1. I Love Sarah Jane


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    Title: I Love Sarah Jane Year: 2008 Country: Australia Director: Spencer Susser Production Company: Aquarius Films Funded by: Qoob A bunch of teenagers in a ghost town, full of death and desolation, where adults have turned into zombies. Among them, stands Jimbo (Brad Ashby), madly in love with Sarah Jane (Mia Wasikowska). This is the second short film (the first being Spider) funded by Qoob. Directed by Spencer Susser, who also co-wrote the script with Australian author/director David Michod, this film has been selected in major festivals across the world (among which Sundance '08) and won 4 prizes so far. www.qoob.tv/spencersusser Watch other shorts by QOOB on www.livestream.com/qoobtvfilms In HD: www.livestream.com/qoobtv169hd All channels by QOOB: www.qoob.tv/tv

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    • Gabriel's Journey to Yosemite


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      9-year old Gabriel had a wish to be a park ranger. When Yosemite got word of his dream, they stepped up to the plate, in a VERY big way. Watch it first, then look at the shoot details below. Shoot Details: My AC and I went up to Yosemite 1 day before Gabriel's wish to get establishing B-roll and to try and capture the magnificence that is Yosemite. For the interviews I used RedRockMicro's One Man Crew...a dream to work with. That same day we also shot an interview with the Mom and Gabriel. The wish day was a long one, starting early in the morning and ending early evening. Gabriel was a trooper. I had a second camera operator and sound guy on the wish day, to help with alternate angles since it was run-n-gun the entire day. Plus, I HATE doing audio! My sound guy had a new bluetooth wireless receiver thing that he wanted to try out on the MoVI since it weighs like nothing. It worked, like 10% of the time, so since I had NO other audio reference on my Epic, I had to manually sync everything in post! AHHHHH!!! Unfortunately there was a news crew from CBS who got priority access, got to ride in the vehicles with Gabriel, was always on scene first, etc. So we had to stay farther back and get what we could in terms of coverage. I was operating on the MoVI the entire day and stuck with a focal length of 50mm Zeiss Contax 2.8, since there wasn't really any time to do any lens swapping. I had 2nd cam fitted with my 80-200 f4 Contax. He had RPP's, but I wanted the look to be consistent, plus, the Contax are amazing!!! I had him on a monopod the entire day so the longer shots would be more stable, as opposed to hand-holding or shoulder-mounting. We all rode in my truck, so as soon as we would role up on a scene, Will would bail out of the car as quickly as he could to get some establishing shots/sometimes they had already started the next mini event. I would immediately follow with the MoVI. My AC was pulling focus using RedRockMicro's Micro Remote (performs flawlessly), while I was operating in Majestic Mode. Used my Cinemizers for framing, and Jason, my AC had a SmallHD AC7. I had Will shoot at around f5.6, while I shot between 2.8-4. We over cranked here and there for effect. Shot 5K WS at 8:1 compression. Edited and graded in FCPX. Gear Used: (2) RED Epic's MoVI M10 RedRockMicro's One Man Crew and MicroRemote Wireless Follow Focus Zeiss Contax Lenses Manfrotto Monopod for second camera Tiffen Vari-ND's For the 4K version of this short, please watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRl1cpR-eF8

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      • Drive Through Snow Canyon with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera


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        I'm in southern Utah for Thanksgiving with my brand new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Yesterday I had about an hour window between family gatherings and took the opportunity to take a quick drive out to Snow Canyon state park with my wife. I wish I had more time to shoot, but I'll take what I can get. I only changed lenses once from the Sigma 8-16 to the Canon 50mm 1.4. I didn't have any ND so I used a faster shutter speed than I'd normally use. The motion of some shots could definitely be smoother with a 180 degree shutter. My laptop can't handle Resolve so I did my color in Lightroom. I synced settings across and then tweaked each shot a bit and left them all to render over night. It's a slow laptop. I'll be interested to see if I still like the color when I view it on my calibrated monitor at home. I've only had the bmc for a short time now and have been kept busy by other things mostly, but overall I'm really liking this camera! You've heard most of what there is to say about the camera already. -The screen is too reflective -It's not really ergonomic, but I really don't mind hand holding it at all. It has a nice solid feel. -The menu is simple and easy to use. -I like the idea of adding meta-data but so far it's only been in my way. I'll double tap to magnify the screen for focusing and it will only register one tap from time to time and show my the meta data screen. -I'm having the black sun spot issue. I know it's an easy fix in Resolve, and will probably be fixed in firmware if it hasn't already. I'll have to check whether I have the latest firmware build. It's just really unbelievable how much is packed into this little camera. If you have a pre-order, then you probably already know about some of the rough edges but are willing to put your money down anyways because the image quality is top notch. Music: Beck, Golden Age

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        • Nomadism


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          My work is for sale on Nimia https://app.nimia.com/profile/mmellway/videos A visual pilgrimage through ancient cultures and natural wonders filmed during my travels over the past few years around the world. So, we'll go no more a roving So late into the night, Though the heart be still as loving, And the moon be still as bright. For the sword outwears its sheath, And the soul wears out the breast, And the heart must pause to breathe, And love itself have rest. Though the night was made for loving, And the day returns too soon, Yet we'll go no more a roving By the light of the moon. -Lord Byron (George Gordon) 1788–1824 Narration read by Tom O'bedlam http://www.youtube.com/user/SpokenVerse/feed Music: Bless This Morning Year by Helios Most of these shots are originally shot in colour and can be seen in my other videos if you prefer to see them in colour. Nepal https://vimeo.com/27323161 India https://vimeo.com/27551252 https://vimeo.com/34797341 North America https://vimeo.com/32658495 https://vimeo.com/38473978

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          • "NOON" Short Film


            from Kasra Farahani Added

            NOON is a scene from a completed feature screenplay. The short sets up the world’s unique premise and introduces our protagonist, Gray, a coyote numbed to the cruelty of the world and his part in it. We watch Gray struggle to salvage what humanity still exists within him when profit is pitted against morality. www.noonfilm.com www.facebook.com/noonthefilm Representation: Jill McElroy of Management 360 || 310.272.7000 Jason Burns and Peter Dodd of United Talent Agency || 310.273.6700 PARTIAL CREDITS: Written and Directed by Kasra Farahani CAST Gray - Billy Khoury Peter - Junes Zahdi Sgt Knowles - Bill Oberst Jr Mother - Charlene Modeste Samira - Aleah E. Deptula Produced by Jose Nunez and Kasra Farahani Story by Kasra Farahani and Ari Bilow Director of Photography Chris Manley, ASC Edited by Tyler Nelson Production Design by Kasra Farahani + Luke Freeborn Costume Design by Anna Seltzer PRODUCTION Zamin Mirza - Associate Producer Paul Epstein - First Assistant Director Toby Burge - Second Assistant Director ART DEPT Nikki Rudloff - Art Director Chris Sanford - Set Designer Joe Huirra - Robot Designer Rob Johnson - Vehicle designer Emily Cobb - Graphic Designer Wild Factory - Thanks David Wang, Army Trucks Inc - Thanks SET DEC Nicole Zaks - Set Decorator Kristin Rasmussen - Set Dresser Penelope Franco - Set Dresser PROPS Melissa Harrison - prop master Joshua mckevitt - assistant prop master WARDROBE Marybelle Bustos - costumer Adam Sabodish - costumer Elisa Sebra - costumer POST Sharon Hsieh - Post Production Coordinator Ravindra Badgujar - Lead CG Artist AJ Calomay - Asst Editor Filipe Patrocinio - Compositor Felipe Del Rio - Compositor Jose Herrera - Compositor Johan Romero - Compositor JV Pike - Compositor Chris Olivas - Compositor Sebastian Brown - Compositor Alex Unruh - Compositor Ravindra Badgujar - Compositor Rotoscope Artist - Sonny Chen Evan di Leo - Graphical Interface Designer/Animator Erik Lee - Robot Animator Anthony Vu - VFX Artist Miguel Bautista - VFX Artist Iordonis Kioumourtzoglou - Modeler Jeremiah Ong - Modeler Matt Miller - Sound Designer Mark Schulz - Composer CASTING Paul Head Zamin Mirza CAMERA 1st AC TIM KANE 2nd AC DAVID PARSON CAMERA PA KATE WURZBACHER MEDIA WRANGLER A.J. CALOMAY STEADICAM COLIN HUDSON 2ND UNIT DP DYLAN SANFORD 2ND UNIT 1ST AC DANIEL ZULETA GAFFER MIKE AMBROSE GAFFER JOHN SANDAU ELECTRIC JIM "GIBBY" GIBBONS ELECTRIC LOGAN WADE ELECTRIC CHRISTIAN MANGWA ELECTRIC NATALIE SAITO ELECTRIC MARI MENDEZ KEY GRIP PAT O'MARA BEST BOY GRIP ANTHONY TELLEZ BEST BOY GRIP MARK DIMITROV DOLLY GRIP KENT ALEXANDER GRIP LOUIE ESCOBAR GRIP VINNIE TORRES GRIP MARK DIMITROV GRIP STEVEN BREWER GRIP JAMES OWENS GRIP & ELECTRIC DRIVER DAVID JOSEPH HOT HEAD TECH DAVID CORNELIUS SOUND RECORDIST PAUL GONZALES BOOM OPERATOR ISRAEL MEDINA SCRIPT SUPERVISOR MORGAN JENKINS VTR OPERATOR CHRISTOPHER QUESADA 2nd Unit Director of Photography Dylan Sanford

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            • Dream


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              A performance experience of music & cinema, featuring: Rebecca Zimmerman, cello Paul Hamilton, piano/accordion/cinematographer Jeremy Attanasseo, bass Caleb Vinson, cinematographer Mark Hannan, guitar/mandolin Sara Salas, soprano We've posted one of the finished videos here: http://vimeo.com/19953898 January 27, 2011, 7:30pm. Lake View Lutheran Church 835 West Addison Chicago, Illinois 60640 773-327-1427 http://www.lakeviewlutheran.com/ Music by Robert Schumann, Antonín Dvořák, Arvo Pärt, Friedrich Chopin, The Beatles, The Eurythmics

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              • Christina + Greg SDE | My great buddy's wedding


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                There are all kinds of pressure in our profession. Pressure of capturing the once in a lifetime moment, pressure of time, pressure of finishing a SDE. But the high unspoken demand of delivering a SDE for one of the top dogs in the industry and his new wife must have been one of my highest pressure tasks this year :) How do you prepare to wow a person who wows his couples each weekend? Well, Mark and I chose to drive to Jersey by car. Nice eight hour drive was full of brainstorming and looking for a perfect song… And, like it often happens, the planning and concepts went out the window the night before the wedding. Close to midnight, we followed both Christina and Greg to their places, spying on their last preparations for the day. That changed everything... I had at least 3 different songs ready for the SDE the night before. However halfway through the wedding day, few hours before we showed the SDE, I chose the song that I had been wanting to use for a long time. I had listened to it for a thousand times in my car and imagined different edits but never dared to edit a SDE to it, up till now… now was the moment. Enjoy and leave comments ;) MUSIC Licensed by Songfreedom.com "Waking Up" perfomed by One Republic, Courtesy of Intersope Records and Kobalt Music Publishing and Sony/ATV Music Publishing BTS We shot this piece with a crew of 3. Mark Klassen drove up with me and the third person was Greg’s teammate from Endless Wave Studios - Ryan Gordon. Mark and I shot bride preps in the morning as Ryan shot groom preps. We then joined Ryan at Greg’s place for the gift exchange and quickly drove back to the bride’s house. The ceremony was supposed to happen outdoors, but the high chances of rain forced us to stay indoors. That eliminated the concept of cutting between rehearsal and ceremony footage and using smart transitions between the two. We had everything ready on the timeline from the day before but we had to leave it out. The reception was shot by Ryan and Mark except the introductions and 1st dance. I was in full editing mode, trying to tackle a 6min edit with voiceovers. Mark synced and prepared the vows for me to use in the SDE. The shots of the limo driving were done by Mark with a monopod with me as a driver ☺ Lenses used: 50 f1.2, 24 1.4 II, 135 f2, 70-200 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and 24-105 f4 Audio: 2x sennheiser wireless mics zoom h4n 2 irivers tascam DR-07 EDIROL R-09 During the first meeting, we put both iriver and wireless mic on Greg. Editing workflow: Each one of us cut his footage himself up till ceremony. After that, I focused on developing the story, as Mark cut all the footage from the ceremony and reception for me, whenever he had a moment to spare. The hardest part of the whole process was the export. It took us longer that usually to do, as the SDE was displayed on a few large plasma TVs surrounding the dance floor for which we had to burn a DVD. Normally I export the SDE to AppleTV format which takes around 13 min for a 4min clip. PERSONAL/STORYTELLING NOTES I must admit that I really like the complex story line in that piece. The beginning of a clip was such a blessing for us. The bride was having a sleepover with the girls the night before the wedding. She wrote her vows, wrapped the gift and they all watched the movie “My best friend’s wedding” That, right there was a perfect opening to the SDE. She starts a movie, a chick flick. A movie that girls usually watch all teary eyed, imaging their own big day, some day, one day ... tomorrow. Yes! That was the best part of it. They’re watching a wedding movie the night before Christina’s wedding. The transition to one of the most romantic and most awaited moments during the wedding - their first dance as husband and wife - felt so natural. It's as if the dream became reality, you can say, as she plays the movie and the movie is about them. The second motive was the gift ☺ I knew about that gift for weeks before the wedding. Christina told me long before. I knew how Greg wanted a 7d to add to his arsenal and he even mentioned it multiple times during the 2 days that we were there prior to the wedding. So I wanted to play around a little and take the viewer on a mini journey of curiosity, to let him find out about the gift a little later in the clip. I really enjoy seeing people watch it for the first time and being almost angry at first that it is not revealed what Greg got, only to find out 2 minutes later, that it was left out for a reason. As the music slows down, I particularly like the moment of Christina tying the ribbon and it sliding down when the plates hit in the music, after which the music dips down. Right away, the VO comes up, very emotional to the couple. Greg’s father gives a great speech as we unfold the rehearsal dinner. Family is very important to the two of them and I wanted to showcase them all being together, having a great time with champagne and great food ☺ The transition to the first meeting isn’t random either. I lucked out with capturing the boy pointing at the beach. I wanted it to symbolize him pointing at the couple meeting. Even though they didn’t have their first meeting at the beach, it happened at the same shore. It flows together and it’s a nice visual transition. The next part is nothing new and nothing extraordinary, yet very powerful. We transition to the house at night where Greg is writing his vows the day before the wedding. Then we start the VO of the vow. hearing the same words as shown on the screen. We show Greg saying his vow at the ceremony and go back and forth, showing Greg writing his vows and reading them, sharing with his mom and cutting back to the vows. The last shot may have many different meanings. I don’t want to spoil your imagination. What’s your take on it? What does that ending mean to you? ☺ Konrad

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                • 850 METERS teaser (2010)


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                  http://www.850meters.com http://www.facebook.com/850meters http://twitter.com/850meters http://www.THURISTAR.com 850 METERS is an animated comedy short produced by THURISTAR and Lunanime, screening in festivals in 2013. As we moved forward in production, THURISTAR has also been producing a 'making-of' series of the film, to follow the work of our very small team 'behind the scenes', each short episode featuring a new production step. Follow the making-of on http://www.thuristar.com/projects/850-meters/ Synopsis : A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for Fame and Fortune - legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairy tales, there's only one way to slay the dragon that hold the fair lady captive : find the invincible sword. To reach his goal, the knight is ready to go far. Maybe even as far as 850 METERS... A THURISTAR -- Lunanime short film Starring Roger Flambé Written and directed by Joeri Christiaen Co-written and produced by Perrine Gauthier Coproduced by Annemie Degryse Music by Frederik Segers With the participation of CANAL+, pmG Worldwide (messiahStudio) and Temple of Tune With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Provinciebestuur Oost Vlaanderen Image by Joeri Christiaen With help from Olivier Thill, Julien Schmitt, Wouter Aarts, Michael Mahy and Mette Tange 2D artwork : Andry Rajoelina Programming and rigging : Vegard Myklebust messiahStudio support : Fori Owurowa Sound design and mix : Temple of Tune / Fredo Gevaert and Jorka Decroubele Voice recording : Piste Rouge With the voices of : Manu Garijo, David Gasman, Mirabelle Kirkland and Barbara Beretta Music recording and premix : Boma Studio Lab : Studio L'Equipe Making-of by Antoine Kerninon

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                  • Canon Cinema Primes vs. Canon L Series


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                    This is a comparison and test shoot of Canon's new Cinema Primes versus Canon's revered L series still photography lenses. Shot on a Canon C300.

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                    • ABCinema


                      from Evan Seitz Added 475K 3,860 100

                      The first episode in the 5-part series: Animations that quiz your movie knowledge. How many films can you name?

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