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    THE CHILDREN OF THE CLONE 'you will be incorporated!' An award-winning portrait of corporate culture run amok in which a single executive recruits an army of clones to attack, behead and 'incorporate' an old money industrialist into their consumptive system. The film features an aggressive, stellar musical composition by Jim Guthrie. This is the first pixel film by SUPERBROTHERS. Warnings: Some educational material, blood, violence. Production notes: Very little is known about the creation process of this film, although recently discovered documents retrieved from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics suggest that the original reel for the film dated back to the early years of the Stalin era.

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    • Funkstörung ft. Anothr - Laid Out


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      Music video "Laid Out" – Funkstörung ft. Anothr. Design & Direction: Sebastian Onufszak (www.onufszak.com) The video for 'Laid Out feat. Anothr' is an artistic retrospective of Funkstörung's discography. It was inspired by the colours, symbols and typography used in their cover artworks. "Abstract geometric shapes are interpreting the song and its lyrics in a very minimalist approach - it´s a visual trip into the world of bits, bytes, pixels and glitches" — Sebastian Onufszak Taken from Funkstörung's upcoming album Release date: July 31, 2015 www.funkstorung.com www.facebook.com/funkstorungofficial www.twitter.com/Funkstorung www.soundcloud.com/funkstorung www.monkeytownrecords.com No key frames were harmed. Motion graphics done in Adobe After Effects.

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      • Shadow of the Beast - a run through the different versions


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        A little run through the various versions of Shadow of the Beast :)

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        • Fornax Void - Video Home System Nostalgia


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          One fine day during film school I realized all my old VHS tapes were eating up too much space in my apartment. So I started to browse through all of that old tapes, mostly filled with old movies and TV shows. I kept the best and most interesting of those old tapes and during this process, digitized a lot of the footage I found in this cable-TV-childhood-memory-treasure-chest. During that time I also started to work with the mssiah cartridge by 8bitventures. A piece of hardware / software that made it relatively easy to control my Commodore 64 computers SID chip with MIDI. I decided to create a music video out of the VHS stock I digitized, to one of the tracks I made with the Commodore 64. The video you see here is the final result of this spare-time video / audio project. www.davidelsener.com www.fornaxvoid.com

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          • Moleman 2 - Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms (2012)


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            Visit us at http://www.molemanfilm.com Rate the film on IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2170661/ Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/molemanfilm Although existing art media have been transformed in the digital age, the advent of computers has brought new art forms into being. In the past, visual arts and music required both intellectual and physical skills, but in the present, computer programming permits people to make art just by using their minds. Moleman 2 presents a subculture of digital artists working with both new and old computing technology who push their machines to their limits.

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            • AE64


              from Quba Michalski / Added

              Similarly to my 2005 piece entitled Demographix, AE64 is a tribute to the demoscene and to the legacy of world’s most popular microcomputer: Commodore 64. While this video was created using the typical contemporary arsenal of tools (mainly After Effects and Cinema 4D), it conforms to most of the basic graphical limitations of the C64 such as a limited 16-color palette, low resolution, use of the overscan area etc. To maintain the spirit of the demo, I also created most of the effects using various scripts and code snippets, procedurally automating many of the tasks typically animated using keyframes. The idea for this video (or, if you prefer, a “wild demo”) came to me a few weeks ago, during the 7DX demoparty. Seeing how this nearly 30 year old system still has people coding for it, developing new tools and techniques as well as actively participating in various demo competitions – really stroke a note of nostalgia in me. I remembered my first C64, countless hours of games, graphic programs, chip tunes… I even recall creating some zine with my friends and printing it on a noisy dot matrix printer. (To be technically correct, my first computer was an Atari 65XE, but for the sake of the story, let’s ignore it.) For the soundtrack of this piece I chose “Katana Blaster (Constantly Playing Mix)” from the album “Impostor Nostalgia” by Big Giant Circles. The piece was composed by Mick Gordon and since I pretty much had it playing on a loop for several weeks now, I simply had to use it. The song manages to beautifully mix the classic chip tune sounds with contemporary electronic vibes and dubstep rhythm – and Mick was kind enough to give me the rights to use it for this video. To learn more about Mick Gordon and his music, visit his site at: mick-gordon.com. Big Giant Circles can be found at biggiantcircles.com, while the entire album is available for purchase at http://music.biggiantcircles.com/album/impostor-nostalgia. Concept, Design, Animation & Scripting: Quba Michalski Music: Mick Gordon (based on the original piece by Big Giant Circles) Tools: After Effects, Cinema 4D Original post on QubaHQ: http://qubahq.com/2012/01/ae64/

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              • MIDIbox SID V2 Bassline Demo #3 c64


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                The making of a new bassline demo with MIDIbox SID V2. This major update can conrol up to 8 SID soundchips with four PIC microcontrollers, connected to a CAN network. There are 4 dedicated sound engines for Leads/Basslines/Drums and polyphonic multi sounds, which can run on any PIC core as desired. In this demo, four 8580 SIDs are used (...but my own box is fully stuffed, it just wasn't required to use the remaining ones) The first core plays drum sequences, the second core two independent bassline sequences. The sequences are interactively selected from a MIDI keyboard, and sound parameters like CutOff/EnvMod/Decay are changed with faders/joystick/Control Surface. The Audio Output of the SID which plays the lower octave bassline is feedbacked to the Audio Input for increased resonance and distortion. You listen to pure and unique SID sound - and it is sequenced live! Only external EQs, compression and delay effects have been added. For more infos regarding this (strictly) non-commercial Do-It-Yourself project, see http://www.uCApps.de

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                • The Fat Man and Circuit Girl Cast 7


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                  This week George and Jimbo demonstrate light shows, everything you need for your purse, build a digital SLR camera for less than $20, shrunken quarters, 90 degree ball grid array inspection camera, extreme version of the classic "Operation" game and a bookcase door update. Song of the week is: Viva la Resolution Join our forums, leave feedback, show us your hacks and join the live broadcasts at www.fatmanandcircuitgirl.com

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                  • Linde - Satellites


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                    Music video from attribute clashing space race propaganda for my song "Satellites" - available for free along with a few other songs at http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography/8BP107

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                    • Not Even Human (Inhumane Edition) Trailer (16KB C64 Cartridge Version) (8580 SID)


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                      Originally planned for release in 2009 (but delayed until 2011), Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition is a frantic-paced two-player strategic alien battle game. With the addition of an AI 'practice mode' since the initial release, this competitive game gained a lot of fans when it was made publicly available for download, and the original concept (enthusi), graphics (ptoing) and musical score (conrad) still feel fresh today. Not Even Human has been tested on PAL/NTSC machines and has been confirmed as C64/128 compatible. The game is also playable on the Commodore GS, but lacks the AI mode or the ability to change colour schemes (due to the lack of keyboard). Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition is a new Commodore 64/128 game cartridge available to purchase from: http://www.rgcd.co.uk

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