1. emTools 1.93 - New Stuff and Liquid Particle Shaper


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    --- emTools Walk Through --- The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: starting at 00:00 > "Introduction". starting at 00:53 > "Particle Liquid Shaper". starting at 06:22 > "Outroduction". http://www.mootzoid.com http://www.mootzoid.com/newsletter

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    • RnD: Weighted Principal Component Analysis (implemented in emTools)


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      Left: the original Lagoa liquid simulation. Right: the same point cloud but using two new emTools compounds in the Secondary Shape Modeling stack. Note: 1.) the effect is a pure modeling effect, i.e. no simulation required. 2.) this is still work in progress. 3.) the plugins emPolygonizer4 and emTopolizer2 will soon have this new technique implemented as well. 4.) the effect uses two new compounds. The first is called "Denoise Point Cloud" and is 100% ICE and the second one is called "Principal Component Analysis" and is a compound based on a C++ custom ICE node that I am currently working on. For those interested, here the sources used to implement the two new compounds: http://www.cs.otago.ac.nz/cosc453/student_tutorials/principal_components.pdf http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~turk/my_papers/sph_surfaces.pdf http://barnesc.blogspot.de/2007/02/eigenvectors-of-3x3-symmetric-matrix.html www.mootzoid.com http://www.mootzoid.com/newsletter

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      • RnD: Polygonizer5 v.5.022 (beta): Testing UVs


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        Testing UVs and some other little things using the beta of the upcoming emPolygonizer5 for Softimage, Fabric Engine, Maya and as a standalone. 00:00 > "Final Meshes". 00:22 > "Source Particles". The UVs are correct, but the normal vectors are still work in progress (there is a bit of flickering here and there) and will be taken care of soon. Particles: created with the beta of Proteus by the CG department of the University of Freiburg http://cg.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/team.htm Polygon Meshes: created with emPolygonizer5 v.5.022 (beta) in Softimage 2012 SAP http://www.mootzoid.com/plugin/empolygonizer5 Renderer: SItoA + Arnold (v.4.1) http://www.solidangle.com/ www.mootzoid.com http://www.mootzoid.com/newsletter

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        • RnD: Weighted Principal Component Analysis (final version in emTools + polygonizer test using emTopolizer2)


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          Top-Left: the original Lagoa liquid simulation. Bottom-Left: the particles with PCA using the latest "Liquid Particle Shaper" compound in the modeling stack. Right: the meshed version using emTopolizer2 (beta) and its new features: generation of normals to ensure flicker-free meshes, capability to mesh ellipsoids (old version only meshed spheres). Note: 1.) this is still work in progress. The simulation and rendering were just a test to check if the new normals and the PCA produce flicker free results. 2.) the first plugin to have this fully implemented will be emTopolizer2 for Softimage. After that it will be implemented in emPolygonizer4 for Maya and Fabric Engine. Simulation & rendering done in Softimage + SItoA + Arnold www.mootzoid.com http://www.mootzoid.com/newsletter

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          • The Bricks Add-ons


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            What is Bricks? Bricks is a set of user interface components and elements united in 4 add-ons: Forms, Elements, E-commerce and Words. Beautiful and clear elements are easily combined with each other, as they are made in the same style. We have created for you hundreds of well-thought elements which will ideally fit your projects. View more here: http://designmodo.com/the-bricks-addons How does it work? Take the desired component. You can change its appearance, color and text according to your needs. Use the resulting component in your design. Created on 12-grid system, they like fit together like puzzles. We have also drawn for you over 150 of vector icons in terms of this pack. All of them were based on 16-pixel grid. Bricks. Take a break from routine and work on new ideas.

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            • The customer is quite often wrong_ Unknown Component (videoclip)


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              Video clip realizado para la banda estadounidense UNKNOWN COMPONENT, filmado integramente en Buenos Aires, Argentina. ****************************************** Actrices Joven Mercedes Arce Anciana María Leonor Gabriela Zabaleta ********************************************** Producción General. Lúdica Visual. Dirección | Guión |Fotografía | Postproducción. Javier Pistani. Asistentes de Producción Lucas Guardincerri. Fernando Arditi. Asistente de fotografía. Lucas Guardincerri, Andres Wesley, Alfredo García Reinoso. Grip. Lucas Guardincerri, Fernando Arditi. Foto Fija. Lucas Cardell. ********************************** www.ludicavisual.com.ar info@ludicavisual.com.ar

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              • cr_SkinAssist


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                This is a showcase and tutorial of my cr_skinAssist tool in action. This tool was written in Python for Maya. It serves as a series of mini-tools for weighting and as an alternative to the Component Editor. It also assist with isolating influenced regions to help focus weighting on chosen regions. Tool can be found for free on creative crash: http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/downloads/scripts-plugins/character/c/cr_skinassist Created by: Chris Russell Technical Artist Music: "VengeanceUberRemix" by: djhoohaa http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/496921

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                • Quick Tip: How to get a "explode effect" without using Dynamics, just using the transform component in Maya


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                  This tutorial will explain how to get some nice effects using a simple tool in Maya the "Transform Component" Hope you may find this Helpful, GOT THIS FEEDBACK FROM http://lesterbanks.com/ Thank's Hector shows to use Extract Polygons in this video, however you can save a couple of steps by simply selecting vertices and choosing Detach Component which will separate all the faces but keep the faces under one shape node… which is the end result of Hector’s efforts in the video. It’s important to note that the Transform Component tool will only show in the Marking Menu if you are in any Component mode in Maya, if you have an object selected, choosing the Transform Component tool from the application menu will kick you to component mode. Also, if you are using the extract polygon method shown in the video, it’s imperative to Combine the separated faces together again so Maya sees them as one object. If not, the transform component tool will be placed on every single object giving you a Transform Manipulator for each face… which is not useful at all. The transform Component will give you a polyMoveFace node in the channel box with plenty of items that can be keyed and animated to your taste.

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                  • RnD: new Polygonizer core (testing "Denoise", "Liquid Shaper" and the new normal vectors)


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                    Little test made during the development of the new polygonizer core. The point of this test was to check if the polygonizer's new functions work correctly, especially the new normal vector functionality that was implemented in order to get flicker free meshes even with slow moving particles. The underlying particles come from a standard low res Lagoa liquid simulation. A Phong shader was used for the capture in order to have specular lighting. Latter is a good way of testing if a mesh flickers or not. The new polygonizer core will be available in the up-coming emTopolizer2 update. www.mootzoid.com http://www.mootzoid.com/newsletter

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                    • Creating components


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                      This screencast walks through creation of web components and some fundamentals driving the movement. Improve your client-side workflow and help us build a strong foundation for the web! https://github.com/component/component

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