1. Dying Light Redeem Code Generator Free Download


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    • Get Free Steam Wallet Gift Card Code with our Online Steam Wallet Code Generator


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      • Get Free Amazon Gift Card Code with our Online Amazon Code Generator


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        • The Melanin Code *Official Trailer*


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          “The Melanin Code” is a highly anticipated documentary that takes a deep dive into how people of color can organize to create generational wealth. People of color have been globally stereotyped as lacking the ability and desire to unite economically. This has given way for the media to overlook the accomplishments of black owned businesses and how blacks are working together as one. History shows that over 300 years ago there were steps taken to divide us mentally and we want to make a conscious effort to end the insanity. The information in the film will focus on how we should practice group economics and take advantage of the $1.7 trillion we spend annually. We will take trips throughout the country engaging with successful black business owners, economists, financial advisors and professionals who will provide insight on economic tips which includes: - Budgeting - Business Acumen - Business Funding - Business Formation - Code of Conduct - Financial Education - Information Sharing The code will also focus on mass incarceration, the historic Willie Lynch Letter - “The Making of a Slave,” along with hidden actions and keywords used to demean us. If you wonder why you don’t see many black owned businesses and you want to resolve the issue or start your own business, this film will interest you. All other ethnic groups have a code they abide by to get things accomplished. Let’s establish ours. Money raised through GoFundMe.com will be used for filming, editing, sound and travel to deliver you a high quality film. Spread the word about The Melanin Code film. Use Facebook, Twitter and other useful communication channels to get the word out.

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          • Interaction design for a work in progress app


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            This is a working motion/interaction design test made with code for a project I am working on. The attempt was to have a UI made with circle objects, dynamically linked by drawing an organic chain. Objects can be either active in the chain or inactive in an object storage. Objects are draggable and can be placed faster in the chain or in the storage with double click/tap on them.

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            • Prototyping with Python #2 - Requests


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              In the second part of the Prototyping with Python series, I take a look at how we're actually going to be connecting to the TFL API, and put together a custom Requests class to ensure that we can easily cache API results to disk. Although many similar third-party modules exist online, I think it's incredibly important to at least have a basic idea of what's going on behind the scenes, and nothing gets us that quicker that writing our own version from scratch! In the next tutorial, I'll cover how to actually grab the line/station data we need from the API, using our brand-new Requests class. Enjoy! More on Classes in Python : http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/ex40.html

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              • CONVERSATION AU FIL DE L'EAU (Stream of Conversation)


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                CONVERSATION AU FIL DE L'EAU (Stream of Conversation) An installation by CECILE BABIOLE and JEAN-MARIE BOYER Conversation au fil de l'eau (Stream of Conversation) is an installation that enables two interlocutors to chat about a suggested topical thread, using a local water grid to “stream” short text messages. This communication system applies Marshall McLuhan’s famous dictum “the medium is the message” – in this case via a novel, parodic and retrograde medium expressly chosen to observe its effects on the messages conveyed. It is its dual nature, at once medium (process of transmission) and message (text generation), that is at the very heart of this artistic project. The installation was produced by Les ondes with the support of Dicream-CNC, Arcadi Ile-de France, Oudeis le Vigan, Labomedia, Malaupixel, Géographies variables. The video was shot during WRO 2015 media art biennale in Wroclaw Poland

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                • Cosmic Winds - IC 2944 The Running Chicken Nebula


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                  Made using Processing.

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                  • Armani Code Homme Parfüm Reklamı


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                    Armani Code Homme Parfüm Reklamı

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                    • Turbulence.org Commission: "Prototype #44, Net Pirate Number Station" by Yoshi Sodeoka v2 (2004)


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                      Screen-capture from http://archive.turbulence.org/works/sodeoka/ (OSX 10.6.8, Firefox 37, 1280 X 800) Prototype #44, Net Pirate Number Station is essentially a short-wave radio "number" station broadcasting over the internet. Enter and you will hear random web-generated number sequences read aloud by prerecorded video host personalities. Calming and trancelike — in a droning and perhaps vaguely threatening way — Prototype #44 was inspired by the many "Spy Numbers Stations" that sprang up in intelligence communities around the globe during the 1960s. These stations still exist in the shadowcultures of the world today - in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East - everywhere. “We are proud to take our place in this community, amorphous as it may be.” Interactivity has been kept to a minimum. Users are encouraged to enjoy themselves. Welcome to our station. Prototype #44, Net Pirate Number Station" is essentially a transmitter of random web-based numbers. It works simply. We access major corporate news websites, parse text data from them, convert the data into numbers, filter the numbers and then transmit them to you using a prerecorded video host personality. We pick our news websites at random, more or less. Meaning that after parsing a specific webpage for numbers and transmitting those numbers to you, our program chooses a random word in the webpage to seed a search engine query and a new webpage is located and the cycle starts over again. It will go on and on indefinitely because there are, in theory, endless webpages, more every minute, and our hosts are prerecorded, and thus always ready. So you may enjoy our station forever, if you like. Like the shortwave number stations that emerged in the former Soviet Union and continue to exist in shadowcultures around the globe, our station will not offer a definitive explanation for its transmissions. Why do we parse the major corporate websites to find our data? Why do we believe that this will be entertaining to you? Why do we hope to offer a mystical experience? These are questions that you will have to answer for yourself. Are we too obsessed with the media? Are there already enough websites offering number-related content? Are we wrong about the nature of a mystical experience? These are more questions that you will have to answer by yourself. Ultimately, we can only say that we hope you, the user, will look for meaning where there many not seem to be meaning. Like the medieval man before you, who saw a book but once in his life — as a child — and could not read it, but carried in his mind the image of that book through all his days and nights and died happily thinking of that book, we believe that that there is great value and the possibility of undreamed of happiness in things we cannot fully understand. To put this another way, we believe, in effect, that we are not wrong about the nature of a mystical experience. The things that we first find quizzical and perplexing may ultimately guide us on the path to wisdom. And if we ourselves do not understand every first thing that we see or hear, but rather trancelike are guided through our lives and perhaps into our children's lives, is this so wrong? Review: "Don't Touch That Dial!" Surveillance culture isn't a new thing really. Remember the Cold War - nuclear proliferation, international espionage, all that? Well now you can experience all those feelings of alienation and paranoia but with a new media twist. Brought to you by Turbulence.org, founding member of New York based C505 Yoshi Sodeoka's Prototype #44, Net Pirate Number Station takes you back to the Cold War era when shortwave radio anticipated the internet's capacity for anonymous, surreptitious worldwide communication. The 'numbers stations,' it is believed, were used by military powers to broadcast coded number sequences to spies in the field. Delivered in a repetitive monotone, usually by a female voice, the eerie transmissions developed a cult following and infiltrated the arts through jazz and electronic music. Sodeoka's project uses the numbers stations as a model for a tongue-in-cheek, James Bond Meets Kazaa critique of new art culture itself, in which text "pirated" from websites is converted into numbers and delivered to visitors by three prerecorded video host personalities. Cold, detached, and just boring enough to be interesting, this station might be the new big thing." - Peggy MacKinnon, Net Art News, Rhizome.org

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