1. 2012 Show reel ( making of )


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    this is the most recent shots i have been working on for the last few months, 1_ for the burning girl shots, I fixed 3 cameras ( two for tracking and one ( moving ) main camera ) to capture the girl performance, with some colored points on specific joints and position of her body. 2_ using match_mover (tracking system ) and none-rigid body tracking process or as called camera based mocap, i tracked the points on her body. 3_ I imported the animated points into Maya, then i made an exporter/ importer (CSM exporter )using mel, to convert the point's animation into a text file ( CSM mocap file ). 4_ I built a Multi_ use character setup which can adapt any kind of animation data into its joints, and using the CSM importer, imported the animation data from tracking points into the multi_use rig. 5_ using nCloth, the skirt simulation was achievable. 6_ I exported all the meshes and the caches into Houdini and 3DS Max, because we needed to do the fire in Fume FX or Pyro, so, I included two shots, the first done in Houdini Pyro effects, the second in Fume FX in Max. 7_ I made a special procedural shader which can simulate the burn extension behavior and the masks for the fuel and the temperature required for fire. 8_ using mental ray and Mantra renderers, i rendered all the required passes, Amb, shadow, reflection on ground, color, masks, the skirt alone, then the fire and the smoke, velocity pass for motion blur, and several other passes... 9_ I shared the supervision on the composting with Ammar Alani which done in Nuke. the horse: 1_ I sculpt the horse in mudbox, reconstruct it in Maya. 2_ I rigged the horse ( realistic rig ) based on real horse skeleton structure. 3_ i put some required muscles in order to gain some jiggling and better skin deformation using Maya's Muscles. 4_ then using shave and hair cut for hair, i covered his body, tail and neck with hair, then simulate it. 5_ the render was done mainly in Mental ray and the default renderer. the composting was done in Nuke By Ammar Alani. the Church destruction scene: 1_ it was very specific destruction scenario ( the director vision ) so i had to fracture the church very carefully to achieve the perfect look and the finest details, and in the other hand to control the size of details which can be heavy to process, so i used a Voronoi Fracturing tool in Houdini, and developed some new patterns for the bricks in Vop's and shops inside Houdini's special procedural environment. 2_ I imported the fractured model inside realflow powerful multi-joint and multi-body Caronte rigid and soft body simulation tools, to control the destruction as much as i can, and the wires ( soft bodies ). 3_ I expored the simulation into 3DS Max to add particles which already initiated inside realflow by a simple script ( i wrote that using Python ) to produce particles from collision areas of the fallen rocks, which later were the main generator of smoke, dust and debris for fume fx. 4_ Using fume fx, i was then able to generate the required fire and smoke automatically and control its behavior by the velocities of the PFparticles. 5_ The composting was all done by Ammar Alani in Nuke. the Dummies commercial, i did describe it in its own video : ( https://vimeo.com/54262697 )

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