1. Thought of You


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    Http://ryanwoodwardart.com Behind the scenes: http://vimeo.com/21096567 Limited Fine Art Prints now available here: http://www.frame-factor.com/video/videochv.php?vid=55

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    • Focus


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      TROPFEST FINALIST 2011 --- You tell her you love her. And she loves you. Things have never felt better. But one day, you notice something about her you hadn't noticed before... Starring : Clyde Berning and Abigail Parker. Cinematograpy : Gavin Goodman http://www.gavingoodman.com/ Art Director : Rebecca Brett Music : Rus Nerwich http://www.rusnerwich.com/ Written and Directed : Ari Kruger http://twitter.com/arikruger http://www.sktchbk.com

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      • Worked For Me (5D MRKII - 5:24)


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        Follow me on twitter for tutorials, behind the scenes, etc... twitter.com/_Citizen_Ken_ Written/Directed/Produced & Edited by: Ken Simpson Cinematography/Camera operating & Color Grading by: Alex Dacev THE LENSES: The DP owned one 50mm prime, about as stock as they come and I borrowed my friends 28mm prime for a few shots here and there. I did however, rent a 70-200mm canon zoom lens for most of the shoot and that cost me another $200.00. Later I found out that a friend of mine had the same lens sitting on a shelf collecting dust...Bu Hao THE DOLLY/FOLLOW FOCUS: we used the microdolly for almost all of the moving shots (we used a tiny skateboard for the dolly along the shoes). http://www.microdolly.com/micro_2.html It's a very simple device to use, the kit is insanely cheap ($45.00/day) and comes with a 13 foot track which is like a tent pole design, meaning it's all one piece but you could collapse the end of it to fit into smaller spaces. There is a 45 degree curved track option as well, but we never bothered to rent it. We probably should have had a little more weight on the tripod itself, given that it was only the 5D because the tripod would slip off the track from time to time. You'll notice we had a shitty tripod so we tapped it to the T-bar rather than it fitting in snugly like it would had we had a real profession tripod, ah well. Oh and those foam pads they provide you with to go under the track? We ditched using those after the first day, they just got in the way. This may not be the best option in the world for flexibility, it's more of an indoor dolly for sure but I'd totally use it again if I was on a tight budget. It's a great way to add production value, considering the price. We did use a redrock adapter but for some reason we couldn't figure out how to get the focus ring onto the left side of the camera, so the DOP could pan/tilt with his right hand. Not only that but his lens package weren't very high end so the clamp kept slipping off the focus adjustment on the lens (we ended up using double sided tape to make it bite properly). Focus was such a tricky and often elusive thing, there were several double digit takes done to achieve proper focus through out the whole length of the shots. THE LIGHTING: 1x 1K Arri tungsten 1x 650W Arri tungsten 1x 300W Arri tungsten -for Saffron's day scenes we used a medium flexfill -and for her night exterior footage I used a tiny led (daylight balanced) camera light, the kind that slides into the accessory shoe of consumer cameras. Really cheap, it cost me $69 I think. The light sensitivity of the 5D really is insane. Since it was just a crew of two, the DP and I, it usually fell on to me to provide a little backlight on those night scenes and it was a little bizzare to be 15 feet back and it still be too bright. THE SOUND: I used my old Canon XL1s with a Lav attachment to re-record all of the spoken lines in the film. Basically after the cut was finalized I cued the scene up on my laptop, had the actors watch the takes a few times and then had them say the lines until I thought they matched up well enough. I bought the lav about 6 years ago, it cost about $250.00 or so and it wasn't top of the line or anything. The reason were weren't plugging the lav into the 5D is because you still couldn't control the levels with the camera, so if something peaked, I'd have no real idea until afterwards anyways. You really do need an external device for good audio with this camera, sticking a boom mic or shotgun attachment won't really get you much better in the way of quality especially with that horrid auto gain feature. THE WORKFLOW: Converted the footage in FCP to Apple ProRes (HQ) files. Edited accordingly with shitty guide track from the 5D, then had the actors re-record their lines with my lav attached to my old XL1s running in 30P "FRAME MODE". Cleaned up the timeline then sent it to Color for grading. BUDGET: Other than the one lens and the Microdolly and Redrock adapter, I just spent money the regular stuff like gas and meals. The locations were free, the actors brought their own wardrobe, except for the doctor (the DP has been a doctor for halloween for the past ten years and already had the lab coat and stethoscope!), there was no hair or make up dept. All of Saffron's scenes were shot over one day/night and by luck she had some hair extensions of her own that she was able to put in over lunch to help sell the idea that a lot more time had passed over course the of their relationship - you'll notice she never has short hair during any of her night scenes. Total cost of this film $800.00 (approx.) If you're still interested, you can check out our first short with the 5D MrkII here: http://vimeo.com/6823324

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        • 64 Days - Part 3


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          If you're new to the project, you can catch up here http://hi.projectpedal.com writen by amanda: so this is part 3. initially we planned on making this three parts. first the story of our break-up, followed by the story of our relationship, and ending with the decision for me to continue working on pedal. a few days ago we decided to end it after the 2nd part. mostly because it was getting too long. we plan on adding the 3rd part to a future episode, most likely the next episode. i have to say that mike and i are both very worried about this episode. i am normally pretty shy and get very awkward in front of the camera.. and although i have a lot of face time in this episode, that's not what i'm worried about. i'm happy to say.. after this episode, i think i'm finally starting to get over that and warm up to the camera. i'm pretty happy with my camera time and our voice overs. so, no.. that's not what worries me. i can't speak for mike and i'm not sure exactly what his worries are, probably something like, people won't like this episode as much as the last two. but for me, i think of this episode as the story of one of the most important times in my life and i just want it to be perfect, and i don't think that it is. i'm afraid it was rushed, i'm afraid things were over looked, i'm afraid it might be boring. so.. that's that. i hope i'm wrong. i look forward to your honest comments. To view the extended edit of this, please go here http://vimeo.com/2330317

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          • Me & You


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            Look down on the moments that make a love story. Find out more about the film and the filmmakers here:- www.meandyoufilm.com Making of - www.vimeo.com/102563165 Follow us - www.facebook.com/feelsfilm Would love to hear what you think! Comment below with your favourite moment!

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            • 'Phantom Power' Music Promo


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              Sore from a recent break up, a man travels to a secluded clearing in the woods and opens portals to his past in order to reflect on his relationship. We teamed up with Full Time Hobby for a second time to create the official music promo for ‘Phantom Power’ from Diagram’s upcoming album, Chromatics. You can pre-order the album here: http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/diagrams-chromatics-pre-order.html Client: Full Time Hobby & Diagrams Direction: Persistent Peril Illustration: Garth Jones Animation: Garth Jones, Mark Billington, Ginny Jones Producer for PP: Sam Bourner With thanks to Stewart Harvey 'Phantom Power Making Of': https://vimeo.com/113288095 Check out our behance page for more details and images: https://www.behance.net/gallery/21257825/Phantom-Power-Diagrams

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              • Ed Sheeran - Drunk


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                Ed and an Alcoholic cat make for a great team... Follow us - // http://www.facebook.com/SamanFTW // http://twitter.com/#!/ghibli303 Click link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/share?original_referer=http://vimeo.com/35613552 Directed by Saman Keshavarz // http://samanftw.com Album: '+' © Warner Music 2012 Written by: Saman Keshavarz & Nate Eggert Cinematography: Erik Alexander Wilson Editing: Johnny Rayner Producer: Jacob Swan Hyam Executive Producer: Laura Tunstall (Pulse Films) Production Company: Pulse UK Commissioner: Dan Curwin Rep: Joceline Gabriel Special Thanks to anybody i didn't credit...was a crazy 1st time shooting in London :)

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                • For Love & Stacie (Full Feature Film)


                  from Underground Planet / Added

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                  www.forloveandstacie.com So it's been quite awhile since I made my feature doc For Love & Stacie, though it's won a handful of awards it's yet to make me rich ... or even buy me a taco. With that in mind like most "artists" it's become more important to me for it to be seen than for it to make me money. Of course it would be nice to have both but as the latter hasn't happened I'll just have to push for the former. Basically I'd rather give it away and hope its seen by many rather than continue to try and sell it and have it only seen by a few. All that said, here it is, free on the internet for the world, or at least a couple people with too much time on their hands, to see in all it's original glory. Well, not "all" it's original glory, had to compress it quite a bit to get it online but you get what I mean. I only have two favors to ask if you watch it: 1) Post something about it! Somewhere! Anywhere! Even if you hate it and want to dog it that's fine with me. If you love it tell the world. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, message boards, whatever. Since it seems impossible for a little indi filmmaker to make a dime doing this (at least for this little indie filmmaker) it would mean everything to me and I'd be ever grateful just to know it's been seen by many and hopefully liked by a few. So give it a mention and share the link. 2) No SPOILERS! Again, you can crap all over it if you want to when you post but do me the one honor of not giving anything away to those who haven't seen it. That's it, if ya really REALLY like it you can find it for sale on DVD or a much higher res download on bside.com but honestly at this point it would actually mean more to me for people to post about it than to buy it. DVD : http://www.bside.com/films/forloveandstacie MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/loveandstacie Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/loveandstacie And of course you can find me on my main site which has links to all my little networking places right here: http://www.undergroundplanet.com Look forward to hearing what you think. There are some tidbits about the film on it's MySpace page but in here I'll only say that For Love & Stacie went from concept to completion, by that meaning literally from the day I had the idea till the day it was shot and completely edited in six months. The total budget was 3k. It was filmed on Canon XL2's (oh how I wish I had my EX1 back then!) and edited in Sony Vegas. Any questions just ask, but if your question has spoilers I won't be able to answer! For full cast and crew visit it's IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0773284/ Thanks a bunch and hope you like it. - Ray P.S. I'm also allowing you to download it on Vimeo for free, link is on the bottom right of the page. It should play just fine on your iPod or iPhone! =) P.S.S. Okay, a friend of mine nicely pointed out that since my electricity is about to get cut off because it’s two months behind and I don’t have rent, mayhaps it wouldn't hurt to put up a donations page for those who enjoyed it and would be willing to make a little donation. I can’t imagine anyone would but if you do well God bless ya, a penny would make me smirk, a buck would make me smile, 5-10 and I’ll do a happy dance, and anything more I think I’ll just spontaneously wet my pants. Know that anything I manage to get back from this will go to rent and the pile of bills I’m behind on. If it ever gets more than I need (like that’ll happen) it will help me payoff some equipment. So if your feel so inclined just click the link below to PayPal and pick a number! I seriously find the quality of my life is just so much better when I have the lights on! So here's the link for those inclined: PayPal : http://tinyurl.com/lo3djb

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                  • Tourist's Illuminate — Official Music Video (2014)


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                    www.touristilluminate.tumblr.com In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn't exist yet, he's left confused. What could this mean? Graphic aesthetic influenced by video games X (Gameboy) and 3-D WorldRunner (NES). — Production Company: Nexus Direction and Design: Nicolas Ménard Executive Producer: Luke Youngman Producer: Beccy McCray Production Co-ordinator: Natalie Henry Editing: Nicolas Ménard Animation Crew: Nicolas Ménard Anne-Louise Erambert James Hatley Isaac Holland With thanks to: Lara Lee, for translation Track: Illuminate Artist: Tourist feat. Years and Years Label: Polydor Commissioner: Emily Tedrake & Jacob Robinson www.nicolasmenard.com www.nicolasmenard.tumblr.com www.nexusproductions.com www.soundcloud.com/touristmusic

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                    • Howard


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                      Do you remember when we met? You were brilliant, witty, gorgeous to look at...something's changed. Film by Julia Pott, Voice Over by Carolyn Saint Pe, Sound Design by Danny Boyle, Music by Walter, Assistant Animator Robin Bushell, Produced at the Royal College of Art 2010

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