1. Abner S. Greene, Leonard F. Manning Professor of Law


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    Professor Abner S. Greene talks about his book Against Obligation.

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    • Citizens United vs. Montana


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      Jason Wiener, a city councilman from Missoula Montana, explains Montana's challenge to the Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling. Wiener's remarks were made at the "Overturning Citizen's United: A Movement Mandate" strategy session at the 2012 Take Back the American Dream Conference on June 19th. On June 25, 2012, the Supreme Court struck down Montana's ban on corporate political money and held that the Citizen's United ruling applies to state and local elections.

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      • Conrad Claus Interview on Fox News : Pirate Attacks on US Vessels


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        Conrad Claus Interview on Fox News about pirate attacks and constitutional law

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        • Constitutional Experts Take Aim at Targeted Killing Program


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          On September 24, Fordham Law hosted a debate that addressed President Obama's targeted killings program. The event, “Executive Power and Civil Liberties: Debating Obama’s Target Killing Program,” drew 245 people to the Law School’s McNally Amphitheatre and featured two leading constitutional law experts, Fordham Law Professor Martin S. Flaherty and Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith. Another distinguished expert in constitutional law, William M. Treanor, moderated the debate.

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          • Constitutional Law


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            The core curriculum here does a pretty good job of forcing everybody to learn some basic political theory. One of the subfields that’s left relatively untouched, though, is constitutional theory. This is understandable, since the notion of the constitution as something deserving its own branch of study is relatively recent; serious constitutional theory really began in 1962, with the publication of Alexander Bickel’s The Least Dangerous Branch. Yet constitutional theory occupies a privileged position among subfields of political theory: it is simultaneously foundational and specific enough to be applied in practical politics. In my talk, I’ll try to give an outline of modern constitutional theory, with emphasis on the really weird bits.

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            • Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law


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              From phony copyright notices attached to the U.S. Constitution to lawsuits designed to prevent people from poking fun at Barbie, from controversies over digital sampling in hip-hop to Major League Baseball's ubiquitous restriction on sharing any ‘accounts and descriptions of this game,’ overreaching claims of intellectual property rights are everywhere. Jason Mazzone will discuss overreaching, show its economic and creative costs, and tell you how to stop it.

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              • Edward Tabash: The True Meaning of the Separation of Church and State


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                The Religious Right argues that our constitutional system was founded to only prohibit government from favoring one religion over others. They insist that all branches of government can favor religion, collectively, over nonbelief. Justice Scalia has even written that the First Amendment "permits the disregard of the devout atheist." Constitutional lawyer Edward Tabash will demonstrate how the historical record amazingly reveals that the actual intent of the Founders was to establish a constitutional system in which nonbelievers are fully equal before the law. In this presentation, he will show how the main concern of the Founders was to protect the equal rights of conscience of everyone, regardless of whether someone is a believer. Biography: Edward Tabash is a constitutional lawyer in the Los Angeles area. He chairs the board of directors of the Center for Inquiry, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. He also chairs the nationwide legal committee of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. He has filed amicus briefs arguing for church/state separation before the United States and California supreme courts. He is also a very well-known atheist debater, having debated such prominent religious philosophers as William Lane Craig and Richard Swinburne. He is also a life member of the American Humanist Association.

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                • Elevator Repair Service ARGUENDO


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                  Created and performed by ELEVATOR REPAIR SERVICE Performers MIKE IVESON, KATE SCELSA, SUSIE SOKOL, BEN WILLIAMS Director JOHN COLLINS Projection Designer BEN RUBIN Lighting Designer MARK BARTON Costume Designer JACOB A. CLIMER Stage Manager SARAH HUGHES Producer ARIANA SMART TRUMAN Production Manager ADAM SHIVE Graphics Software Programming IAN ARDOUIN-FUMAT & JER THORP Associate Projection Designer & Operator EVA VON SCHWEINITZ Associate Lighting Designer MIKE INWOOD Associate Producer LINDSAY HOCKADAY Additional collaborators FRANK BOYD, MARK HANSEN AND In Barnes v. Glen Theatre, a 1991 First Amendment case brought by a group of go-go dancers, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court debate whether dancing naked in a strip-club is an exercise of artistic expression or a crime. In Arguendo, ERS presents the case’s oral argument, verbatim, revealing a compelling intellectual struggle and the court’s often-absurd sense of humor. ERS is a New York City-based ensemble that creates live theater works with an ongoing ensemble. ERS has built a body of work that has made it one of New York’s most highly acclaimed experimental theater companies.

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                  • Evidence of Outlaws in Justice: Anthony Williams Attempts to Service Common Law Arrest Warrant in Kona, Hawaii


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                    Negligent training, legal ignorance, and neglect of duty to serve the public faithfully and professionally is no excuse for justice industry agents filmed here by investigative journalists, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane--two among millions of organized crime victims impoverished and made ill from fraud in courts of law. Here, one officer blatantly states he will not honor the laws of the State of Hawaii and U.S. Federal Government when Private Attorney General Anthony Williams attempts to serve a Warrant for Arrest and Complaint against Hawaii attorney, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., for a host of crimes. At issue, in this case, is the “form” of the Warrant, not “recognized” as valid, even though the laws validating it are cited verbatim therein. The blindly biased reaction from law enforcers is shocking, outrageous, and evidence of Outlaws-in-Justice. The harsh reality gives indisputable proof of justice industry workers’ psychological pathology. Medically, the psychopathology is called a “scatoma.” This is “a blind spot,” an “inability for insight into” this topic—how society’s engineering, the dumbing-down of people every way possible—is mainly administered on behalf of lawyers and judges on behalf of “The Banksters” who sustain profitable population controls most arrogantly. Nearly everyone knows how corrupt the judicial system in America is. But, this overt, real-life, ongoing investigation into organized crime in Hawaii, shows how the controllers behave legally in ways that no reasonable person would call “civil.” This is a case study into how We the People, even private attorneys general authorized by Congress to act against the world’s wealthiest racketeers, that is, “against all odds” in the public’s interest, exclusively have the glory of YaHoVaH to thank for sustainance. Very few people know how to confront this “Judicial Beast” with knowledge, skill, and integrity. Private Attorney General Anthony Williams is one such special authority in this field of law, civil rights, and organized crime; and his pair of dedicated reporters provide him, and the “Free World” with the perfect case of judicial mischief. Reading about their case, on PaulSullaCensured.com, including the ultra-outrageous actions of the Courts and lawyers that have damaged them more than $6 million over nine years, makes you ashamed to “live in a land where justice is a game,” and the “GOD We Trust” references “Guns,” “Oil” and “Drugs.” Watching this video makes you want to scream “outrageous!” Police officials’ ignorance of their own laws, and corruption rampant throughout the illegal system they serve, is disgusting. A curse called "The Bar" has undermined fairness and "civility" in our civil and criminal justice systems; and it has burdened everyone with devastating mental illness destroying decency and reasonableness in justice. Common signs of this plague spreading among justice industry workers include "arrogance," “nastiness,” and "greed." It seems a huge percentage of law enforcers, lawyers, court clerks, and justices are “very mean” and arrogant “control freaks,” compensating by nastiness for their low self-esteem and incompetence. As this film documents, many justice officials would rather claim a law doesn’t exist than to admit their ignorance and doubly-damaging impact of their negligence on victims of crime, reinforced by this organized crime gang. Please give USACommonLaw.com and Anthony Williams your encouragement and support by enjoying this educational and entertaining video, and making it go "viral." Thank you in the Spirit of the "528 Revolution." Posted by journalists Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane for public viewing and international dissemination.

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                      Judicial Enterprise Enriching Banks and Damaging Taxpayers in National Foreclosure Fraud Scheme Busted by Framed/Imprisoned/Assaulted Common Law Expert Awaiting Governor Abercrombie’s Decision Honolulu, HI—A top foreclosure fraud expert has been framed in retaliation for exposing banks, judges, and lawyers breaking laws and oaths of office in history’s most damaging lending scheme, according to evidence openly presented in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii during an extradition hearing affecting defendant, Anthony Troy Williams. Williams, defending pro se, made mincemeat of State of Hawaii prosecutors in open court, causing them to reveal they had manufactured a fake fingerprint record with complicity by the FBI in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Nonetheless, Judge Richard Perkins denied Williams’s release on bail and returned him to jail where he has been reportedly assaulted by sheriffs. “Private Attorney General” Anthony Williams, who pioneered Common Law Offices of America, also caused Judge Perkins to admit in open court that he may not honor his oath to preserve the Constitution of the United States and protect Williams as a sovereign citizen. In fact, the Court made it perfectly clear he was not even aware he had his oath of office on file. The shocking admissions were among several that occurred on both days of Williams’s extradition hearing (Sept. 18-19, 2013) wherein the question of Williams’s return to Georgia to face allegations of child molestation was to be decided. Williams shamed Attorney General (AG) David Louie’s team of prosecutors, witnesses, and lead counsel Simeona Mariano, by exposing multiple counts of fraud in “railroading” Williams, evidencing complicity by the FBI that supplied, according to the State’s leading witness, “Williams’s finger prints” supposedly proving Williams committed his first theft at seventeen days of age, while “still in diapers.” Witnesses on both sides of the gallery were shocked by the prosecution’s “incompetence,” Williams called it, supplementing his assertion of multiple State and Federals laws being broken by the Court and Louie’s leading “expert” responsible for Williams’s “framing.” Still, the judge did not budge from continuing the case, denying Williams bail, and awaiting a signed order from Governor Abercrombie required by the State’s extradition laws read to the Court by the chained and handcuffed Williams. Facts in the Case Encouraged by a gallery of Constitutionalists supporting the defendant, Williams belittled AG Louie for scheming his framing, false arrest, and malicious prosecution, to conceal a corporate banking enterprise damaging millions of American homeowners and taxpayers who are supposed to be protected by several Constitutional amendments. Williams had been defending victims of foreclosure fraud and eviction threats by the banks in multiple Hawaii courtrooms since June, exercising his right under Congress’s civil rights law Title 42 U.S.C., Section 1988. That legislation, and substantial case law, affords private persons the right to act as “private attorney generals,” and “attorneys-in-fact,” on behalf of poor citizens who cannot afford attorneys, or do not trust attorneys because of re-mortgage deals made “behind closed doors” that often leave defendants in worse financial straits. Critics of refinancing schemes say the nationwide practice, administered through the courts and lawyers, best reflects “racketeering activities” as defined by law as a monopolistic “judicial banking enterprise” complicit in extortion, threatened property loss, abusive collection practices, and real estate theft, all neglecting Constitutionally-guaranteed due process and trials by juries. Complaints from multiple State and Federal judges to AG Louie brought Williams under investigation for “practicing law without a license,” a charge that violates the aforementioned Federal civil rights and Constitutional mandates. READ THE REST at 528Revolution.com/fbi-hawaii-conspiracy/

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