1. ro lo ma'a datka


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    puzukiku la .iesk. cu stidi lo si'o fanva .ice'o la selpa'i cu fanva fu lo pluka .ice'o la .guskant. cu sanga .ice'o la .tijlan. cu se zgike .inaupuziku la .guskant. cu finti lo skina be lo se sanga https://groups.google.com/d/topic/lojban/3SkKfYiF1Fk/discussion

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    • A Vyrcanian Story


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      A Vyrcanian Story retells the downfall of a secret heretical society in the fictional Vyrcanian Federation. It was projected alongside the Vyrcanian Angels video (https://vimeo.com/114014321) at my MFA graduate exhibition at the VCA, Melbourne. (Install photos here: http://guillaumesavy.com/index.php/a-vyrcanian-story/)

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      • Our Shared Life


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        An experimental performance that is inspired by my life, as well as my friends’ lives, told by a single character who struggles to find a common ground between himself, culture, ideologies and beliefs. Notes to self: "I was on the floor after party mess nightmare woke me up physically and mentally unstable (pain?) bits and pieces of my dream/memories begins to haunt me I started to pray anxiety strikes, and i start to forget words my alter ego - a protective self started to have conversation with me and question my reasons of my behavior, which is perceived, in his opinion, to be shameful and harmful to the body."

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        • Devine Lu Linvega: work, processes and tools


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          This video documents a talk given by Devine Lu Linvega (Aliceffekt) at the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe about his work, his creative process and the diverse tools he creates and uses in his production. English subtitles will be added soon. Conférence de Devine Lu Linvega (Aliceffekt) au cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe à propos de son processus, son travail et les outils qu'il crée et utilise dans sa production. Pour en découvrir davantage: To discover more: wiki.xxiivv.com

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          • bripre ni'o pa mo'o li re te'a ny


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            This is my oldest lojban video. As for the word "mi'u", the newest usage is 'broader' than that of The Complete Lojban Language. The newest "mi'u": http://www.lojban.org/tiki/BPFK+Section%3A+Highlight+Discursives ti se finti la guskant. fo la prane ke lojbo bangu to la'o gy. The Complete Lojban Language. Cowan, John Woldemar. Fairfax, VA: Logical Language Group Publication, 1997. "Chapter 2: A Quick Tour of Lojban Grammar, With Diagrams." http://www.lojban.org/tiki/The+Lojban... gy. toi .i lu sutra lo nu lo jufra be lo te tavla cu zenba li'u se smuni la'e di'e zo'o .i tu'e "mi melbi .i mi'u mi'u mi'u..." ="(mi melbi .i mi melbi .i) mi'u mi'u..." ="(mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i) mi'u..." ="(mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i mi melbi .i)..." tu'u

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            • la tcungatcangas pe mu sofybakni zi'e noi xorlo je xorla - lojban song


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              la .tcungatcangas. fi'o cpedu la gleki cu se sanga mi no'u la guskant zi'e noi te pixra .i la'o ry Vladimir Shainsky ry fa'u la'o ry Yuri Entin ry pupu zgike fa'u pemci ciska .i la gleki e la guskant pu fanva .i lo lojbo jufra cu xorla .i va'i lo cmevla cu cmima lo'i brivla .i mi jmina lu .o'i mu xagji sofybakni cu zvati le purdi li'u no'u lo mulno lerfu jufra poi la xorxes pu stidi tu'a ke'a to zoi url https://groups.google.com/d/msg/lojban/PWEgoFr708E/nV9OozUNU7sJ url toi ge'u loi jufra

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              • ro roi za'u re'u ji'a - lojban song


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                me la'e lu ro roi za'u re'u ji'a li'u bau la lojban fi'o fanva je sanga je te skina la guskant fi'o se fanva la'o py いつも何度でも py noi joi gi pemci fi la kakun.uakakon. gi zgike la kimuran.iumin. .i lo zgike tadji zo'u gau mi simsa .a'i lo zgike be la'o ry Nataliya Gudziy ry fa'o 原曲情報: 覚 和歌子 作詞、木村 弓 作曲 第一次発行年: 2001 作詞・作曲・編曲以外の著作権者: 徳間書店

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                • crisa ditcu - lojban song


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                  "Summertime" Lojban version. The original piece was composed by George Gershwin with lyrics by DuBose Heyward not later than 1935. It was performed by Miles Davis in 1958. I Guskant translated and sang it imitating the trumpet of Miles, and added attitudinals of Lojban imitating the clarinets, the contrabass, the cymbal and the snare drum of his performance. My friend Tijlan arranged my voices, and I added a movie to it, which you are viewing here. la crisa ditcu goi cy. cu zgike se ciska la djorj.grcuin. gi'e pemci fi la diuboz.xeiurd. vau pu de'i li pasocimu pi'e pi'e .i cy. zgike la mails.deivis. goi my. de'i li pasomubi pi'e pi'e .i mi no'u la guskant. pu ki fanva je sanga cy. tai tu'a la trympet. po my. gi'e jmina lo cnima'o be fi la lojban. tai tu'a la klarinet. .e la kontrbas. .e la simbal. .e la sner.damr. pe my. .i la tijlan. noi pendo mi cu zgike ganzu lo voksa be mi ti noi mi jmina lo skina ke'a .i zo ditcu cipra gismu fa'o http://jbovlaste.lojban.org/dict/ditcu

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                  • bripre jikca selsa'a - lojban song


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                    • bripre jikca 0 (nicte)


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