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    Final assignment for art direction.

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    • A Clockwork Apple


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      Le avventure di una sveglia che si crede una mela. L'episodio è stato girato interamente sulla scrivania di Francesca S.

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      • A Clockwork Apple by Chris Mayhew


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        You don 19t yet know about Chris Mayhew, his unique approach to card magic, or his wacky sense of humor. All that is about to change. In this anticipated debut effort, Chris unveils eight brand new, visually arresting card effects. Playing cards will change and exchange in ways that will surprise... Available at Vanishing Inc. Magic! More info at http://www.vanishingincmagic.com/magic/card-magic/a-clockwork-apple/

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        • A clockwork blossom


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          Among the winners of Art by chance Ultra Short Film Festival 2011! This video is a snapshot of our time. From the contemplation of nature to its creation through technology: be it bad or good, maybe the most genuine things around us are forever changed! Thanks to Luca Gramatica for the music selection.

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          • A Clockwork Brain for iPhone & iPad - Official Trailer


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            Train your brain and challenge yourself with A Clockwork Brain, a free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Discover a series of ingenious mini-games created to test cognitive abilities such as visual/spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory. [FEATURES] ★ Enjoy four free, addictive mini-games! ★ Get challenged with bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay full of brain-training goodness! ★ Collect tokens as you play and unlock special Upgrades! ★ Train every day and win even more Tokens with Daily Rewards! ★ Compete with others on OpenFeint and Game Center and collect great Achievements! ★ Sharpen those verbal skills with nine languages! (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Italian, Greek) ★ Expand your brain-games collection by purchasing premium game packs! ★ See how long you can survive in the fiendishly difficult Insane Round for even higher scores! More information available at http://www.aclockworkbrain.com/ Have fun!

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            • A Clockwork Heart


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              Un cuore meccanico. Video di concetto. Produzione DavideProd - Montaggio, Fotografia, Produttore esecutivo Davide Anselmi - Scritto prodotto e diretto da Davide Anselmi Musica Concert Piece (Soni Petrovski) eseguito da Maria Vrskova (piano), JMM Chamber Orchestra e diretto da Sasa Nikolovski Gjumar (versione distribuita in licenza CC 3.0 Attribution http://imslp.org/wiki/Concert_Piece_(Petrovski,_Soni) ) DavideProd productions twitter.com/davideanselmi facebook.com/davideprod http://davide.dontexist.org davideprod.tumblr.com

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              • A Clockwork Heart


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                Ok, so this short film composited from photographs was my final for my first year photographers class. I just used a small LED light, some natural light that was in my room, and my overhead provided some ambient light. I used a cardboard box as the experimentation room. In it is some random industrial looking objects from an antiques shop. I have never had so much fun in an antiques shop or shopping in general. Thinking about how things could be used and how things would look in a smaller environment was fascinating and tickled my creative fancy. The grates were just regular food grates for grating carrots, cheese, etc. and I put red LED light behind them that my neighbor Tom provided. He had them due to a previous project in one of his classes. Overall, I thought it provided a cool sci-fi environment. If I had a slightly bigger budget I could have gone a little more crazy but I feel that the minimalist vibe was kind of cool. In addition, it was an experiment room, probably not too many luxuries in those, not that I have experienced future experimentation rooms before.. It might be cool to later do a bigger project where. Most of the shots came out a little blurrier than I wanted them too, hence that is what happens when you don't use a tri-pod which I should have learned by now. My hands can get pretty shaky at times, I am no "smooth operator" but I thought that a tri-pod for such a literally smalls scale production would be unnecessary. I often found myself struggling to get a lot of shots that I wanted, trying to get close to the figures while avoiding the box and other factors. Sometimes I held the lights while holding the camera, it was finals week so not many other students were around. As for the story, it was written by Angel Zeas who also ended up narrating the film. Shout out to Angel! Nice guy and really good writer. I loom forward to reading more of his stuff and so should you, whoever it is viewing these videos that I post. So, I thought of a few different ways one could look at this film. One could view it as a contrast to A Clockwork Orange obviously because of the name. Before I go into this contrasting comparison I would like to point out some backstory, the main character is currently being used as a way to achieve a godly figure in a human form, basically to create a diety. I'm not sure whether for government or twisted political purposes, purposes of conflict, or just to give people a sense of hope. So that is what they are doing sense they suppose this girl is nice and pure. I thought that the main character could be viewed as a symbol for the youth in general and societies overbearing expectations of them. These expectations then cause the youth to stay confined to a continuous never ending cycle like clockwork. In contrast to A Clockwork Orange where there are hardly any rules or expectations enforced on the youth there is a constant cycle of destruction and bad behavior and both sides keep the youth from doing anything productive. This short paired with Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork orange show that both extremes are unproductive and could be taken further to mean that extremes just don't work. This film also made me question something. What makes people nice and seem perfect on the outside? I feel that it comes from withstanding hardships and being hard on oneself. Possibly from being a victim of either bullying or other acts of aggression. Maybe it comes from having a bad self impression so you feel like you have to be nice. What right do you have to be wrong to other people, I feel is the mindset of a nice person. Thus I think there is no such thing as true perfection, which may seem kind of obvious. I believe that it takes someone to be imperfect to achieve "perfection" and thus it is a paradox. Due to this fact the society and experimenters in this film are doomed to fail. Another way to see it is that they are all just dolls. This was interesting to me because I did not see it that way. I just used a doll and mannequin because if I had actual actors it would have been short notice for them and I was thinking I would need a nude model. In addition, I wanted to attach tubes to them and it would be hard to do this and make it seem realistic since I do not have much training in special effects. Essentially I just used the figures out of necessity and constraints. Although it did allow me to create this whole sci-fi world of my own creating and the dolls had this eerie effect to them. My friend pointed it out to me that it was as if they were actually all just dolls. One could see it as if they were trying to achieve life and keep failing. Although, other shows such as Twilight Zone I feel have handled this in a more interesting way. Lastly, I put together this whole thing in iMovie, pretty nifty, and I used three cameras. THREE. I don't have a camera of my own (ironic since I am film student) and people kept leaving to go back home for Christmas break. I will have to get details on the models later. I used John Kahl's camera for the first frames up until the point where it says "It's the first time he's hesitated while saying the story" and I used it for the shots of the screen. I used my neighbor Tom Howe's nifty point n' shoot camera for the rest of the shots except for the symbol and error code shots for which I used Amenda Cho's camera. I hope you like it.

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                • A Clockwork Mix by MOTEL CALOR


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                  Teaser de la sesión de La naranja mecánica de Motel Calor 2013

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                  • A Clockwork Orange


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                    Book Teaser Entrega final

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                    • A ClockWork Orange


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                      // Coming Soon // // www.mexicantrader.com.mx //

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