1. Arab / American Encounters


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    About nine years ago I had the privilege of going to a Muslim nation for the first time. Before I went, I didn't know what to expect. I remember being very fearful because of my lack of knowledge and experience with Muslims and their culture. I grew up in a town that didn’t have any Muslims and the only exposure that I had received was from television. In my mind, Muslims were people who hated Americans and wanted to kill us because we weren’t Muslim. Looking back on it I laugh because of my naivety, but at that time these thoughts really scared me. I’m so glad that I was able to overcome my fears because once I was there my thinking drastically changed. I found that the Muslim people that I got to know were some of the most hospitable and kind people that I had ever met. I have been to many Muslims countries now and have developed friendships with many there. They have opened my eyes to the stereotypes that I had once bought into. This video is my effort to try and help people think about this issue. I think we as Americans can get worked up about a group of people that often we know little about. Here are some questions for you: How many of you are afraid of Muslims? How many of you have ever met a Muslim? How many of you have had a Muslim friend? I think we fear because we're scared of the unknown. Have we made an effort to understand? I would love to see Americans start dialoging with Muslims both here and abroad. My Muslim friends in the Middle East and North Africa made me promise that I would tell my American friends that they aren't terrorists. I hope you enjoy this video that I made. Please leave comments if you like. You could even use this comment section below to start talking to each other. (Please be nice and respectful) Tech Talk: This video was shot using a Canon 5d Mark II. I used all L series glass. We used a glide-cam 4000 pro for the moving shots. A zoom H4n hand recorder was used for audio and Plural Eyes was used in Final Cut Pro to sync the audio.

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    • Life // Photomotion


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      A photomotion video Shot with // Canon 40D Edited with // Final Cut Graded with // Lightroom Titles // Final Cut Music // 'Shine' by The Album Leaf

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      • Death of the Firstborn Egyptians


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        written, directed, designed, animated, produced, etc. by Nina Paley http://sedermasochism.com/ music from "Spider Suite" by The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra http://dukeofukeandhisnoveltyorchestra.bandcamp.com/album/aprils-empire sound effects by Greg Sextro, http://eastwestaudio.com/ DONATE HERE: http://questioncopyright.org/sedermasochism Based on Exodus 12: 21 Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the passover. 22 And ye shall take a bunch of hyssop, and dip it in the blood that is in the bason, and strike the lintel and the two side posts with the blood that is in the bason; and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning. 23 For the Lord will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when he seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two side posts, the Lord will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you. 24 And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever. 25 And it shall come to pass, when ye be come to the land which the Lord will give you, according as he hath promised, that ye shall keep this service. 26 And it shall come to pass, when your children shall say unto you, What mean ye by this service? 27 That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the Lord's passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped. 28 And the children of Israel went away, and did as the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they. 29 And it came to pass, that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle. 30 And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead. LYRICS by David King, aka Duke of Uke: DEATH: Falling stars you wished upon are cinders now and now they're gone their residue festoons my fetid field. Unfeeling husks of lovers past the shells are all that ever last I've taken everything that they concealed. Whoever told you life was fair? Look around you, everywhere the cruelty of nature is displayed! Why the scorn? Why the surprise? Everything that's born must die and it isn't I who made the world that way. What wicked little twist of fate placed you here upon my plate Here, where no one hears your cries? Where was your god to steer you through Perhaps your god's forsaken you Otherwise why lead you here to die? BA (spirit of the dead): I, I know the way how I'll melt away now I know the way. I'm feeling bliss now Dissolved to mist how strangely I go away Now I finally know DEATH: It's merely moments now, moments now until your feeble flesh bends to my will and it will so rest your weary head. There'll be no pain, no pain at all as everything you are dissolves Your fate resolved upon my silky thread. BA: I, I know the way how I'll melt away now I know the way. I'm feeling bliss now Dissolved to mist how strangely I go away Now I finally know (repeat)

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        • Tears of the Saints


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          www.asialink.org www.historymakers.info www.facebook.com/historymakersmission twitter.com/missions2asia Preaching: John Piper 'I am sending you out as sheep among wolves', used with permission. Footage: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi used by kind permission of the IRE. Ganges used by permission of the BBC. Thank you to NK friends for footage. Mongolia footage, www.andyharrison.com Music: Tears of the Saints by Leeland used by permission of Provident-Integrity. What A Friend I've Found by Delirious? used by permission of Furious? records. Tears of the Sun, Kopono courtesy of Varese Sarabande Records Inc. Statistics taken from Patrick Johnstone, the Future of the Global Church, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Fourth Edition.

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          • Eleutheroo|free


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            Eleutheroo: set at liberty: from the dominion of sin http://mattdaniel10.tumblr.com/ Sunday night skate times. Shot on sony Z7. Edited in Premier Pro Post production in After effects Graded using magic bullet 'looks' Music by HECQ

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            • South Africa inFocus - Ubabalo


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              For OneHope. Best served full screen with headphones. a short documentary by Stephen Diaz and Jason Burkholder Stephen: http://stephendiaz.com - facebook.com/stephendiazproductions - @steezdiaz Jason: http://cargocollective.com/jtb - https://vimeo.com/user5152347 - @jtburkholder BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - CINEMA AND MEDIA ARTS FILM FESTIVAL BEST EDITING - CINEMA AND MEDIA ARTS FILM FESTIVAL BEST SOUND DESIGN - CINEMA AND MEDIA ARTS FILM FESTIVAL BEST DOCUMENTARY - CINEMA AND MEDIA ARTS FILM FESTIVAL Thank you to everyone who helped us make this project happen! It was truly a life changing, awe inspiring, thought provoking trip. Thank you OneHope for giving us the opportunity to tell these stories! - http://onehope.net/ Thank you Jacob Montague for letting us use "this is not a piano" off FlyOn! - http://goo.gl/r76aw Thank you Ben Cooper of Radical Face for letting us use "Always Gold" off The Family Tree! - http://goo.gl/u9WQ8 Thank you MobyGratis.com for always providing great music for people like us! Thank you Ubabalo for taking us all over Cape Town and letting us tell your story - http://www.ubabalo2010.com/ Could a community near you use a program like Ubabalo? - http://www.max7.org/channels/ubabalo Most of all thank you God for being in complete control of this trip. If we hadn't lost that footage we would never have produced a video of this caliber. You make all things good, even when they don't seem that great at first. Thank you for the gifts you have blessed us with, may they be used for your glory and not our own for the rest of our lives. --- Equipment Used: Canon 60D (2) Tokina 11-16mm Canon 135mm L Sigma 28mm Opteka 6.5mm Konova Slider Glidecam HD4000 Monopod Tripod Rode Video Mic Pro Rode Lavalier Zoom H4 Various Filters Filmed in four days. Edited in Final Cut Pro and Motion in seven days. --- See the other inFocus Films below: Ubabalo w/Subtitles: http://vimeo.com/45333400 Ubabalo Short Version w/ Subtitles: http://vimeo.com/45333399 Ubabalo without Subtitles: http://vimeo.com/37838180 Reaching a Generation: http://vimeo.com/42520782 DoxaDeo TREE: http://vimeo.com/42062820 Also on YouTube: Ubabalo w/ Subtitles: http://youtu.be/MwbmDMZrS4s Ubabalo Short Version w/ Subtitles: http://youtu.be/1wlvEt2X7Mg Reaching a Generation: http://youtu.be/CqSmpKJN1nM DoxaDeo T.R.E.E.: http://youtu.be/ZHSQ-95IvsQ

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              • The Garden of Steven


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                Steven Crosby, a small town missionary in a strange land stumbles upon the lowest road to salvation with the help of a little Mayan girl, a black magic woman, and a saint with a cigar. SYNOPSIS Steven Crosby wakes up in Antigua, Guatemala with a mission: to convert as many locals as he can, armed with only some religious comic books and a couple words of high school Spanish. If he fails, his father, a preacher, will make Steven pack his things and return to Ohio to a life of menial work in the church. His attempts to bring the locals the good news are thwarted by comic misunderstanding, bad luck, and all manner of mishaps. Just as Steven is about to give up, he has a chance encounter with a sodden street vendor, who puts him on a journey to find a shadowy figure named Maximon—a mix of a Mayan God and a Catholic Saint, and the patron of sinners, prostitutes, and drunks. Steven meets a plucky little Mayan girl and a beautiful bartender who help Steven find Maximon, and himself, along the way. With their help, Steven takes the low road to unique brand of salvation. Starring CHRIS KEENER (Steven) OLGA SEGURA (Magdalena) JOHN DOW (Dad) ROBERTO DIAZ GOMAR (Ernesto) GONZALO TICUN (Maximon Vendor) ANA ELISA JUARCAS (Paloma) Directors ROB SHORE CHRIS KEENER Written by CHRIS KEENER ROB SHORE Executive Producers IAN FAY NICK FITZHUGH JACOB CHANEY Producers NICK FITZHUGH IAN FAY MATT TANSKI Director of Photographer NATHAN GOLON Editor GABRIEL RHODES Original Music ANTFOOD Sound Design & Mix DANIEL MAGNANI Colorist JAMES HONAKER Art Director CORY OSBORN Assistant Director BRAD ALLGOOD Assistant Camera NING LI Gaffer ADAM BENN Production Designer SETH BLAUSTEIN Stylist KELLY NOE Thanks for watching!! Follow us on Vine: https://vine.co/u/924116142023380992 or Instagram: http://instagram.com/seakeener, http://instagram.com/rcshore on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheGardenOfSteven Original soundtrack by www.antfood.com

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                • Secret Place


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                  Project for my Digital Video class at Full Sail University. This is an original song I composed and wrote, using my gifting for God's glory. I was also involved in the preproduction, production and post. I edited in Final Cut and treated the video in After Effects. Curious to know what you all think about it. Thanks!

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                  • The United - What Happens When You Let Go?


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                    What happens when you let go? 10-7-11. www.theunitedonline.com --Winner 2011 Addy Awards-- Here another teaser I shot for The United ministry in Canton Ohio. This project was shot & edited over a 2 month time span with no budget. It's advertising for a new ministry starting up called "The United". It's directive is geared towards getting people to go to the website and also to come out to the first gathering in October. Enjoy. Shot on Canon 5d MarkII and Canon 7d with Canon 24-70 and Canon 50mm prime lenses. Audio Capture with Zoom H4n. Edited in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Music Composition in Protools. Crew Producers: Hollie Stefaniak & Michael Cameneti Director: Hollie Stefaniak & Michael Cameneti DP: Michael Cameneti Assistant Camera: Hollie Stefaniak, Heather Scott Editor: Michael Cameneti Music Composition: Michael Cameneti Narration: Michael Cameneti Cast Layla Cushman, Heather Scott, Hollie Stefaniak, Chad Stefaniak, Amber McClung, Crystal Fagley, Matt Harkless, Kade Cameneti, Logan Scott. Gear provided by StoneKap Productions, Faith Family Church and Hollie Marie Photography.

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                    • Chynee - They Wanna Be Like


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                      My first real test with the Canon 7D! Shot all around Trinidad and Tobago in a couple of long days. The lenses i used were the Sigma 28mm 1.8, Sigma 30mm 1.4, Canon 17-55mm 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.8 and Canon 18-135mm 3.5-5.6. Used MPEG streamclip to convert the RAW footage to ProRes and edited in Final Cut. Slight color correction. BEHIND THE SCENES http://vimeo.com/8078703

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