores the deep, funky & sexy sounds of house music from top to bottom, end to end. Holding residencies in Louisville (Main Street Lounge & Pink Door) and in Nashville (Excess/Orbit & Katatonic) under aliases Retro/Deceit/Unkle Funk/ and G.F.G., Glenn consistently brings a positive vibe- always with a soulful, funky tone. If you’ve been anywhere in the midwest in the last 10 years, chances are you’ve spent a night groovin’ with G.F.G. He has shared the stage with the likes of DJ Icey, Miles Maeda, Derrick Carter, Uberzone, Felix da Housecat and the Corduroy Mavericks to name just a few- all big influences in what now is Glenn's signature style - a sound that he continues to develop and enhance in the studio as well as his stage performances. 2011 has been busy, with studio production a high priority. This year Glenn has overseen the launch of the Sunday Slackin' podcast, which continues to showcase a diverse talent base and provide exclusive new mixes featuring artists from around the globe - as well as the debut of a production and performance project with techno madman John Napier - together as the Moogonaughts. The pair has already seen a high demand for their remarkable 2x4 performances, along with a debut prodiction EP scheduled to be released towards the end of the year. With so many side projects and sneak attacks - You never know what you’ll get with Glenn…but it’ll feel good…so do it Feets - Xero Tribe / Fifty Foot Robots / STL Feets started his career in music as a drum tech and stage hand for major touring acts. As a Dj he blends his knowledge of percussion with his love for electronic music to bring you a groove riding experience. Since hitting the scene, he has joined forces with two of St. Louis’ most recognized production companies, played along side international talent and the city’s top locals, earned a residency, started producing, and has had countless performances in a range of venues from high end clubs to warehouses. A DJ that promises to supply good vibes, he is not one to be missed! EVEN ELEVEN aka Colby Price - Dubfixx Resident Hero / Bass Fiend Productions / Springfield, MO Colby has been known all over Southwest Missouri for the past 6 years for dropping only the newest hard hitting tracks. His versatility and on point mixing will leave you headspun and only wanting more, bringing an arsenal of bass thumping tunes that are sure to please even the toughest crowd. He is one of the exclusive dj's for "Dubfixx," Springfield's biggest and most successful monthly event ever. Colby has even played along-side great heavyweights such as RUN DMT, Bassnectar, and J.Rabbit just to name a few. Lets give him a warm welcome back Xero Tribe style!! Kid Liquid - Fifty Foot Robots / Future Sound Of Breaks / STL Kid Liquid has been known to drop a barrage of dancefloor killers over the past decade. Early on, the sound of choice was funky house. As he progressed as a dancer, that funky flavor started swinging towards breaks. As of late it's hard to predict what you will get from this Midwest bass fiend. Breaks, Electro, Drum n Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep or a finely sliced mix of all things broken beat are not uncommon to hear slamming through the bassbins when Kid Liquid rocks a party. Co-Founder of St. Louis based Fifty Foot Robots, and fresh new addition to the infamous Future Sound of Breaks crew, Kid Liquid is constantly making moves. Motivating dancefloors from Miami to L.A., and many underground circuits between, this high energy selector is about to rip the walls down-always doing it PROPER in this digital urban scene. Stodd - Digital-Glitch Ent. / Blindfire Ent. / STL digital-glitch.com / soundcloud.com/stodd / facebook.com/stoddglobal Stodd is a rapidly rising DJ with a very unique "signature sound" that is best described as "Groovy Psytrance." Just like clockwork, he constantly brings fresh, new, driving music, with elegance & harmony demonstrated in each mix. All this results in a high-energy "rolling" sound that dominates the dance floor relentlessly. Stodd puts a hot new spin on modern trance music, shattering stereotypes, & acquiring a rising number of new believers with every performance. Vic Damone - Fifty Foot Robots / R.A.M.P. / Plan B. Ent. / STL Facebook.com/djvicdamone / Soundcloud.com/vicdamone84 Hailing from St. Louis, Vic Damone first experienced the St. Louis EDM scene in early 2000 and hasn't turned back since. Picking up his first set of breaks vinyl in 2004 he began his journey to control dance-floors wherever he could. Starting in living-rooms and basements, then on to local bars like Mercury and Urban Lounge, and playing some of STL's staple EDM events. With influential artists like Curtis B, Supernaut, Eric Barretta, Simply Jeff and many, many more guiding his style, let it be known that VicDamone is here to unleash a barrage of nasty beats to keep dance-floors packed and rockin! “d-_-b” G.I.J. - Foundation STL / Paducah, KY Chapa - 4sho Productions / STL Beau LeMaster - Blindfire Ent. / STL TIME SLOTS: Main Stage 9 - Stodd 10 - Feets 11 - END: The DJ 12 - EZ Brothers 1 - Ill DJ Chris B 2:30 Robb G 2nd Stage 9 - Beau LeMaster 10 - Kid Liquid 11 - Vic Damone 12 - Chapa 1 - Uncle Funk 2 - Even Eleven 3 - G.I.J. TURBOSOUND by Spectra Fire performances by Meeshel, Robb Mo, D-Twisted, and Bruno Gogo performances by Dancefloor Destroyers Live art by Pl@stic Photography by Kent Frost and Danielle Threlkeld 2 rooms of madness $25 to survive the apocalypse, $20 with impressive apocalypse attire 9pm - 4am, 18+

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                  • J Hazen - Jigsaw | edited by makemassair


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                    J Hazen - Jigsaw (EDIT: Final) CREDITS: THANKS Sample Remix vdmo Kstati (grigori) Dr I Honey AUDIO J Hazen - Jigsaw VISUALS selected visuals by DVNT (used under license) VISUALS archive.org artbeats digital film library ishwara ivan bridgewater popcorn (insert URL) prelinger archives spacetelescope.org teachers.tv terra Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 (used under license) EDITED DVNT (makemassair) LICENSE Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ COPYRIGHT Virus B-23 http://virusb-23.co.uk/ MAKEMASSAIR

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                    • Slice prototype


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                      From the murky, labyrinthine depths of Strange Agency R&D we issue forth the first glimpse of Slice, the straight-illest beat juggling tool for your iPhone or iPod! Hide the children!

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