1. Master X-posing breathe 26 ribs (2008/2009) (9 secs) LOOPED, with audio


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    The work Breathe, works with the notion of inside/ outside, and experience / witness. It is a pair of X-ray films taken several years apart, reflecting aging in human existence. The work is looped continuously. The audio and the rhythm draw the viewer to look and listen. It has been reported that the breathing of the viewer has shifted into the same rhythm as the work. It has been shown singularly and within a multi-projection installation in a darkened room. The experience of being inside a corporeal body.

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    • Matt Champoux - My Breath Exposed


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      Boulder yogi Matt Champoux speaks how you must expose yourself like a raw nerve to really find your conscious breath. Matt Champoux was born and raised in Boulder, yet, surprisingly for a town so full of yogis, was forced into his first yoga class. Now, as an instructor, Matt has developed an extremely advanced physical practice and continues to explore his breath. Daily. Having just returned from working in the Peruvian rainforest and teaching locals the benefits of yoga, Matt plans to return to his travels, spreading the practice as far as he can go. Visit mattchampouxashtanga.com to find out more about Matt's breath. Shot on location in Boulder, Colorado. Camera: Canon 5D Mark III and 7D

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        Steve Levine Entertainment & Insomniac events presents: Matt Darey at Axis Radius in Scottsdale,AZ. Track: Matt Darey ft. Leah - Hold Your Breath (KhoMha remix) http://www.mattdarey.com http://www.facebook.com/mattdarey http://www.slentertainment.com http://www.facebook.com/slentertain http://www.insomniac.com http://www.facebook.com/insomniacevents

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        • Max Strom talks about the Treasures of Yoga&Breath, Life&Death


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          Berlin, April 2011: Max Strom, as a teacher for personal transformation, has moved and changed lives of people world-wide through Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and self-analysis. His book, “A Life Worth Breathing”, is a testimony of his sanguine, inspiring and simple earth-bound ways. He spoke with me about his road to Yoga, the healing energy of breath and death for a fulfilled life and how Yoga can change the world.

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          • May it be Your Will God


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            We arrived at night to a small village in Tanzania, named chimala and went to sleep in the only guesthouse at the village. Tired and hungry, we were invited to eat at the house next door. There we met Mama Flora, a special women, the heart of the village, who has 7 adopted daughters, embraced us into her home, into her family, into her heart. Flora Israel... She invited us to the church on Sunday, where we were welcomed with honor and love as guests from Israel. It was a graceful trembling experience. Music does connect all religions and people into one. Music by: Shimrit Malul שמרית מלול

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            • MAY WE GROW - TRAILER


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              After losing one of the boulevard trees in front of their house to Dutch Elm Disease a Winnipeg family embarks on a quest to build a relationship with the remaining Elm tree whose fate is uncertain. "May We Grow" pays homage to the global forest, the trees of earth. It is a reminder to pay attention to our lives and the lives of those around us. May We Grow Produced, directed, written, filmed, edited and narrated by Erika MacPherson Original music by Christine Fellows and John K. Samson 22 minutes Canada, 2013

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              • Mechanics of breathing


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                Consciously take a breath, and think about the fact that there are ten different muscle groups working together to make this happen. These muscle groups include the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. The main muscle used for breathing is the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a dome-shaped structure consisting of several large muscles, which is sandwiched between the chest cavity (containing the lungs and rib cage) and the abdomen (containing your digestive system including your stomach). The muscles that move the rib cage itself are the internal and external intercostal muscles. They are each attached to the ribs and run between them. To inhale air the diaphragm contracts and moves down while the external intercostal muscles contract forcing the rib cage up and out. The combined effect of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles increases the volume of the chest cavity and expands the lungs. This expansion of the lungs increases their volume reducing the pressure within them causing air to be drawn in. This action is similar to a piston sucking petrol into a car engine. In normal breathing we use around 25% of our lung capacity which is called our tidal volume. As you inhale deeply the diaphragm moves further down into the abdomen, pushing your belly out, giving more room for the lungs to expand and draw in more air. This type of breathing is called belly breathing or abdominal breathing and is critical to prepare you for your freedive. Belly breathing allows you to completely fill your lungs with air. The maximum amount of air your lungs can hold is called your total lung capacity. With training you can use more of your lung capacity.

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                • Meditation for the Aura with Karena Virginia and Snatam Kaur


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                  ~ Karena guides you beautifully into the profound flow of energy in the Aura, so you can activate, radiate and attract. This secret meditation has been passed on from ancient masters, allowing your heart and the floodgates of love, abundance and miracles to open, aligning yourself to your highest potential so you can become a magnet to prosperity and your own caliber. ~ Snatam Kaur's deep centering music, from her album, "Ras", instantly creates an atmosphere of centered peace and connection with spirit. ~ For more information about Karena please see her official website - www.karena.tv. ~ For more information about Snatam Kaur, please see her official website - www.snatamkaur.com

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                  • Meditation Immersion


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                    Are you interested in meditation but don't know where to start? Or did you try meditating already but it seemed awfully boring and uninspiring? You should check out my Meditation Immersion program. I will teach you all the tips and tricks to make meditation more rewarding experience. This program is designed specially for caregivers like moms, dads and teachers of all sorts however, everyone else can benefit as well.

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                    • Meditation on the Breath


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