1. Vissla Spring 2015 Collection | Nicaragua Field Trip


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    Vissla Spring 2015 Collection | Nicaragua Field Trip It was a surfboard but it might as well have been a character too. The board had moods and style and a certain a personality that each guy on the trip got to know in their own way. An ingenious, underground shaper from San Diego named Jeff McCallum brought the board to life. Jeff started with a piece of foam, and with his hands, it became a living thing. A four-finned character with a hint of jade that would join the cast on a trip — and come back with a story. The cast, as it happened, landed in Nicaragua and each guy flew from somewhere very different. Bryce Young came from Australia, Cam Richards from South Carolina, Derrick Disney from California and Mason Barnes from North Carolina. The four of them, with bags full of exotic, trippy boards — along with that four-fin too, of course — squeezed into the Hilux pickup truck heading toward the greatest direction there is on a compass: a la playa. In Nicaragua, the roads were bumpy, local men wore cowboy hats and the buses that passed them were of a psychedelic hue. Herds of cattle crossed roads when they felt so inclined to and in the distance howler monkeys called them toward the sea. And oh, the sea… Warm, lime-green and very, very hollow. Thumping peak after peak, the boys pulled up to countless overhead beachbreaks and then into countless wedging barrels. Bryce and Derrick arced and contorted and slipped into lurching sand-bottomed right bowls. Cam and Mason did the same on the lefts, punting frontside rotations off crumbling sections to punctuate their tubes. The four of them walked through dusty brush in the south and through buzzing, steamy jungles in the north to these peaks. They had sessions that lasted a handful of hours and left them delirious with hunger. Or crazed with stoke. They slid upon asymmetrical fishes, bonzers, sleek shortboards and Jeff’s strangely sentient four-fin. A board that turned on the gas through a few seemingly impossible sections. That seemed to have a mind of its own, a vehicle of travel even more useful than the Hilux. In the night they traded stories of other trips like this one, which by year’s end, would also become another tale traded over beers in the night. By the end of it all, they returned home, sated, sunburnt and shacked-out. The beaches of Nicaragua had been gracious hosts and the howler monkeys had called them toward riches. Jeff McCallums four-fin came back with them, too. It had other journeys in store, other lines to take in mysterious, foreign lands. But many of their boards did not make it back — snapped in two by the powerful Central American peaks. In some stories, the characters don’t always return home. But the broken ones — the countless snapped and buckled boards — are usually mended and live on to entertain their hosts in their new, distant homes. Shop now at vissla.com

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    • Mexico Field Trip


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      A quick trip to Baja Mexico. Full story at vissla.com/blog. CREATORS & INNOVATORS Derrick Disney Cam Richards Bryce Young Filmed by Brian Elliott Photography by Kenny Hurtado

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      • Vissla Summer 2015 Collection | Day Of Summer


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        Summer 2015 Collection | Day Of Summer Maybe it was our imaginations, but overnight the ground shook. Not necessarily shaking-the-glass-of-water Jurassic Park-style, but a subtle, nearly unrecognizable North-Shore-of-Oahu-on-a-giant-straight-West-rumble. It was a low reverb that vibrated through the house from the roar of the waves offshore. And perhaps the subtle rumble of this very foreign swell slipped into the boys’ dreams through osmosis. Perhaps these Newport dwellers were dreaming North Shore dreams. Of Ted’s Bakery chocolate haupia pies, poke bowls, 2nd Reef cappers, Off the Wall growers and Ke Nui Road jogger-babes. Sweet Country dreams or not, the following morning was sure to be cooking. And noy oddly enough, there were naysayers about this stay. Why stay at home in California for the summer, it’s usually so much bigger anywhere else in the Southern Hemi. Nica, Indo, Chile, Tahiti; Orange County seemed like the last place you’d seek for an adventure. But somewhere out there, across the Pacific, a dazzling, dancing high-speed system named Marie whispered to the boys’ collective consciousness: Quedarse niños cerca. Voy a venir a usted. So they did, and Derrick Disney, Jordy Lawler, Cole Houshmand, Bobby Okvist, Lucas Dirkse, Corey Colapinto and Cam Richards shacked up in a typical Newport beach house on 30th Street, making the most of typical Newport surf... Until the woman that whispered something far away rolled into town like an atomic bomb and stirred up a swell with a powerful North Shore vibration. Indeed, if it was only their imaginations, dawn broke and the boys gazed out from the balconies into the gray marine-layered half-light at a roaring, foreign sea. 20ft waves collapsed and spit. The boom was deafening and the ocean was alive and moving ferociously. None had ever woken up to such a scene in California in their entire lives. And perhaps, they never would again… So they went straight to that fickle mutant called The Wedge — surely the swell’s most frightening focal point — and threw themselves over the ledge. Bobby Okvist, a young but seasoned vet, Aussie Jordy Lawler and Cam Richards got a couple lurching peaks that jacked cartoon-style and drained the boys properly. Of course there were ones that also pitched them like rag-dolls peak to trough, but they all took the beatings in stride. After an unforgettable early morning of death-pits and dirty-lickings, there were murmurs that Newport Point was somehow just as big, and even more glorious. So the boys followed Marie’s voice to Newport Point where 20ft lefthanders were stacking and spitting. Newport? Or, North Shore? New Shore. Yes, this was an entirely new break, new place, new piece of history and the boys would be young historians. And there is nothing quite like being a part of something momentous — something so extraordinary that it will surely never happen again, but even as a young man, you have the pleasure of taking part in. Indeed Cole, Derrick, Cam and the rest of the groms were surely pummeled paddling out and doubly swept north toward the pier, but they pulled into the best tubes “home” had ever gotten. Ever. Those young, surf-psyched historians air-dropped, hung-on, pig-dogged and stalled in countless foreign, green barrels. And even with those strange North Shorey dreams from the night prior, all of them knew this was just Newport at its greatest. Exiting those thunderous, sand-bottomed pits, the spit that hit their backs felt amazing and strangely sounded like the whisper of a familiar woman’s voice.

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        • 'The Japanese Wetsuit'


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          Vissla is proud to collaborate with premium Japanese wetsuit maker BEWET. THIS IS THE STORY For starters all of the wetsuits are hand made in Japan. Our polychloroprene is made of 100% limestone. Polychloroprene (Neoprene) is normally made of petroleum through a chemical process. BEWET does not use petroleum. The limestone is sourced in the Kurochime Mountains area in Niigata, Japan. They were originally plankton piled up over 300 million years ago in the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the highest degrees in purity. The limestone is heated with cokes (fuel with few impurities) to make a carbide bond. Then the carbide is processed with acetylene gas and hydrochloric acid to make polychloropene. To heat the materials, our factory uses only hydroelectric power that comes from 15 power stations located in the Hida Mountains. This makes it self-sustainable and eco friendly. Corn oil is used as softener instead of petroleum additives. All the remnants from BEWET’s factory as well as used wetsuits are collect from customers are carried to a thermal power station in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido to generate electricity. BEWET’s Factory is also powered by a solar power system. More than 60% of the electricity is powered by solar panels on the rooftop of the factory (100% on a sunny day!). Available now at vissla.com

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          • Cam Richards x Puerto Rico


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            Featuring Creator & Innovator Cam Richards. Music: Corners - "Pressure"

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            • Midnight Blue


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              Desillusion Present, A Film by Mac Saxton An entrancing exit from the usual stressful and complicated day and an entrance to a dreamy, beautiful Blue Midnight. Starring: Troy Elmore, Austin Ortiz, Jack Duggan, Calvin Saxton, Cam Richards, and Turkey Stopnik Music by Under Your Spell by Desire, Buy it on http://ow.ly/pqCKu

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              • La Panama Field Trip


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                Starring Eric Geiselman Cam Richards Brendon Gibbens Andrew Jacobson

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                • Palmera Express | Trailer 02 'Tanka Vision'


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                  Vissla Presents 'Palmera Express' A Short Film by Edgar Obrand Coming Soon.... Trailer 02 - "Tanka Vision" 12/1 - 12/10 "They rode the cool Northeast trade winds across an ocean to The Island. They ended up in the bed of a plantation-green pickup truck, with a mad tour guide behind the wheel, and thrashing palmeras blowing above them. They rode stubby fishes and sleek shortboards through lurching, spitting sapphire surf. Each guy had a story, from the gonzo writer to the gypsy traveler. It was there on The Island where these eclectic friends converged one extraordinary winter to explore these foreign waters and revel in this dreamy island life… All aboard the Palmera Express." Stay tuned for Trailer 03... Music: Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel - Nico

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                  • Organic Hair


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                    The waves were fun, but not too fun. The weather was nice but not too nice. We drank alot of juice boxes, but probably not enough juice boxes. Gurfers: Mason Barnes Nils Schweizer Noah Schweizer Cam Richards Sam Orozco Conner Lester Film/Edit: Logan Beam www.ForecastTV.blogspot.com

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                    • Puerto Rico Field Trip | Lunch Break


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                      Puerto Rico Field Trip featuring Creators & Innovators: Cam Richards, Andrew Jacobson, Micha Cantor, Che Allen, Cole Houshmand, Tyler Killeen Music: LA Witch - "Get Lost"

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