1. Liberarsi dalla stanchezza del cervello


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    Questo Kriya è composto da quattro parti, fa parte della serie dei nove minuti. Aiuta a bilanciare il diaframma e liberare il cervello dalla fatica, purifica il sangue, e muove il siero nella spina dorsale. Ne giovano anche fegato, centro dell'ombelico, milza e tutto il sistema linfatico. Potete praticarlo quando ne sentite il bisogno in qualsiasi momento e qualsiasi luogo.

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    • Nei Gong - Internal Energy Kung Fu 內功 - 武學氣功 by David Silver


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      Get more Qi (energy) with Nei Gong. The traditional Chinese art of nei gong is the key to developing more qi and maximizing your circulation. Nei gong (also spelled neigong) means “internal skill” or "internal kung fu". By coordinating your movement and breathing, using traditional Daoist and Buddhist techniques, you may experience incredible benefits for your health and martial arts practice, including: • Faster recovery and a stronger immune system. • Deep relaxation and improved meditation. • Increased stamina and long-lasting energy. • Ability to hit with more force. • Improved rooting and balance. • Refined mind-body awareness and coordination. • Enhanced ability to store and release qi. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches comprehensive theory so you may understand how nei gong can be trained correctly to gradually develop substantial internal power. Then you will begin your own practice with a follow-along nei gong workout. SPECIAL FEATURES: 2-DVD set • English narration with English subtitles • Five hours and 40 minutes of content.

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      • "Bob's Big Billboard"


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        Celebration of "Bob's Big Billboard" with Chakra and Bruce Ackerman at EuroNutz in Saugerties New York A twist on Mount Rushmore!

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        • Le chakra racine


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          sur cette vidéo , je donne des informations sur le chakra racine .

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          • Chakra - Opacity (Bianco Rmx)


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            Chakra - Opacity (Bianco Rmx) SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/yuvalbianco MixCloud : http://www.mixcloud.com/yuvalbianco Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/BiancoMusicChannel/videos Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bianco/172128476183170 MySite : www.yuvalbianco.com

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            • For Chamundi, (Chakra Ascendance)


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              In Mysore, India, there is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Chamundi on the top of a hill, Chamundi Betta, reachable by climbing the Thousand Steps. As they climb the hill, people stoop to leave marks with their fingertips on each step and every step along the way. They use the yellow spice turmeric, and the red pigment kumkum. These pigments are kept in abundance at shrines along the way, encouraging you to participate in the ritual. As you climb, and leave these marks, your journey becomes a meditation and an offering. You leave a trace of yourself in your wake; you participate with a river of humanity in designating space as sacred. The stairs are luminous, covered in these glorious colors; a gorgeous integration of human presence in the natural world. This astonishing canyon in Mill Creek, frequented almost entirely by locals, has been a temple for me as well. I have spent many hours hiking, meditating, healing, and taking photos. Here in this canyon, I feel both grounded and free to be fully and authentically myself. I wanted to do something to designate this as sacred space, and started to make marks with natural earth pigments on the steps that are built into the canyon. I did this as they do in India, using only dabs of pigment with my fingertips, but as I did it here, in my hometown, I felt so lucky to have this easy, and free space so close to home. I couldn’t help but think about all of the effort and intense amounts of labor that was required to build these steps in the first place, and how grateful I am that it exists for all of us. We in Moab, Utah are incredibly fortunate to have immediate escape into nature all around us, which is one of the greatest reasons to live here. What is not always considered is how much work goes into creating these avenues for escape, particularly onto public lands. Many people are involved in the planning and design of these trails and access points: meetings are held, funding must be procured, bureaucratic hoops jumped through, and many hours of hard physical labor are required to create these trails, which are, by design, invisible. They are meant to integrate as minimally into the environment as possible. The piece that I created, For Chamundi, is designed to make this work impossible to overlook, but only for a couple of days. The pigments that I use are Earth-based natural pigments, completely non-toxic and non-staining, and will wear away quickly under foot traffic and weather. I understand if people are concerned, but I would never do anything that would compromise the environment for the sake of making my work. This ephemeral work is intended to designate the canyon as sacred space, to celebrate the people involved in creating this incredible system of trails that give us easy and free access to this sacred space, and to contribute to the unique and magical environment for those that experience the rainbow steps, while they last. I entered this work into the Moab Plein Air competition, in the category of Dry Media. It was an attempt to expand the definition of what Plein Air might be in the contemporary art context. The work has met with some criticism from some members of the community, but many others who have visited the site, have had a wonderful experience, and see what I have done as beautiful. A GIANT thank you to Logan Hansen, who threw the video together for me in the last minute, to Walter Davis for the camera, to my father who gave me the pigment for my birthday, not knowing what it would be used for, (but now approves;)

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              • Manifesting - Todd Atwood Consulting


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                You may wish to listen to the guided meditations "Receiving Guidance Within - the 8th Chakra" and "Receiving Guidance Within - Chakras 9 & 10" (featured here on my Vimeo page) before listening to this, as this continues expanding into the higher energy spaces explored in those meditations. In this guided meditation, high vibrations of light are transmitted to your energy body in a space near the 1st chakra. It is strengthened and then brought through the seven chakra system associated with the physical body, cleansing each chakra and the energetic associations with manifesting forms and monetary abundance along the way. Then it is brought through three additional centers outside the body as you raise your vibration with regard to manifesting abundance, bring new light to all of these levels of consciousness, and are sponsored into new spaces of Oneness. The light is then integrated back through the chakras and grounded into the energetic center of the Earth. This meditation makes a great follow-up for “Receiving Guidance Within: the 8th Chakra” and “Receiving Guidance Within: Chakras 9 & 10,” as it revisits those spaces and expands light into them. For additional information and meditations, visit http://www.ToddAtwood.com. Music by Thaddeus, available at http://www.orindaben.com, used with permission. Do not use while driving a vehicle.

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                • Receiving Guidance Within: Chakras 9 & 10 - Todd Atwood Consulting


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                  This meditation is the second in a series of two meditations working with chakras that exist above the crown chakra. In this one, we go beyond the 8th chakra and connect with consciousness at the levels of the 9th and 10th chakras. As you come out of the meditation, these higher levels of loving, luminous consciousness can be spread to bless your life and the world, following your intention. The expressions of this consciousness can unfold over time. For additional information and meditations, visit http://www.ToddAtwood.com. Music by Thaddeus, available at http://www.orindaben.com, used with permission. Do not use while driving a vehicle.

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                  • Meditations on the Angels - The Seven Chakra.mp4


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                    Composed and performed by Richard Irwin, this is a work in seven movements with each movement focussing on one of the Chakra. In Hindu and Buddhist tradition the Chakra are the focus of spiritual power or life force in the body. Each Chakra meditation is written in a different ancient modal scale that is related to vibrational base of the Chakra - which is often heard as a drone in the music. The ancient modal scales were defined by the Greek Philosopher, Aristoxenus of Tarentum in his Elements of Harmony dating from the 4th Century BCE, but were used in ancient music long before this. Writing modal music imposes a particular discipline on the composer, denying them the use of many more familiar harmonic progressions available in modern western music and excludes the use of sharps and flats! Modal music was used in early Christian Church music, but the final mode, Locrian, was banned by Church authorities. The Locrian mode has neither a major nor minor triad, the fifth note being diminished. It also has no natural resolution. As to listening, the clue is in the use of the word Meditation! Best listened to with headphone on, with eyes closed and with focussed breathing. 1. Muladhara, Base or Root Chakra - Ionian Mode (5:09) 2. Swadhisthana, Sacral Chakra - Dorian Mode (2.53) 3.Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra - Phrygian Mode (6.07) 4. Anahata, Throat Chakra - Lydian Mode, Heart Chakra (5.49) 5. Vishuddha - Mixolydian Mode (5.28) 6. Ajna, Third Eye Chakra - Aeolian Mode (10.51) 7. Sahasrara, Crown Chakra - Locrian Mode (7:30) The work is dedicated to Angelina Saunderson and her late father my old friend Richard Saunderson. Copyright ©2014 Performance ℗2014, Certain Rights Reserved Richard Mark Stephen Irwin (b.1955)

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                    • Фестиваль йоги «Нияма»


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                      До встречи на третьем фестивале йоги «Нияма» 5-9 августа 2015г в Сёрф-лагере FreeDOM

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