1. Crop Circles - Not Man Made - PROOF OF ET CONTACT


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    Mankind is not alone. Contact has been made by Extra Terrestrials who have sent humanity clear and precise messages using crop formations. Crop circles have contained hidden messages which when decoded provided humanity with a further understanding of mathematics, science and how the universe works. Forget everything you have ever learned, heard or read about crop circles, this video contains evidence that shows crop circles are not hoaxes. There are genuine crop formations being made by forces that are NOT reproducible by man. These crop circles also contain very important messages that humanity needs to wake up to. Every year during the spring and summer times hundreds of crop circles have appeared world wide. Since 1990 crop fields containing elaborate designs, complex patterns, perfect symmetry, ancient symbols and fractal geometry have appeared over night with no evidence of human presence. Although hoaxing does happen, the genuine circle makers have produced patterns using techniques which man cannot duplicate i.e not man made, genuine and not a hoax. The BLT research team which has studied crop circles has found many unusual effects that cannot be done with ropes and boards. Crops which are laid down in woven patterns, stalks bent (not broken) at almost 90 degrees, higher growth rates of crop in the circle than outside and evidence of electromagnetic effects. http://www.greatdreams.com/crop/hoax/hoax.htm The general public believes that crop circles are made by man. This is mainly thanks to an ignorant mainstream media that treats the subject of crop circles as as a hoax. And teams of people who seem dedicated to debunking the subject for their own selfish reasons. Common sense should dictate that it is just not possible for teams of people, to go into a field at night, lay down a complex pattern and not be noticed. Not to mention the fact these crop circles have been appearing all around the world in there hundreds every year. That would require a well funded and dedicated team to keep this hoax going for at least 25 years now.

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    • Barbara Lamb Interview Preview


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      Barbara Lamb is a specialist in Regression Therapy, having been trained for several years in the 1980's by the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT). For many years she has assisted people by conducting regression therapy: taking them to the original source of their problems and concerns, which sometimes includes revisiting significant events in previous lifetimes. In 1991 Barbara began working with ET experiencers (people who have encounters with extraterrestrial beings). She has counseled and conducted regressions with more than 1400 of these people, totalling at least 3000 regressions. Twenty-five of these cases are included in her book ALIEN EXPERIENCES, a collaborative work with writer and illustrator Nadine Lalich (2008). She is a teacher in the UFOlogy Department of the online International Metaphysical University. A prominent Crop Circle researcher since 1990, Barbara researches and conducts tours to crop circles in England each summer. She co-authored the book CROP CIRCLES REVEALED: LANGUAGE OF THE LIGHT SYMBOLS with Judith K. Moore (2001). She is a highly-sought lecturer on the subject of the Extraterrestrial phenomenon and on the subject of the Crop Circle phenomenon. She has presented at many national and international conferences, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) chapters, and other widely known events. In this short Clip Barbara and Reuben talk about Physic abilities and making contact with ExtraTerrestrials. This is just a preview of a much lengthier interview with Barbara as well as Episode 5 of Interview With E.D. where Reuben undergoes a regression session where he channels an E.D. (Extra Dimensionals). Stay tune! Much more to come! https://vimeo.com/ondemand/interviewwithed

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      • 2014 FPV Compilation


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        My 2014 FPV Compilation - what a year!

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        • HUNGER GAMES 3


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          HUNGER GAMES 3, crop circle du Geai Moqueur. Champagne-Ardenne. France

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          • Crabwood Alien Crop Circle - Inside Out 2002


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            Lucy Pringle guides us through her research into crop circles and introduces us to some of her fellow researchers. She starts her tour by decoding the "Crabwood Alien", a large, complex formation that appeared in England in 2002.

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            • What's a Food Desert?


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              Gather Baltimore's Joe Hamilton explains what a food desert is, and what Gather Baltimore does to help serve people who live within food deserts. Music courtesy of Liz Vayda.

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              • Кола у 2013 і 2014 роках


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                пшеничні кола

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                • "Rarefazione", Daniela Bedeski with Cecco Cropcircle. A video by Paolo Romanucci.


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                  "Rarefazione", from Daniela Bedeski's "De l'Amor sospeso e de l'Amor rubeo", collection of illustrated poems with CD, L'Arca e l'Arco 2013. A video by Paolo Romanucci, Black Foil, 2013. Daniela Bedeski: lyrics, vocals, music. Cecco Cropcircle: music and recording. Max Lotti: mixing and mastering. Paolo Romanucci, Black Foil: video editing. Rarefazione Non c'è nulla qui dentro. Che cosa è rimasto? Camminare in solitudine.   Perché porgere al mondo due righe mal scritte di grondante vanagloria?   Il filo su cui procedere è sospeso nel vuoto Solo l'equilibrio stupito del volo conduce all'aprirsi immemore di un letale sorriso.   Parole che furono incise nella carne affiorano quando la dimenticanza dell'essere ci succhia lasciandoci ossa nude.   La Morte qui pianta il suo vessillo.   E allora voltarsi e sentire sulle labbra lo sbriciolarsi di canti di uccelli in cieli vertiginosi   E l'ombra lontana di passi spogli Daniela Bedeski - Milano, dicembre 2011

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                  • "Rubedo", Daniela Bedeski with Cecco Cropcircle. A video by Giorgio Longo.


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                    "Rubedo", from Daniela Bedeski's "De l'Amor sospeso e de l'Amor rubeo", a collection of illustrated poems with CD, L'Arca e l'Arco 2013. A video filmed and directed by Giorgio Longo on an idea by Daniela Bedeski. With: Daniela Bedeski. Hair and make-up design: Angelo Tomei. Red paintings: Massimo Bertocchi. Milano, 2014. Daniela Bedeski: lyrics, vocals, music. Cecco Cropcircle: music and recording. Mixed by Max Lotti. Milano, November 2013. Rubedo - Per le tue tele È rosso, ma voglio che sia più rosso del cuore affondo al centro dell'occhio nel raggio della visione che si raggruma. Per il rosso rubino del sangue una lacrima dal bianco gelo di neve stilla e stempera l'opera: al fondo appare di lontananze il profilo nascente di città promesse - Rubedo! Daniela Bedeski - Milano, gennaio 2009

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                    • The Magic Of A Crop Circle-Raisting / Bavaria


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                      Time lapse video about a crop circle in Raisting-Bavaria/Germany. So i was for more than 4 weeks on location in Raisting to get all these so different and extreme scenes and enjoyed the beauty of the crop circle, which was itself cut off still so impressive. I have to say thank you to Erwin Hopf from www.pt4pano.com for his great MonoPod from where the most of scenes are taken. And a huge thank you goes to Marc and www.audiomachine.com for the amazing song "Hit List" and the license to use it for this video.

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