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    This video was written and produced while traveling through Chile & Patagonia with my girlfriend. We spent 5 weeks exploring this amazing country, and this is how we chose to document it. Thanks so much for checking it out. Special Thanks to: LensProToGo, for helping us out with cameras and lenses. They are an awesome company, and the perfect place to rent DSLR's and lenses. website: www.lensprotogo.com ...Castulo Guerra for helping out with the voice over. He is an extremely talented man, who was great to work with...and I am so grateful he decided to take on this project...thank you very much Castulo. ...and also, to my girlfriend Nina for putting up with my nerdy ways, and for making this such an awesome trip...you're the best. Equipment used: Canon 1D mark IV + full Canon lens package - 17 tilt shift, 24, 50, 70-200, polarizer, gradient filter, monopod, tripod. Music: Bowspirit by: Balmorhea Skeletons by: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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    • In South America - 2012


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      Early 2012, we started a journey to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil in our old and rusty Landrover. Once again, we brought our DSLR cameras and some gear to capture every great moment of this trip. Lots of winds, emptiness, pampas, bustling cities, animals, deserts and waterfalls - all wrapped up in just under 6 min. Enjoy the ride! Thanks for the support... www.latinamericaforless.com www.peruforless.com Filmed by: Clemens Krüger, Vincent Urban, Stefan Templer Edited by: Vincent Urban twitter.com/vincenturban - instagram.com/vincenturban Filmed with Canon 7D/60D and GoPro. EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 (some 300 and a fisheye were involved to) Music by: Ólafur Arnalds - "3055" In Oman: vimeo.com/95308951 In Morocco: vimeo.com/73605534 In New England: vimeo.com/79436324 In New York: vimeo.com/50631254 In South-East Asia: vimeo.com/22714098

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      • LUIS


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        LUIS (Lucía, Luis y el lobo - Part 2 of 2) by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon & Joaquin Cociña Luis is the 2nd short video of the series “Lucía, Luis y el lobo” (”Lucía, Luis and the Wolf”), it is a follow-up to the short video Lucía. The video was shot frame by frame with a digital photo camera. Materials: charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects and cardboard. DILUVIO http://diluvio.cl Visit Diluvio on Facebook for updates on new videos and screenings: http://www.facebook.com/diluvio.lab

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        • The Chase (2012) - 3D Animated Action Short Film


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          A simple hitman job. Things don't go as expected. http://thechaseshortfilm.com/ Directed by Tomas Vergara Characters by Mauricio Galvez Music and SFX by Jay Taylor

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          • Ancients


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            This film follows the ancient cycle of sunset, to night, to sunrise. A continuous loop of perpetual movement that has been unbroken since the dawn of time, and the only true constant in our lives. I shot this film over 12 days around the San Pedro de Atacama region of Northern Chile. San Pedro is an oasis town in the Atacama and sits at an altitude of 2600m. The town is a great base to explore the fascinating landscapes that surround it, and everything just goes up and up. The Atacama is well-known for what are arguably the cleanest, darkest skies on Earth. The dry air adds an extra transparency and this coupled with the altitude creates a night sky like no other. I visited at a time when Venus was situated quite close to the centre of the Milky Way; an astronomical event that only takes place every 8 years or so. I also timed my visit with the Autumn equinox which is a good time of year to capture Zodiacal light; the celestial phenomenon caused by sunlight scattering interplanetary space dust in the Zodiacal cloud. It stretches across the ecliptic and glows for a short while after sunset like a UFO beam and I was lucky enough to witness this every night I stepped out into the dark. In my opinion an adventure is not complete unless there are challenges, and this trip was no different. My luggage was lost for the first 6 days I was there so for half of my trip I had no tripods and no motion control equipment. I shot many time-lapses in this film with my cameras on buckets weighted down with rocks! it was far from ideal but I was determined not to miss an opportunity to capture this wonderful sky. I battled through with little food and less sleep, language barriers and I even broke down in the middle of nowhere at one point, but at least the sunset was nice that evening! I found the Atacama to be a very harsh landscape; the dry air makes your skin crack and split, the winds pummel you with every gust and the altitude slows you down and affects your ability to hike with heavy equipment. By the end of this trip me, my kit and my car had taken a real battering but it was all worth it, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Music composed by Shudan, please support this amazing artist by clicking here: facebook.com/shudanmusic All footage is available in resolutions up to 4k. If you would like to licence any of my clips or talk about a project you have in mind please contact me at: contact@nicholasbuer.com You can connect/follow me on all the usual social media sites: facebook.com/nicholasbuerphotography twitter.com/nicholasbuer gplus.to/nicholasbuer flickr.com/nicholasbuer instagram.com/nicholasbuer To see more work please visit www.nicholasbuer.com For motion control I used the Stage One Dolly System by Dynamic Perception: www.dynamicperception.com © Nicholas Buer 2014

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            • Follow Your Way - Chile


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              Second part of our travel - almost 4 months of cycling through the amazing Chile. After a really tough start we fell in love with our bikes, but first of all we fell in love with the country. Few things come to my mind when I think 'Chile': beautiful landscapes, difficult past, very friendly and helpful people and unfortunately, a lot of hidden, mainly environmental problems (contamination from mines, HidroAysén project). It was a really wonderful time. Many thanks to all good people we've met on our way! ------------- At the beginning I lost my 7D body (taken away by Pacific Ocean...) with some of the equipment, so I had to buy a cheaper, but still very good 60D. author: Bartosz Lisek gear: Canon EOS 7D, 60D + EF 24-105mm f/4L, EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5, Fader ND; GoPro Hero HD2 music: "Experience" by Ludovico Einaudi ------------- our blog: http://iscswojadroga.pl/ Patagonia without dams campaign: http://www.patagoniasinrepresas.cl/final/

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              • Inti-Ñan


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                Last summer I decided it was time to see the this "world" I had been hearing so much about. So I bought a backpack, bought a guide book and booked a flight to Peru with a return flight from Brazil. And so began the best summer of my life. :) This video montage is basically a summary of the trip, showcasing some of the beautiful places and faces that I encountered. Filmed on a Canon 550D with Magic Lantern (till that got stolen at knifepoint and I got myself a 600D), kit lens and f1.4 50mm, a few shots with a f2.8 135mm Nikkor. Colorista for color, Neat Video for noise, After Effects and Premiere. CineStyle color profile in camera. Music: Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn (2010 Stereo mix)

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                • LUCIA


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                  LUCIA (Lucía, Luis y el lobo - Part 1 of 2) by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon & Joaquin Cociña Lucía is the 1st short video of the 2-part series “Lucía, Luis y el lobo” (”Lucía, Luis and the Wolf”). The video was shot frame by frame with a digital photo camera. Materials: charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects and cardboard. DILUVIO http://diluvio.cl Visit Diluvio on Facebook for updates on new videos and screenings: http://www.facebook.com/diluvio.lab

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                  • TRAVEL LOVE


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                    This is Travel Footage from eight countries. Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Please, follow me on Facebook! It would be nice to have friends from all over the planet;) https://www.facebook.com/christian.grewe.75 Travel more and influence our world with positive energy! Watch New York https://vimeo.com/120159313 Watch Colombia https://vimeo.com/118005779 Canon 5 D Mark II and III, some Canon L Lenses and a Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4. GoPro 2 and 3 Black edition. www.christiangrewe.com Music: Uniform Motion/ The Telephone box www.uniformmotion.net Here are the links for the longer Versions of each Trip: Asia: https://vimeo.com/23013167 13.00 min. Thailand: https://vimeo.com/39002768 5.30 min.

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                    • Norte Argentino


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                      ENGLISH HERE: http://bit.ly/18B3Py6 Cortometraje que muestra la belleza nunca antes vista del norte argentino. Es imprescindible ver el video a pantalla completa en HD y con auriculares. Desde Aimogasta (La Rioja) hasta Chile, pasando por Tinogasta (Catamarca), durante los últimos 9 meses hice varios viajes recorriendo parte del norte argentino por la RN 60 y tomé alrededor 23.000 fotos con mi cámara. Este es el resultado. Las tomas nocturnas son reales, pero no se pueden ver a simple vista porque la cámara captura cientos de imágenes con exposiciones de 15 a 30 segundos que luego se unen para formar un video, una técnica que se conoce como time-lapse. * En algunas tomas se pueden ver “manchas” junto a las estrellas, esas son de hecho galaxias enanas con millones de estrellas, sólo visibles desde el hemisferio sur. * La vaca muerta en 01:53 es real. Es una vaca petrificada que está a un costado del camino en Laguna Verde. Murió congelada debido a las bajas temperaturas que hay allá arriba (4350 m.s.n.m.). Antes había otra que estaba totalmente cubierta de sal, pero desapareció. En realidad Laguna Verde está del lado chileno, pero es un lugar tan hermoso que no pude dejarlo afuera :P (es mucho más lindo cuando no está nublado porque el agua se pone turquesa, de ahí el nombre). * El río que aparece en 01:17 y toda esa zona supo ser, hace muchos años, hogar de los Diaguitas. Hoy en día solo quedan las ruinas de lo que fue su civilización. * La “cueva” en 05:19 ya no existe. Volví al mismo lugar después de haber filmado ahí y está todo derrumbado. Algo parecido pasó con la toma de 04:31. * En 03:06 y en 04:38 se ve el Gigante Dormido en el horizonte, un ícono tinogasteño. * Hay cabras en el cerro en 05:08. La noche que estuve filmando las escuchaba a lo lejos, pero no fue hasta que hice el video que las vi. * La secuencia en 02:14 la filmé una noche que había un viento fuertísimo, estaba adentro del auto y sentía cómo éste se movía. Por suerte la secuencia quedó bien. Y del frío mejor ni hablar, la Cordillera tiene uno de los climas más duros del norte, incluso en verano. * La iglesia “Nuestra Señora del Rosario” en 03:18 está completamente hecha de adobe, fue construida en 1712 y enteramente restaurada hace pocos años junto con otras iglesias de la zona. Muchas gracias a todos los que me ayudaron, sobre todo a los que se bancaron varias horas a mi lado esperando que la cámara hiciera su trabajo. Gracias a la gente de Vialidad Provincial por darme un lugar para pasar la noche en Las Grutas. Gracias también a Lucas que me ayudó con la traducción. Lugares de filmación: Aimogasta, Tinogasta, El Puesto, Saujil, Cachiyuyo, San José, La Puntilla, Las Higueritas, Anillaco, La Troya, Fiambalá, Paso de San Francisco (todas en Argentina) y Laguna Verde (Chile). Salvo dos tomas, el resto del video se filmó en el Departamento de Tinogasta, Catamarca. La canción es “Glósóli” de Sigur Rós del álbum "Takk..." Muchísimas gracias a la banda por este fantástico tema y por permitirme usarlo en mi video (http://sigur-ros.co.uk/band/faq.php#13) Equipo: Canon 60D, Canon 450D, Tokina 11-16, Tamron 17-50, Canon 50mm f/1.8, filtros, Stage Zero de Dynamic Perception. Sobre la experiencia: http://leandroperez.com.ar/recorriendo-el-norte-argentino-por-la-rn-60/ Actualización 27-11-2012: Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes el honor y la alegría que me produce haber recibido una nota de la Cámara de Diputados de Catamarca en la cual, el pasado 14 de noviembre, declararon de Interés Parlamentario al corto "Norte Argentino" por la calidad y por su aporte a la cultura y al turismo de la Provincia de Catamarca. Nuevamente, ¡muchas gracias a todos los que me apoyaron y me dieron una mano para hacer posible este proyecto! ¡Muchas gracias también a todos los que compartieron el video! Todas las imagenes pertenecen a Leandro Pérez. Todos los derechos reservados. http://leandroperez.com.ar http://twitter.com/leandroprz http://facebook.com/proyectotinogasta

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