1. Alexander Wilson : 52.497688 13.452021 29.07.2011, HOMO FABER, Metastases


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    52.497688 13.452021 29.07.2011 was performed by Ænth in July, 2011, in Berlin, Germany, for Platform Young Performance Artists. Ænth is: Erin Sexton & Alexander Wilson Camera : Christopher Hewitt alexanderwilson.net erinsexton.com encodagesdeloubli.com

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    • Alexander Wilson : The Fine Tuning & The Soliton Crossing


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      The Fine Tuning: This project is inspired by the “fine tuning” problem of the natural universe, that is, the fact that the constants of our cosmos seem perfectly determined to have produced observers. The fine tuning problem is also related to the anthropic principle, which suggests that by the very act of observing the natural universe, we inadvertently also select or determine what this universe could possibly be. Observers are thus in a constant phenomenological feedback loop with the known universe, a correlational circle. The ideas of feedback and of resonance are important here. Though I am not using room or mixer feedback, the installation is based on analog electronic oscillators, and in their most basic form, oscillators are nothing more than an amplifier that feeds back into itself. The specific frequency an oscillator produces is the resonant frequency of its circuit: it starts by amplifying random noise and with every loop back through the amp, the resonant frequency of the circuit is reinforced, just as the resonant frequencies of a room are reinforced when a speaker feeds back through a mic. The resulting pure sine wave the oscillator produces is selected from the white noise that was initially amplified, and theoretically which contains all frequencies. This is not unlike the way the universe seems to have come into being, as selected from all other possible universes by a feedback process involving the observer. The feedback loop is the basic principle on which emergence depends: in systems theory, it is the mechanism selectively retains from blind variation (randomness, noise, mutation), and hence reinforces certain characteristics from that pool through repetition, producing homeostatic stabilities. The Soliton Crossing: The Soliton Crossing is a series of audio visual performances that explores various wave phenomena, interference and noise, in the human world as well as at cosmic scales. Using custom computer software that synchronizes and harmonizes the frequencies and sequencing of sound and light, the performance tunes sound and light waves in and out of harmony with various resonant frequencies, standing waves and other cyclic phenomena in the physical universe, causing various patterns to emerge and propagate as the result of their interference. The project is loosely based on the idea of Musica Universalis, an ancient philosophical concept that associated the proportional movements of celestial bodies to musical harmonies (the infamous “harmony of spheres”). It was thought that the cycles and rhythms observed in the universe obeyed a kind of cosmic harmony, an inaudible music. Modern technology allows us to transpose these frequencies and rhythms from scales too large or too little for us to perceive, to the human ranges of audible sound and visible light. In addition to transposing the frequency of the Earth’s orbit around the sun and the its rotation upon its axis, The Soliton Crossing also harmonizes to the frequency of local electrical systems (60 Hz in North America), the ELFs of the standing waves in the atmosphere (known as the Schumann Resonances: 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz), as well as the resonant frequencies of the room in which the performances are presented. These various local and universal oscillations, of course, do not generally harmonize (as was thought by the proponents of Musica Universalis), and so when they are combined, their interference and phase differences create diffraction patterns. The idea is to create a ritual around emergence in the cosmos as the effect of the interference of various propagating forces.

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      • LCDM Universe


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        Simulation of our present universe, with dark matter particles and a cosmological constant.

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        • Paul Stamets: The Mysteries of Mycology


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          Paul Stamets at the 10th LOHAS Conference

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          • C R O W


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            a short animation by A L I S T A I R D E B L I N G based on the poems by T E D H U G H E S

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            • #076 Three biblical keys to financial success, Pt 5; Guest John Wsol – Cosmology, Fields & Aether


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              http://www.witts.ws for more information. Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on 3 biblical keys to financial success, Pt 5 Guest/Topic: John Wsol - Cosmology, Fields & Aether Further Discussion: Reference: ========================================================================= Greetings to all ! In the name of our savior Jesus the Messiah of all mankind! (Yeshua) Tonight Sir T will be continuing his teaching on the 3 biblical keys to financial success. What made Solomon the Wealthiest man to ever live? So much so, that even today, thousands of years later, people still talk about Solomon's mines, Movies are still written and produced About Solomon and his Kingdom. Etc. Tonight we will be learning about why God blessed him. And how you can receive those same blessings. Our Great God does not show favoritism or partiality. (Acts 10:34-43) A exciting topic that you will not want to miss! Our special; Guest this evening is our dear brother John Wsol, Who always has some amazing insights into Cosmology! He will be further expounding on how the Universe was made, and how it continues to function in Gods great and wonderful design. (More accurately, the Multi-verse, or Cosmos) A fascinating program, that you will not want to miss! Your Questions and comments welcome! You may send them in by hitting reply to this email, and put "Questions for the Program" in the subject line. Or you may chat questions and comments during the program! We send you our LOVE, and a Great big, God Bless You! From all of us here on The World Improvement Team!

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              • Modern Physics, the Beginning and Creation


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                Dr. Stephen M. Barr, PhD, University of Delaware The purpose of this talk is to clarify the issues in a way accessible to non-experts in science, theology or philosophy. It will explain what physics knows about the beginning of the universe, some much-discussed physics speculations (such as “quantum creation of universes”), and what science may be learned in the future. It will also explain how various scientific ideas relate to traditional teaching on Creation. This lecture is part of a series of conferences entitled "the atom + Eve Project: Using Science in Pastoral Ministry." For more information visit atompluseve.com

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                • The Space-time continuum, The Kontinuum method.


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                  The Space-time continuum, The Kontinuum method. The Lecture material is presented by simple language, it is equally accessible to both: students and scientists. In modern science, space - time continuum is widely used, but not all professionals are familiar with the principles of continuum method. The subject of this lecture is the basic knowledge according to continuum method without which a person can’t be a specialist in any field of fundamental physics, cosmology, or astronomy, regardless of the content of the diplom and the rank of the institution issuing the diplom. If any of these sections in the formation is missed or not mastered in the full form - it can lead only to a fragmented competence of specialist. space-time, relativity, spacetime, space-time continuum, physics, tutorial, cosmology, astronomy, science, Einstein, continuum, space, geometry, Katyushchik, Education, Victor Katyushchik, russian physicist, video, lectures , gravity, gravitation

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                  • State Press Weekly: Jan. 27


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                    This week on State Press Weekly, reporter Thania Betancourt interviews ASU cosmologist Paul Davies about his research in time travel and the origins of cancer.

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