1. PIELC 2013 Keynote Address by Thomas Linzey of CELDF


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    Thomas Linzey of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) delivers the keynote address of the 31rst Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) held at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, February 28 through March 3, 2013. Linzey points out the folly of the traditional avenues of redress environmental law has pursued, offering a new model to return democracy to the people currently hi-jacked by a corporate friendly legal system.

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    • Occupy The Courts Vlog


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      In the vlog, Best-selling author & lawyer Joel Bakan (The Corporation, Childhood Under Siege) talks about corporate personhood and how the Occupy movement is really a call to be a citizen, with all the rights and duties that entails. Hello Cool World founder Katherine Dodds discusses how branding can be used for social good and not just to maximize profits, and Move to Amend's Steve Justino gives us some background on Occupy The Courts.

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      • Corporate BullTalk (Original Song) by Ta'fxkz


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        Corporate BullTalk riff 4 times No one understands anything you say You could put that in your résumé Take a healthy bite of your corporate spoon Step in line and sing this tune Corporate BullTalk (Keeps me alive) Corporate BullTalk (Credit cards) Corporate BullTalk (Read the fine print) Corporate BullTalk (Get the fucking hint) If your elevator pitch won't get it up Someone's gotta be going down A working class hero is some kinda freak Like a song n dancing bird with a foot in its beak When you were young and a bit outta beat Corporates told you what to eat Dressed you up for school in designer shoes Set you up for life to play by their rules Were you born this smart? did you have to be trained? Have your values all been rearranged Exchanged your soul for a bowl of soup The floor is no limit for how low you can stoop Moo On up the corporate ladder Moo On When the grass is greener Mooooooooo riff 4 Corporate BullTalk (The games we play) Corporate BullTalk (The price we pay) Corporate BullTalk (Appraise your dreams) Corporate BullTalk (So it seems) Ground water has been taken siege The land is blessed with fertile sludge Thirsty Plachimada vs soft drink mogul Guess who loses when the corporates gamble Horse carts are being pulled by songbirds Farmers are employed as security guards A promise is a promise - what did you think Fairness closed her eyes to a corporate wink Quote an age old colonial legislation Deploy loop holes in transision Supreme Court says that no laws were flouted Common sense knows how whose lives were affected Tell me who's lives were affected Tell me double time Corporate BullTalk (is building our nation) Corporate BullTalk (oral salvation) Corporate BullTalk (can replace an orgasm) Corporate BullTalk (Is a waste of oxygen) 4 times riff (Moooooooooooooooooooo) Sponsor a green hunt with no news coverage Sports and arts gas up your image India the dump yard for scrap and work Do you think this rant is just a quirk Is that a conscience or an externality The Corporation is not a person you see It should be in prison if not an asylum If it really were such an non-moral person Diplomacy is to be an asshole in style You have not spoken from your heart in a while Verbal flatulence is not making sense Is your logic a crutch or a sword of defense Riff 4 times You really look good when you're bending over Wont you pick up another cheque on the floor 4 times Corporate BullTalk (drove out a cheap car) Corporate BullTalk (idiocy no bar) Corporate BullTalk (Stepped on the gas) Corporate BullTalk (up your ass) Riff 4 times mmm smells good Optimize Monitize Metrixize Steel towers crumble on fire and jet fuel Only on Corporate sponsored media Global cooling became global warming All this hot air has no agenda Support the holocaust with punch card machines Look at who's behind the scenes Get a load of the Bhopal tragedy Sell the company, with no liability? Corn syrup turns into corn sugar Black Water turns to Xe Laugh at the joke and not the jester Never blame the con-pany Corporate BullTalk (sounds corny) Corporate BullTalk (is not even funny) Corporate BullTalk (Call it gabbage) Corporate BullTalk (disengage)! Riff 4 times Remember the time when your dreams were pure You were immature and not so cock sure Now you measure every conversation With numbers for your organization Whatever happened to character Since head hunters dubbed you a profiteering punter Cold comfort when you suck up to system Cold profits for the corporate diadem I do not care what the fuck you believe in Evolution or the sermon on the mount After all these years of civilization Is we got, a corporate retirement? Riff 4 times Corporate BullTalk (Break out) Corporate BullTalk (Shut up) Corporate BullTalk (Get out) Corporate BullTalk (Shut the fuck up) Riff 4 times Step on the gas! Get Over It Riff 4 times So you haven't been the same since you had your little crash You might feel better if they gave you some cash First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers Quoting Shakespere's Dick the Butcher Corporate BullTalk (Legalese) Corporate BullTalk (Industrial Disease) Corporate BullTalk (Dire Straits) Corporate BullTalk (United States)

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        • #MicCheckWallSt Money Drop


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          On Valentine's Day #MicCheckWallSt sent Seattle a message... on the face of hundreds of dollar bills. "Money can't buy love... but it can buy speech?!" the bills challenged in an effort to bring light to Citizens United—the Supreme Court ruling which declared money as speech, corporations as people, and effectively paved the way for unlimited corporate political influence through monetary contributions. This Fourth of July #MicCheckWallSt is organizing another money drop in Seattle with bills that will state "Money as Speech Silences Us All. End Citizens United" and as the bills go back into general circulation they’ll pass through the hands and minds of tens of thousands of Americans. To encourage the amplification of this action, #MicCheckWallSt has put together a template so anyone anywhere can organize a coordinated money drop. Visit www.miccheckwallst.org for more info. Visit www.occupytogether.org to learn more about the #occupy movement.

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          • A National Intervention


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            Please Visit NationalIntervention.org

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            • Corporations Are NOT People! with David Cobb


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              Pulse TV interview with David Cobb and Margaret Koster of “Move To Amend” about corporate power and the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution to declare that corporations are not people and do not have the rights of people. Filmed at CAPS TV in Ventura, CA on Sept. 16, 2011.

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              • The Rise of Corporate Power with David Cobb


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                David Cobb discusses the disturbing history of the rise of corporate power in the U.S., as well as, the process required to reverse this undermining of the rights of the actual human population. Cobb calls for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to clarify and declare that Corporations are NOT People and money is not speech. Filmed at CAPS TV in Ventura, CA, on Sept. 16, 2011.

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                • Move to Amend with David Cobb


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                  David Cobb's informative lecture on the perils of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, corporate personhood and what we can do about it.

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                  • Constitutional Rights Are For Real People


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                    A few people can make a difference. About a year ago, two people threw a house party to talk about abolishing the erroneous doctrine known as "corporate personhood" and the living room was filled to capacity. We were outraged and we were passionate, and we decided then and there that we'd bring this issue to the attention of our community. Today, with the help of many other people in Pueblo, we are the only county that has successfully brought this issue up for a vote of the people in Colorado's 2012 ballot. We're local grassroots, but we're proud to be associated with a national group that's working to get at the root of all the corrupt money in politics: the awarding of "personhood" status to legal constructs. It's this misguided judgment by the Supreme Court which gave legal constructs standing in the Constitution to receive our rights - rights that are now being used against the very people which the Constitution was written to protect. Watch the video to see just how insidious it has become. The Supreme Court has been wrong before, so we amended our Constitution to abolish slavery - because a person isn't property. The Court is wrong again - property is not a person. People, one community at a time, are rising up all over the nation against this injustice and standing up for the human rights issue of our time: Abolishing corporate personhood and reclaiming our rights. WE, THE PEOPLE, have this sovereign right, and we MOVE TO AMEND our Constitution to establish that Constitutional Rights are reserved for human beings - not legal constructs. You can make a difference - make your voice heard: VOTE. After you see what's been happening, if you find yourself outraged and want to do something about it, go to MovetoAmend.org. Then invite some people to your living room.

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                    • Spokane's Proposition 1 - Community Rights, Not Corporate Rights


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                      It is time to reign in corporation so that they serve people, not the other way around. In Spokane, corporations are given the same legal rights as naturally born people even though there is nothing natural about them. Combine corporate legal rights with enormous corporate wealth and all of us naturally born people lose our ability to create communities that reflect our values. Prop. 1 would eliminate corporate “personhood” and other legal protections from corporations who violate the community’s rights. It’s simple - we can’t protect our rights within our neighborhoods, the health of the river and aquifer, and our rights in the workplace as long as corporate rights outweigh ours.

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