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    • What's Up for Jan-Mar 2015


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      Robin Scagell describes some events to be seen in the sky during February and March 2015, including Comet Lovejoy, Jupiter and the partial eclipse of 20 March 2015.

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      • Andromeda Setting


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        There is a lot going on in this timelapse so you might want to watch it a few times through. Clearly, you can see the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) setting. There is another galaxy to the east of Andromeda, which is the Triangulum Galaxy (M33). Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) is in view at the top of the frame. The Pleiades (M45) are visible for the final 3-4 seconds. You will also see many satellites, a few meteors, and even the laser from the Laser Guide Star system on Keck. The colored flashes you see are not an added visual effect like you might see in the most recent Star Trek movies. They are due to car headlights shining into the camera. I left them in because there are too many to take out...plus perhaps they add some production value to the whole thing?

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        • 1/02/2015| The Winter Sky


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          Photograph Acknowledgements: DAMIAN PEACH, TONY ANGEL (Searchlight Observatory Network), TOMPICKETT (Face-book Astronomy Club) & (C) KOS CORONAIOS (Soutpansberg Astronomy Club). The Winter constellations are on view along with a number of deep-sky objects that can be seen in binoculars and small telescopes; lots to see this month. The start of 2015 is proving to be exciting, we have a bright comet on view, Lovejoy, which is easily visible during February as it passes between Perseus & Andromeda in the north-western sky; binoculars will show it really well. Lovejoy will pass close to the nice double star Gamma Andromeda, better known as Almach, on 4 February.

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          • Comet chasing 2015-01-17


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            Chasing comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy with binos and DSLR.

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            • Comet Lovejoy Time Lapse


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              Despite moderate light pollution and passing thin cirrus clouds, Comet Lovejoy showed up well on January 21, 2015 from my backyard in Huntsville, Alabama. If you watch closely you can see a faint tail to the left of the nucleus, and see the comet travel relative to the stars immediately around it. From 480 frames (10 sec exposures taken every 14 sec) using a Canon 6D with a Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens wide open, ISO 400. Star drift mostly removed with an AstroTrac star tracker.

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              • Comet Lovejoy: 2+ hours Captured at 650mm Zoom!


                from Jeff Sullivan / Added

                I captured Comet Lovejoy at 28 mm, 30 mm, 320 mm and 640 mm so far. I have a few more things to try, so I hope that I'll have a few more clear nights to capture it! See more of my photography on my blog at: http://www.JeffSullivanPhotography.com

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                • A Comet's Tail - Comet Lovejoy (c/2014 q2) Over Time


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                  I've been doing outreach at the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station over the past week. During this time I have pointed the RH-300 to Comet Lovejoy for the crowds around 4-6 times per night (for 3 nights). It occurred to me today that I now have an interesting record of the changes in the comet's tail morphology that I haven't seen anywhere else. This is the result. Enjoy!

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                  • Victorville Nightlapse 1


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                    The song used in this video is used via a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/). The song is "(And We Danced) Into the night" by Lovely Moon (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/The_Lovely_Moon/). I think this song has become an essential component of this video. I am thankful to be able to share this song by using it in this edit. I did shorten the song a bit which created a edit that was pulling the song to fit my first major edit point (in terms of pace). This gives the song different feel up front which ultimately affects the whole song. I hope I didn't change the song so far as to have made it feel foreign compared to the original. And, the edit references only part of the whole song (the song in it's original form is just hair over 9 seconds in length). The sequences were largely shot within the city limits of Victorville, California. It is up in the high desert region of Southern California. The sequence of moon with city lights on horizon was short just north of Victorville, In Adelanto. While there is significant light pollution up in this area, I can still get some pretty nice images of stars, meteors, comets, and the like (it's still much darker up here than areas closer to Los Angeles).

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                    • Comet Lovejoy seen from Portugal


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                      In this movie sequence we can dip into a short journey that starts in the land of Juromenha, in Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, Alentejo, with a stargazer trying to find with their own eyes and binoculars the glowing green head of Comet Lovejoy. After a few seconds we will zoom in, entering in a real time lapse sequence capturing the slowly movement of the comet and their ion blue tail, made by ionized gas – gas energized by ultraviolet light from the Sun and pushed outward by the solar wind – while it is crossing some stars of Taurus constellation. Finally, we will zoom out in a final still photograph that shows the strong and huge green head of diatomic carbon (C2) – gas fluorescing in sunlight that produces the coma’s green color – as well as a wide view of the entire fainter bluish tail, with more then 5 million kilometers at the comet’s estimated distance of 75 million kilometers from Earth Captured in Hotel Naveterra, Juromenha, Alqueva´s Dark Sky Reserve, Portugal, January 2015! To see the still image, visit this link: http://www.miguelclaro.com/wp/?portfolio=short-journey-heavens-dark-sky-alqueva-comet-lovejoy Photographs, Time Lapse and Video Editing: Miguel Claro Music: The Silent Path | Robert Haig Coxon Local: Hotel Naveterra - Juromenha http://www.hotelnaveterra.com Dark Sky Reserve | http://www.darkskyalqueva.com More images nightsky images by Miguel Claro at: http://www.miguelclaro.com

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