1. Why You Should Join the Church (Selected Scriptures) John MacArthur


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    http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/80-330 We're having such a wonderful time studying the account of Luke, anticipating the cross, but this morning, we're going to take a break from that. And I know for some of you that's probably a disappointment. In some ways it is for me because it's kind of breath taking and we have to kind of take it in sort of mini-series, as they call these things these days. And I hate to put it off another week, but what I want to say to you today is really very, very important. So we will take a little bit of a break and we'll pick up the narrative of Luke next week on Thursday of Passion Week, as the Lord eats the Passover with His disciples and then institutes the Lord's table, and then teaches them all the wonderful truths that He taught them in John 13 through 16. And then confronts Judas at the table and dismisses Judas to go out and make the deal final with the religious leaders of Israel and come later that night and arrest Jesus and then the cross. We're going to get back in to that narrative next week. When we planned this Sunday months and months ago, we didn't know where we'd be in that narrative. And we're going to stick with the plan because it's really very, very important today. As you can tell, the songs we sung were about the church. As I called your attention to a moment ago, Tom wrote a very important article in the Grace Today about the church. There's even a card in there, a little section at the bottom of one of the pages which talks about membership where you can write your name and so forth. I'll tell you more about that a little bit later....

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    • Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything (Colossians 2) John MacArthur


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      http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/80-329 It seems to me that if I were not a Christian and if I were just out there living in the world, and some well-intentioned person approached me and asked if I would be interested in being a Christian, the first question that I would ask would be, "What does Christianity provide for me? What does Christianity offer?" And I'm afraid that I might get a whole lot of different answers. It seems to me that there is widespread confusion with regard to those who present themselves as the purveyors of Christianity and its benefits. Just exactly what do you think people assume Christianity offers? Health, wealth, success, peace of mind, a certain level of tranquility, perhaps the promise of a better job, a better career, the fulfillment of your dreams and ambitions and desires, perhaps even everything you can think of and articulate, that would be a fairly common presentation of Christianity. But I think the overall general sense of Christianity is that it offers you whatever you want. Whatever it is that makes you happy, whatever it is that satisfies you, whatever it is that fulfills your ambitions, your desires and your dreams, that's what Christianity offers you. Christianity offers to make you everything you really want to be....

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      • Saved or Self-Deceived, Part 2 (Matthew 7:21-27) John MacArthur


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        http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/80-327 When all is said and done in terms of the ministry of the Word of God, the most important thing we do is preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The most important thing we do is to tell people there is a heaven and there is a hell. And you will spend eternity in heaven or in hell. And then to tell people that there is a way to heaven, guaranteed, absolutely sure and final. There is a way therefore to avoid hell. And since heaven and hell are forever, this is the most important message that anyone can ever give or anyone can ever hear. Every human being lives forever. Every human being is eternal. After this life is over, we will live forever. We will live consciously, personally, intelligently. We will live fully aware of every detail of our existence. We will experience every moment of our eternal existence in a sense that we have never experienced any moment in this life...without distraction, with full comprehension, full understanding of every moment and every experience in eternity without ever sleeping, or being unconscious. The experience of every person in the life to come will be unlimited and unmitigated and unrestrained and unprotected. We will have in our final form fully functioning minds and bodies. We will feel, we will think, we will emote at a level that far exceeds the most exhilarating moment in life here. We will be fully conscious of every detail in the eternal experience of heaven or hell....

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        • Twin Truths: God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility (John 3:11-21) John MacArthur


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          http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/43-15 This morning we're going back to John chapter 3, so open your Bible, if you will, and come with me to the third chapter of John. We're going to take a look, an initial look at this section, verses 11 to 21. And then I'm going to kind of digress a little bit because there's something I have to tell you to set this entire passage in a proper context and to put it in your mind in a way that will be most helpful. But let me read, we left off our discussion of the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus in the opening ten verses where Jesus talks to him about being born again, born from above. And we talked about the new birth. We talked about being born from above. It's a work of God; it's a divine work, a work of sovereign grace and sovereign power. It's a monergistic, unilateral work of God that's not a synthetic work where you have God participating with man. It's not some kind of coalescing of the will and power of man, with the will and power of God. It's a singular work of God by which He comes down from heaven, irresistibly brings a call--we call it an effectual call on the heart of a sinner--draws that sinner to himself, regenerates that sinner, and then justifies that sinner, sanctifies that sinner and then glorifies that sinner. It's a work of God. The new birth being born from above, in the very illustration of birth, makes the point because no one participates in his own birth. You didn't participate in your physical birth; you didn't participate in your spiritual birth. It is a work of God, a divine, creative miracle....

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          • Balade en biplace en chartreuse


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            Dimanche 10 mars. on monte à la Scia (Chartreuse, France) avec la Z. Petit cross en triangle de 15km. de supers conditions, thermiques larges, puissants et doux. Merci à Vivien pour son Magnum!

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            • Mainstream Night: Black & White


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              Mainstream Night: Black & White. Mainstream Orlando's Easter Service

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              • The Ultimate "Why" Question


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                Dr. Paul R. Baxter, Senior Pastor, March 10, 2013

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                • preview


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                  Steph and Trent's wedding love story preview.

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                  • CPR: How to Save a Life


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                    After my uncle suffered a cardiac arrest in 2011 I was inspired by my aunt and cousin who performed CPR and helped to save his life. I worked on this project whilst studying Television Production at Charles Sturt University. A huge THANK YOU to RED CROSS who supported me greatly by taking part. This was completed the following year in 2012.

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                    • The Great Cross


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                      The Great Cross Alliance is a world-wide community dedicated to constructing the largest, longest-lasting Christian monument in the world. It will be built of columbarium and mausoleum vaults are available for purchase for you and your family.

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