1. juicy-r [the notorious b.i.g.'s juicy vs. the xx's vcr] - wait what (mashup)


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    music video for juicy-r, track 2 of wait what's mashup album 'the notorious xx,' pitting biggie's juicy against the xx's vcr. get the album (and this track) free at waitwhatmusic.com available 3.25.10

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    • Melon Head


      from Andy Fortenbacher Added 78.2K 596 47

      Logline: Gordon, a dimwitted chubster with pure intentions, follows some god-awful advice and tries to impress the woman of his dreams by scaring the crap out of her. For more info about the short and to get involved with the "Melon Head" feature currently in development, go to: www.MelonHeadMovie.com www.AndyFortenbacher.com www.facebook.com/MelonHeadMovie Director/Story by - Andy Fortenbacher Story and Screenplay by - Zac Page Producer - Rob Cristiano Co-Producers - Chris Kotcher, Ben Rubin Associate Producer - John Otterbacher Director of Photography - Craig Harmer Production Design - Aaron Bannasch Costume Design - Leah Vukovich Original Music by - Duncan Blickenstaff Starring: Jonathan Spencer ("Pineapple Express") - Gordon Tracey Walker - Wendy Jack Rutledge - Janitor Nadyne Parr - Lily & Joe Cipriano Filmed in and around Grand Rapids, MI on the RED Epic.

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        A beautiful behind-the-scenes video by Fluid Film of my late-night adventures around NYC with naked dancers and circus performers. To learn more about this project, visit www.dancersafterdark.com.

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        • Taxi!


          from Juan Francisco Saldarriaga Added 50.6K 218 3

          Taxi! is an analytical model that maps the trip data for 10,000 taxi rides over the course of 24 hours. Geographic location data for the origin and destination of each ride is combined with waypoint data collected from the Google Maps API in order to generate a geographically accurate representation of the trip. We used data from taxi rides originating or ending in the neighborhoods of Lincoln center or Bryant Park. The visualization recreates a ‘breathing’ map of Manhattan based on the migration of vehicles across the city over a period of 24 hours, displaying periods of intensity, density and decreased activity. This project was a collaboration between Tom McKeogh, Eliza Montgomery and Juan F Saldarriaga. It was done for SEARCH class taught by Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa (Proxy), at GSAPP, Columbia University, Fall 2011. We acknowledge the support of the CUNY High Performance Computing Center under NSF Grants No. CNS-0855217 and No. CNS-0958379. For any additional information please contact Juan Francisco Saldarriaga at jfs2118@columbia.edu See more data visualizations at http://juanfrans.com Music by Rob Viola http://statikluft.com/

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          • Project Not Asking For It: Columbia University


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            Columbia University's 'Project Not Asking For It' video. Made by: Eliza Callahan, Chris Melamed, and Flavia Lagnado In the past few years, incredibly brave people have participated in the "Slut Walk" to reclaim this word and to drive home the point that no one, regardless of what they're wearing, how they're dancing, or their gender, is ever "asking for it." CLOTHES ARE NOT CONSENT! Countless perpetrators have been found innocent because they claimed their victim was "asking for it." Let's spread awareness that this is NOT a valid argument, and the victim of sexual assault is NEVER to blame. Though the project will begin at Wesleyan University, representatives from other colleges will help spread this important message at their schools. Want your school to participate? Email projectnotaskingforit@gmail.com

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            • American Language Program


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              English language classes for students as well as business people and other professionals. Broaden and improve your mastery of spoken and written English. Enjoy the rewards of a program with nearly a century of achievement in the teaching of English as a Second Language. Study with dedicated, world-renowned faculty.

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              • Stretch Gots a Story to Tell


                from Gasface Added 21.4K 38 3

                Walking back from a shooting in Harlem, we bumped into Stretch Armstrong, right in front of WCKR (!) That's the station where he started -in 1990- what would later become the "Stretch and Bobbito Show", which many consider the best show ever. The guy NORE used to call "the albino ostrige" recalls a number of great moments and a greater number of (then) unsigned rappers who blazed the show : cats like Jay-Z, Eminem, Big Pun, ODB, Big L, Biggie, and also a 16 y.o kid in shorts named Nasir... http://gasface.wordpress.com/

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                • Brian Weiss: What Do All Religions Have in Common?


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                  http://www.eomega.org/omega/faculty/viewProfile/a5da77252cc7db5f4eca12b9076b7fba/ Brian Weiss, MD, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and founding chairman and chairman emeritus of the Department of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, is America’s leading authority in past-life regression therapy. Weiss has authored several best-selling books based on his experience as a psychiatrist and healer has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 20/20, 48 Hours, and on the Discover Channel and CNN. He maintains a private practice in Miami.

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                  • HEATHER MCNAMARA


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                    “The tumor was the size of a baseball. It was wrapped around all my organs, and other hospitals didn’t want to touch it. The only doctor who did was Dr. Kato. He was willing to do the surgery, which I thought was amazing. Nobody wanted to do it, and I just thought it was amazing that he was the only one who would try.” – Heather McNamara

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                    • Ni**as in Ferris


                      from Pure Premium Productions Added 12.9K 8 0

                      Directed and produced by Jasper L. Clyatt Starring: James Bennett II Shudipto Rahman Written by James Bennett II Shudipto Rahman Jasper L. Clyatt Cinematography and camera operation by Max Bartick Ra Daniel Jasper L. Clyatt Sound engineering by Melaku Assegued Edited by Jasper L. Clyatt ------------------------------ LYRICS [JAMES BENNETT II] So I ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, but first dining gotta fine me, What’s 50 meals on a meal plan like D, could you please remind me? (ball so hard) this fish crazy, pasta bar cuz yo ass lazy I could do East or 212, TG in Jay for that sweet gravy. (ball so hard) That lo mein, Cottage man, shit’s insane, (ball so hard) with disdain, swipin’ in to my domain. Pizza, pasta, frittata — shit whipped up quick! John Jay, Hewitt, Ferris, after 6. (ball so hard) Got bubble tea, Double Shots and mo’ coffee, Sushi, truly, OJ for this OG. (ball so hard) That soup too, sickenin chicken noodoo, if you ate what I’ve ate, you'd be in Ferris getting fucked up too! (ball so hard) Get pasta, get in line and then move fasta, half pesto, half ‘fredo, preachin the sauce like a church pastor. (ball so hard) For them crepes, steal some apples some green grapes, eat shit, all day, time for class? I been late. Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay... that’s John Jay. So I ball so hard even wilma wanna fry me, that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay... that’s John Jay. She said "Ry, can we get Ferris after 8?", I said "Girl, you know I’d rather hit the Jay, I’ll swipe you in, you don’t need no tray, and if you want I’ll let you lick one off my plate...” (So I ball so hard) That’s John Jay... ain’t gon’ pay! (ball so hard) What’s for dinner? Fish fillet? (ball so hard) Your soup so cold! Microwave, (ball so hard) act like you never be around dining halls like this again. Dining dolls is what I spend, fuck that I ain’t on no plan, Choose my sauce when I’m in Ferrs... I’m just sayin’ Mo Williams ain’t do it right, if you ask me, And we know that all of the SHAWTIES EAT AT HEWEE, What’s chicken? That’s tikka. Which line’s movin quicka? What’s cheap? That’s the liquor. What’s that spice? It’s paprika! JJ smoothies the chillest, FeelGood cheese is the grillest, Got my BWAAAAHHHH in Ferris, and they going to grill us, huh? Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay... that’s John Jay. So I ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay... that’s John Jay. [SHUDIPTO RAHMAN] We ain’t be reppin’ the hood, but we be reppin that hooda, Falafel cart for the start then hit up Westside for gouda. Duane Reade’s, lately, that neighborhood spot for iced tea, Arnold, Palmer, half and half but all G. (ball so hard) That’s John Jay, not Broadway, (ball so hard) Where’s it at? Across the way, (ball so hard) On Amsterdam, and one-fourteen, (ball so hard) Gotta get there quick if you ever wanna get Thanksgiving dinn. (ball so hard) In that Jay, stormin’ Ferris, that shit cray. With my boys from eleven on the side of me, if they got tater tots you better make way. (ball so hard) At JJ’s, get me some wings and some pancakes, Charlie’s crew always keepin’ it fresh with that grill hot and them cold shakes. It’s okay, ain’t it Jay? Down here at Columbi-ay, As long as I got Ferris cookin’ up all you can eat buffet. Buffalo wrap, Caesar salad, thin crust pizza, chopped carrots, If you catch me puttin’ eyes on you, I just need that salt could you please pass it? Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay... that’s John Jay. Ball so hard even Wilma wanna fry me, that’s John Jay, that’s John Jay... that’s John Jay.

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