1. Welcome to London - A Short Hyperlapse Film (UHD - 4K)


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    London is growing fast and is going vertical… I've been in London for 3 years now and from the first time I came here a lot has changed, in this TimeLapse you can see the new Skyline in the city, with new Skyscrapers, the new lights on TowerBridge changed for the Olympics and the beautiful Canary Wharf.. I use the Hyperlapse technique to make the video more dynamic and special. All footages available in 4K Music made by: Emanuele Bellini - A Day In The Past You can find all his songs and contacts here: lelelndn@gmail.com www.soundcloud.com/lelelndn Equipment: Canon EOS 6D Canon 17-40mm f/4L Filmed & Edited By: Mattia Bicchi www.mattiabicchiphotography.com Follow me on Facebook, Twitter: facebook.com/MattiaBicchiPhotography twitter.com/Matt_hi For licensing, projects & enquires please contact at mattiabicchiphotography@gmail.com

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    • Blackmagic 4k | In the Mist


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      "The city of London, shrouded in a Dickensian blanket of smog, as light winds, Sahara dust, and dirty air from the continent conspire to produce air pollution levels right at the top of the chart." - Sky News Shot on the Blackmagic Production Camera in 4k. Download in 4k. Shot at 400 ASA with a Canon 28mm f2.8 lens at f5.6, at 7:30am on 31 March 2014. Graded with an Ilford Delta 400 film LUT from FilmConvert. (More on that below.) After a slew of rather ugly low-light, ISO, and noise comparisons between the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the newer 4k Production camera, I was anxious to publish some footage from the Production camera that played to it's strengths. I took the opportunity of a misty morning in London to get some decent 4k shots. This was shot at the onset of Britain's week of smog - although to be clear, the images do not show smog - or in fact, mist - but fog. Fog is basically clouds at ground level. Fog is defined by visibility that is less than one kilometre; mist is lighter, with greater visibility. Not being able to see across the park means it's fog - but mist is a nicer, more positively photographic word - and it also refers to a previous video with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in the mist: vimeo.com/60644180 although I guess that was fog too :-) The smog that has been plaguing the UK is much less visible, but I wanted to give some context to the time and the place because it situates it more concretely in a wider experience and makes it more memorable and resonant. I took the idea of using a news sample from an earlier family doc, when we were on holiday on the Isle of Wight during the riots of 2011: https://vimeo.com/58180335 And over the past few weeks we have been reconsidering everything in the context of insane London house prices, business-as-usual politics, business-as-usual education for our little ones, and the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report which suggests that business-as-usual is suicide. Nothing like a toddler to sharpen up the empathy and long range thinking. Music by johnny_ripper http://freemusicarchive.org/music/johnny_ripper/lesprit_descalier/15_im_still_here_1 I was also influenced by FKY's, The Sea Also Rises - vimeo.com/88891560 - which is one of the most beautiful and moving videos I've seen in some time. Also, please note the new addition to our neighbourhood: a shiny new CCTV Xmas tree outside the park gates, ostensibly to protect us from the totalitarian levels of surveillance we enjoy from the NSA/GCHQ, who record every aspect of our formerly private lives, finally penetrating inside our homes via digital communications. For me at least, our whole lives are packed into this little film :-) The black and white grade is very strange for me as I'd normally be the person arguing on aesthetic grounds for colour. I've literally never created a black and white image before. However, the fog had already taken most of the colour out of the images, and with the increased resolution, it felt like it needed a more reductive approach. The Production Camera is also a more contrasty camera than I'm used to, although the Ilford D400 was the least contrasty of black and white LUTs, as I recall. There is zero grain because it would detract from the fog and get slammed in compression. I normally shoot with a 2.4:1 crop, which is etched in marker on my cameras, as it's more compositionally elegant and mathematically pure :-) View in 1080p. Registered Vimeo users can download the original file in 4k, as Vimeo doesn't display 4k yet. I think I got away with a pretty low data rate for the H.264 file at a mere 40Mbps. More on the smog here: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/apr/03/cameron-uk-smog-pollution-europe

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      • Stray


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        Cold Water Escapism. Music By Burial Hyperdub Records http://www.hyperdub.net/releases/view/258/HDB080 By Patrick Blades Surfers - Gabe Davies, Luke Palmer, Ross Hargreaves, others.

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        • Cause and Effect: the unexpected origins of terrible things


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          [New video alert! Here's our latest video essay https://vimeo.com/delvetv/bananas-sardines-sharks] 100 summers ago the countries of Europe collapsed quickly into war: it was sudden but also strangely inevitable. Countless books have been written since about the causes of The Great War, but in this video essay we offer an alternative history. By tracing the story backwards in time we stumble upon a very unexpected cause and discover that sometimes the most harmless of things can have terrible consequences. Story Design & Direction: Adam Westbrook http://www.adamwestbrook.co.uk Additional Photography: Brett Walsh http://www.brettwalshphotography.com Animation: Adam Westbrook Archive footage from the US National Archives released in the public domain Stock footage via Videohive and Pond5 All photographs in the public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Satie's Gymnopedie No. 2 performed by Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com Additional music and sound effects via AudioJungle Story assistance from Caroline Vanier, Cody Delistraty and Chris Schaefer. Indonesian translation: Farras Octara http://www.farrasoctara.com/ Spanish translation: Ana Ribera García-Rubio @molinos1282 Here are the books I used in researching this essay. The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Guns-August-Bestselling-Outbreak/dp/0241968216/ The War that Ended Peace by Margaret Macmillan http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-War-that-Ended-Peace/dp/1846682738/ Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914 by Max Hastings http://www.amazon.co.uk/Catastrophe-Europe-Goes-War-1914/dp/0007519745/ Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the coming of the Great War by Robert K Massie http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dreadnought-Britain-Germany-Coming-Great-ebook/dp/B00D5FOGL6 The Last Kaiser by Giles MacDonogh http://www.amazon.co.uk/Last-Kaiser-Life-Wilhelm-II/dp/0312305575/ The Influence of Sea Power on History 1660-1783 by Alfred T Mahan http://www.amazon.co.uk/Influence-Power-Upon-History-1660-1783/dp/1589801555 === Translate this video into your own language! You can download the English script, plus instructions, here: http://delve.tv/wp-content/uploads/DelveCauseAndEffectScript.html === Watch more fascinating video essays on delve.tv The Man Who Turned Paper Into Pixels: http://delve.tv/the-man-who-turned-paper-into-pixels-information-theory/ A Little History of the World on Instagram: http://delve.tv/instagram The Long Game Part Two: http://delve.tv/the-long-game-part-2/ The Long Game Part One: http://delve.tv/the-long-game-part-one/ Find out more about the delve.tv project: http://delve.tv/about/ Sign up to our mailing list to see the next essay first! http://delve.tv/

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          • Visions of Albion


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            Visions of Albion is an observational exploration into how we present ourselves as a nation to visiting guests. What are their perceptions of our country, and is this a far cry from the reality of modern day Britain? Following a group of Chinese visitors, we view Britain from their perspective, discovering the sights, culture and history that defines Britishness in the minds of international tourists. Shot over a five-day tour between London and Edinburgh, the film is a departure in style from the existing England Your England series, indulging a minimalist, observational shooting style as we discover Britain from an alternative viewpoint. Visions of Albion is part of the film series England Your England. For more films and information visit www.englandyourengland.tv, facebook.com/englandyourengland or twitter.com/yourengland

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            • Merville


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              Merville is the story of one man, his traditional high street shop, and it's importance to small town community life. Having worked in one independent gentlemen's outfitters for nearly 50 years, Merville talks us through his working life, discussing the values and ethics which have sustained him and the business over the years, whilst illuminating the dangers associated with the decline of the traditional high street, and all community life that goes with it. Shot in rural Dorset, the film is far from an elegy to a dying community, but a love letter to the strength and solidarity of small towns and their battle to preserve heritage and independence in the face of corporate commercialism. Merville is part of the film series England Your England. For more films and information visit http://www.englandyourengland.tv, facebook.com/englandyourengland or twitter.com/yourengland

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              • Bristol. A charming city


                from Moisés Pérez / Added

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                After spending 11 months of my life in this incredible city, I felt the obligation to create this video as a way to say thanks. It's the most alive city that I have ever lived in. Something is always happening and this is the point that I've tried to transmit in my video. I hope that you enjoy it and feel free to share it. If you want to know more about our work: moises-perez.com adriancabello.com Thank you, Moisés Pérez

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                • 3 Days in London - (personal vacation 2010)


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                  Check out my "3 DAYS" personal vacation video channel: https://vimeo.com/channels/3days Visita supresa em Londres. Créditos: Daniel Ferro: Direção, produção, imagens e edição. Trilha: "Cigarettes in the Theatre" Two Door Cinema Club Filmado com a Canon T2i + Sigma 10-20mm 3.5f Mais info: http://www.danielferro.com.br --------------------------------------------------------- Surprise visit in London. Crédits: Daniel Ferro - Director, producer, footage, editing Track: "Cigarettes in the Theatre" Two Door Cinema Club Shot with Canon T2i + Sigma 10-20mm 3.5f Further info: http://www.danielferro.com.br

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                  • Made in Britain


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                    Bookings: http://www.chadchud.co.uk It's been another eventful year for us all at Timelapse Towers - new rig designs, achieving the seemingly impossible and working on some big and amazing projects! Unusually, I spent the majority of last year shooting in Britain, mainly about British subjects and British people and for programmes with the word 'Britain' or 'British' in the title - hence the title of my latest reel. Over the course of a very busy 2013 I've worked my way through 4 Canon 5D's and a 7D - over six million photos taken between them and they now proudly sit on my 'retired' shelf! Credits featured: The Great British Year - BBC Natural History Unit Harrow: A Very British School - ITN Productions iTunes Festival - Rokkit Human Swarm - Impossible Pictures Stonehenge New Dawn Commercial - Smith & Milton Top Gear - BBC Slow-mo vs Timelapse - BBC Earth Unplugged (BBC Worldwide) As always, a great big thank you to everybody that has hired me over the last year - you know who you are! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/chadchud Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chadchudtimelapse Or linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=149482321

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                    • People In Order: 1. Age


                      from James Price / Added

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                      Human Beings. 1-100 This is first in a series of four films – People In Order – commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4 in 2006. The concept behind our films was simple: we asked ourselves if you can reveal something about life by simply arranging people according to scales. Three minutes is a very short time to communicate something – perhaps too short to tell a story, or to get to know a character – so we wanted to make this series by setting ourselves some very straightforward rules, and then following them through over a long trip. The rules had to be simple so it would take the audience virtually no time to understand them. We established what scales we’d look at, and then chose how each film would be framed. Then it was a case of getting in a campervan and driving round Britain, filming as many people as we could over 4 weeks in February, coping with microphones crackling and our camera refusing to work. The experience was exhausting but also life affirming. In our whole trip we were struck by how happy people were to help. Only a handful of our shoots were arranged in advance. We relied instead on the kindness of strangers - and we found that everywhere, from deprived urban estates to rural aristocrats. The resulting films are like a list of government statistics where the citizens they are referring to have broken out from behind the figures on the page. The people on the screen stop us from seeing them as numbers. Even in single second bursts there are worlds of personality stretching out in front of us. The films are really about our awe at how big life is, infinite in its variety, even when it seems just normal to each of us living it. Festivals: 2006: Leipzig DocFest. Shadow Festival, Amsterdam. 2007: 1st Prize (Pro Category) @ Medienfestival, Germany. Audience Award @ Britspotting, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart. International Women’s Film Festival, Germany. Krakow, Poland. Portable Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia. Rooftop Film Festival, New York, USA. 2008: PDX, Portland, Oregon, USA. Exhibitions: Laura Bartlett Gallery, London. June-July 2006. Paul Smith Space, Tokyo. August 2006. Seven @ espacesurplus, Berlin, March 2007. Zeit…los @ Initiative Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik Ahlen, Germany, May-June 2009. Web: This part - Age - was a featured video on YouTube, Yahoo, Very Short List – 50,000 views in its first week online, No.2 in the worldwide Viral Video Chart in January 2008, Over 900,000 views and 5 stars on YouTube. Broadcast: : Channel 4, Monday 8th May 2006 7:55PM (plus 8 repeats) © Lenka Clayton & James Price 2006 Directed / Produced & Edited by James Price & Lenka Clayton Camera by James Price Sound by Lenka Clayton

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