1. Sample Time-lapse Bramping by RIX XE Motion Control Slider


    from RIX GEAR Added 30 0 0

    A bramping (holy grail day-to-night) time-lapse created from RIX GEAR XE II motion control slider with smooth transition of exposure values and without flickering. XE II is an easy-to-used motion control slider for time-lapse photography. - No setup, just plug camera cable, no calibration required. - Bulb ramping, bracketing. - Timelapse, live video, stop motion, joystick control. - Switching from motorized to manual with a single button shift. - Wireless remote controller with graphic user interface. WEBSITE : http://www.rixgear.com FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/pages/RIX-GEAR-Easy-Timelapse-Slider/304762766321982 VIMEO : https://vimeo.com/rixgear YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAcbDjM3VCIztN7YsLx1XYw

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    • Bulb Ramp Post-processing with Adobe Lightroom


      from Elijah Parker Added 262 1 0

      A screencast of editing a day-to-night bulb ramp in Lightroom. Using this plugin for transitions: http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/timelapse-support http://www.timelapseplus.com

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      • Connecting the RamperPro to your Camera and Stage One Dolly


        from Ron Risman Added 440 12 0

        This video is part of my full review of the RamperPro, which you can read here: http://www.cameratown.com/reviews/ramperpro/ Get information on my latest night-sky timelapse workshop coming up in a few months: http://www.timelapsemoab.com

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        • Setting up the Ramper Pro


          from Ron Risman Added 462 7 5

          A walk through demonstration on how to set up the RamperPro. This video is part of my full review of the RamperPro, which you can read here: http://www.cameratown.com/reviews/ramperpro/ Get information on my latest night-sky timelapse workshop coming up in a few months: http://www.timelapsemoab.com

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          • Timelapse+ NMX Motion / Focus / Keyframe Bramp Demo


            from Elijah Parker Added 509 6 4

            A rough demo showing the setup and use of the Timelapse+ keyframe editor and integration with the NMX and focus control. It's nearly ready for release! I need to optimize the responsiveness of the UI a bit as it's not always very responsive (pushing the limits of a little 8-bit system!). I'm also still working on some compatibility issues: 1) Canon 5DmkII doesn't work because the commands to control the liveview are different (and it needs to be in liveview to move the focus). Once I have LV working properly it will work with the 5DmkII. 2) Nikon cameras -- LV and focus work, but not consistently. This is really puzzling to me. My hope is that improving the timing of sending the commands will make it repeatable, but right now it occasionally ignores focus commands so the Timelapse+ loses it's position. Sorry about the poor audio -- the batteries in my lapel mic died halfway through so I had to use the audio from the iPhone.

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            • Timelapse+ : Introducing Keyframed Motion/Focus/Exposure


              from Elijah Parker Added 824 8 6

              Announcing some exciting new features! - New graphical keyframe editor for exposure (keyframe bulb ramping), focus and motion! - Focus Ramping (for newer Canon EOS DSLRs - still consider beta - tested with the 7D so far) - 3-Axis Motion Control with Dynamic Perception's NMX Stepper Controller (connects wirelessly via BTLE) The firmware update will be out in a few days after a little more testing. The focus ramping is a tricky feature and might be difficult to adopt across a wide range of camera, but that is the next step. http://www.timelapseplus.com

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              • Bulb Ramp - Catalina State Park - Tucson, AZ


                from Elijah Parker Added 618 8 0

                I went to Tucson with my family last week for my sister's wedding. What a great place for time-lapse! Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do much since it was hard to get a away for a few hours between our schedule and two little kids. We stopped by the Grand Canyon for a few hours, and I set up a bulb ramp there only to stop it after about 20 frames since both kids were crying because they were cold and tired... But my wife helped make room for me to hang out in the desert for a few hours without the kids to do this one. It's a bit bright from the city, but I'm thankful to have something! I'll have to go back someday soon and do more.

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                • Sunrise at Adams River BC Canada


                  from Andre Crone Added 195 1 0

                  Here is a very short clip that I made while testing the latest firmware for the RamperPro time lapse controller. The RamperPro is now able to automatically ramp sunrises over 21 stops from stars to day. This newly enhanced ramping algorithm is now available as a free download for all current RamperPro owners.

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                  • Asia 2014 - Singapore & Philippines


                    from Sebastian Eiseman Added 15.2K 156 40

                    This is a short collection of timelapse clips I shot on our vacation to the Philippines and Singapore in April 2014. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did! :) As requested a short list of the equipment that was used: Canon 6D (w/ magic lantern) Canon 5D Mark II (w/ magic lantern) Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC RamperPro for bulb ramping

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                    • RamperPro sunset to Milky Way and 21 stops stars to day demo


                      from Andre Crone Added 1,714 7 7

                      Here is a quick edit of two timelapse sequences that were created with the RamperPro. Both sequences were made during the dominant 2014 Salmon Run at Adams River in British Columbia (Canada). The first one is a sunset from day to milky way (over 16 stops). The camera was panned by using a Dynamic Perception StageR that was controlled by the RamperPro stepper motor add-on. The second part of this video is an automatically ramped sunrise that was ramped over 21 stops (starting at 25 seconds at ISO 2500 until 1/5000s at ISO 200). The sunrise shows the constant histogram capabilities of the RamperPro. This is done by using a combination of the RamperPros' digital light sensor and the histogram analysis mode. This over 20 stops sunrise capability will be available in the newest firmware that will be released at the end of October. Both sequences are ramped in a non linear way. Sunlight doesn't change at a constant rate. It changes fast at sunset/runrise point and it changes slower when you get further away from the sunset/sunrise point. The RamperPro detects this with its' light sensor which results in non linear ramping that really follows the ever changing light conditions during a sunset and sunrise. This ensures perfect ramping where ever you are located and regardless of the time of year.

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