1. How to Use the "Millionaire Mindset" to Obtain Success


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    http://www.mlmempowermenttips.com PHONE: 516-300-2447 Millionaire Mindset – The “Step 1″ to Achieving ANY Kind of Success Do You Have the Millionaire Mindset? What does the millionaire mindset TRULY consist of? Do you know? Well, I will agree that most people want more money and actually deserve more money because they work hard (usually about 40 hours a week) AND some of us are very very intelligent people… However, our financial situation does not always reflect our intelligence and work ethic at our job… First off, I’d like to say that financial freedom is VERY achievable but the very first step to achieving this, is acquiring a millionaire mindset. The difference between a rich and a broke person has very little to do with intelligence, skill, knowledge, or even luck. The KEY difference is the WAY THEY THINK!Is it a lack of desire to be financially comfortable, which keeps most of us from ever achieving true wealth? I doubt it. I believe most people show a craving and great desire to make more money. The difference lies between those who have the millionaire mindset and those who do not. Millionaires have specific beliefs about money and wealth.. The Millionaire Mindset Consists of a Couple Important Things Millionaire thoughts: * I deserve to be rich. * There is more than enough wealth to go around. * When I grow rich, so do others. * I grow rich by adding value to people’s lives. I do this by providing services, knowledge, or products that enrich others. * Creating wealth is enjoyable and fun. * If I desire it, I can achieve it, attract it, possess it, enjoy it. * I am the captain of my own ship. * I am not alone – in building wealth, I have many partners who assist me in the design, implementation, and administration of my products and services. We all benefit from the growth of wealth. * Nobody suffers as a result of me being rich. * Wealth brings the opportunity to assist others. * I am very grateful for everything I have in my life already.* I am on this planet to enjoy my life.* I am already wealthy beyond measure. The Millionaire Mindset Never Short-Changes ‘Itself’ Now if you’ve just read the list of characteristics above.. and you lack any of them then that means you lack the millionaire mindset. It’s time to start believing in yourself. It is time for you to realize that you DESERVE a life of abundance and that you will NOT let anything come into the way of that! In fact, “I am ALREADY rich.”The true millionaire mindset is enriched with positive thoughts, which fuels the physical body to take the action NEEDED to achieve whatever goal “it” sets out to achieve. Start training your mind to think like the millionaires, that is the only way to achieve financial freedom AND sustain it..

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    • Is Apple Making a Smart Watch?


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      BY KATIE BRENNAN Several publications are reporting Apple is prototyping a curved glass wristwatch. KSMP reports Apple is channeling Inspector Gadget and Dick Tracy.. “The "New York Times" and the Wall Street Journal are reporting they are talking to suppliers, including corning, the glassmaker for their iphone, to make this bendable glass watch, which is, basically, the i-phone on your wrist.” The New York Times tech blog reports a team at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California is experimenting with the smartwatch idea. “Such a watch would operate on Apple’s iOS platform, two people said, and stand apart from competitors based on the company’s understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body... Could Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, be wearing one right now, whispering sweet nothings to his wrist?” CNBC’s Ross Westgate has a few questions, too. “Do you wear it, do you wear it like that? Do you wear it that way? And type on it? You can probably wear one as a necklace. There are all sort of options.” Tech Crunch reports Apple has discussed glass technology with its manufacturers in the past and... “Last December, Chinese gadget news site Tech.163 said that Apple may be in the process of developing its own smartwatch that connects Apple devices via Bluetooth. That report said Apple would be working with Intel to create the smart watch...” Blogger David Worthington reports Microsoft attempted smart watches before the smartphone ever hit the market… but it failed. He says most Apple rumors are wrong, but there are some exceptions “I’ve heard this rumor before, but the Times wouldn’t publish if the sourcing wasn’t solid... Apple has experienced more leaks concerning its upcoming projects as its supply chain has expanded. It’s also become more media friendly under CEO Tim Cook.” So Apple may be leaking its own secrets.. but why would it do that? Fortune has five theories: “To deflect attention from Google Glass...To boost Apple's stock price...To deflect attention from iTV...To deflect attention from the cash distribution story... or To dampen runaway iWatch speculation.” The iWatch would join Google Glasses in pioneering the new technology of wearable computers.

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      • Keith Krach, UC Berkeley


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        DocuSign CEO Keith Krach guest lectures at UC Berkeley to discuss the successes and failures in business. He talks about how to build a strong team and long-term goals. Business Insider features Keith Krach: http://www.businessinsider.com/keith-krach-docusign-future-2012-7

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        • CBS Exchange Intro Week 2013 | GoPro Hero3


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          Compilation of videos taken on my GoPro during the intro week at CBS. Could have had 'better' footage if not for the poor battery life... Wonderful times with people from all across the globe. To an epic semester ahead. ;)

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          • Melissa Interview


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            Make sure you visit the website: http://www.successfulmilitarywife.com for the main discussion

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            • Introducing DiaryJam


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              Gaps in the diary? Discover the new way to meet new business people and grow your professional network at times that suit you...

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              • Nicky Doodson, Nicky Doodson Flowers Ltd


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                Finalist for the 2013 Brand Amplifier Competition

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                • Jemima Beulah, JHBeulah


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                  Finalist for the 2013 Brand Amplifier Competition

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                  • Jennie Duck, Jennie Duck Holistic Therapies


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                    Finalist for the 2013 Brand Amplifier Competition

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                    • Birmingham Business Alliance - "Lets Go To Work"


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                      Short film to promote business in our region. Agency, Lewis Communications; Director, Les Rayburn, High Noon Film; Post production, Outpost Pictures

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