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    The making of a new sound library, recorded entirely with contact mics.... http://HISSandaROAR.com Check this post for info about using contact mics http://www.musicofsound.co.nz/blog/the-first-rule-of-contact-mic-club

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    • Every Object Has a Spirit - Oliver Jennings


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      A film about revealing hidden sound in unexpected objects with some unusual sound recording techniques. First through the complex sonic worlds within mass produced electrical appliances then into natural objects and plant life and out into the familiar world of the city. Sound recording techniques: Contact Microphone: Used to pick up vibrations running through the object. This allows usually inaudible and complex frequencies to be extracted and isolated from the overall merge of familiar background noise. U1 Device: Used to measure BIO-ACTIVITY through electrodes in contact with the leaf and the root of a plant. Minute electronic impulses are read through the device which is similar to a polygraph or lie detector machine. The readings are then converted into MIDI note on a keyboard resulting in a musical composition reflecting the plants sensory activity. Sound Index: a) Amplification of hob sound b) Evaporation of water through a coffee percolator c) Magnetic interference with TV static d) Amplified inner workings of an electronic radiator e) Vibrations produced by the fan of an electronic heater f) Amplified inner workings of an electronic heater g) Tones revealed in various dinner knives h) Electronic Debobbler with cotton buds attached to motor i) Tibetan singing bowl j) Tibetan Singing bowl attached to Debobbler k) Bromeliad responding to being watered l) Maranta prayer plant and Bromeliad linked together via electrodes m) Maranta Bioactivity played through 5" speaker filled with custard n) Anthurium linked to 5" speaker filled with custard o) Stephan Jay Gould quote cut up and words 'selected' by plant at random p) Frequencies and vibrations running internally through the Millenium Bridge, London q) Frequencies and vibrations running through the bridge in Burgess Park, London

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      • Tortured Piano - Contact Mic recordings


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        Part 2 of the new Tortured Piano Library Recording with two contact mics for more info: http://HISSandaROAR.com

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        • Bowed Cymbal recording


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          Bowed cymbal recording using a contact mic - note the video plays forwards then backwards (because I like sound backwards) - related rant his here: http://www.substation.co.nz/blog

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          • nonlinearity I


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            After touring 3 weeks with 25 Kg of heavy metal synthesizer in a suitcase, I came home wanting something a bit lighter and simpler. My back-to-basics approach uses one SoundBox built for workshops with gypsy children and Afghan refugees in Hungary a few months ago, one contact mic, a Germanium transistor distortion pedal and 10 years worth of found objects collected on trips around the world. At the heart of this video lies the concept of nonlinearity, that most basic building block of chaos theory and the wonderful complexities of our natural world. The microphone/speaker loop forms a system into which the nonlinear irregularities of 9V electronics, beads, springs, moss, shells and bits of bone produce unique bifurcations and attractors. Shaking things up a bit resets the system and new chaotic patterns begin to emerge...

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            • nonlinearity III


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              Q: So what do you do? A: I make sound instruments that no one's ever seen before, and then I teach myself how to play them. Q: Do you play them well? A: Well, if no one's ever seen one before, how can they tell if I'm playing it badly or not? Triple soundbox-drone nonlinearity study, constructed and recorded during my 2011 residency at the Danish Institute for Electro/Acoustic Music, Aarhus and edited during a shorter residency at MOKS, Mooste. Glam-rock, audio-responsive soundbox built for KT.

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              • C2 PROMO


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                Making of a new HISSandaROAR sound library http://hissandaroar.com/sd018-contact-mic-two

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                • C-C-Combine - Play anything with anything


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                  C-C-Combine is a corpus-based audio mosiacing application, built in Max/MSP, based on concatenative synthesis. Concatenative synthesis is a technique for synthesizing sounds by concatenating short samples of recorded sound. It is essentially a type of granular synthesis that, instead of playing back grains based on position/windows, plays back grains based on analysis of incoming audio. In order to do this you must have a corpus (the pre-analyzed body of sounds) and an input sound source (either incoming audio or file playback). For more info and to download the patch visit: http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com/combine http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com http://www.angelaguyton.com http://www.samandreae.com

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                  • Frascus


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                    Madera, cuerda de guitarra, mates, orgasmatrón (!), cosito para hacer ñoquis. Frascus. Cluster Cosmos Vibe, Boss dd7 (2, uno para loopear), Moog MF102 Ring Modulator

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                    • Alchemical sound


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                      Post production sound experiment. More info at http://ninjatroppen.montages.no/2010/03/alchemical-sound/ Video by Gisle Tveito and Fredric Vogel.

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