1. Grandma's Keys (to the Grand Marquis)


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    Official video for the song "Grandma's Keys (to the Grand Marquis)" performed by Sick Boy featuring Bakin' Shot with LUMIX GH3 CAST: FEATURING: SUZANNE ALTFELD, TOBY LAWLESS, MATT BURKE DANCERS: YOKO UCHIDA, ANNA FRANCHESCA LO NOVAL WRITTEN BY: TOBY LAWLESS, MATT BURKE BEATS PRODUCED BY: BILLION COAST http://www.facebook.com/pages/Billion-Coast/196388009015 SONG PRODUCED BY: ROBERT HESKIN, TOBY LAWLESS, MATT BURKE MIXED BY: ROBERT HESKIN http://www.myspace.com/robertheskin CREW DIRECTED BY: TOBY LAWLESS PRODUCED BY: BEN GRINNELL, TOBY LAWLESS, MATT BURKE DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: BEN GRINNELL www.whoastudios.com CAMERA: PATRICK O'BRIEN-SMITH www.patrickobriensmith.com ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: ALEXIS GARCIA, EVAN MATHEWS POST EDITOR: TRAVIS FLOURNOY http://travisflournoy.com MOTION: VINCENT ROGOZYK www.yesnowhy.com LYRICS: I got a call from Granny just the other day She said, 'Hey Grandson could you make it my way?' I said, 'I love you Grandma do you need a favor? cause you know I'm always down with the manual labor' She said, 'Listen up close and I'll tell you the deal. I got a '94 Mercury with a flat-ass wheel.' And the next thing she said made me muffle a squeal. She said 'You fix it, you keep it. Now that's a steal.' So I took all my meds and I hop on the bus. 4 hours to Fres', so smoking' weed is a must. But you can't smoke on the bus, so you got to get some eddies. So I put 5 down on a chocolate freddy! And I get to Granny's little nursery home I get up in the bathroom, dab Cool Water Cologne, and I call AAA. I make Grandma stay. They require ID, just to make your day. So they fix the wheel and it's ready to roll. I take Grandma to Denny's and she get's a BREAD ROLL And she gave me some advice. It stuck to my rib... This is what she said, it is not an ad-lib, she said: When you roll with me, you're a VIP Here are Grandma's keys to the Mercury When you roll with me, you're a VIP Here are Grandma's keys to the Grand Marquis Rollin' back to Venice like I'm coolin' on a cloud the road is real quiet Grandma's system is loud pumpin' 8 cylies got to feed the beast cause she guzzles unleaded like it's a medieval feast Did ya ever drive a dream? Listen up, here's a tour: Her whole damn interior is midnight velour Bench seats, fresh pleats, stereo bumpin' beats, 6 people touching knees tinted windows, privacy. With the V8 engine she's a hungry little boat. Based on how she handles, yeah I bet that she would float Her steering column is feather light. Suspension kit, yeah it's hella tight. Lower lumbar support, yeah you know it's pneumatic Got the retractable antenna that is fully automatic. Plus my Grandpa used to drive her. How awesome is that? (so cool) I even found this dope ass seat in the back. She's a princess, I ride her like a chariot. You roll with me and it's like the fukkin' Marriot Big bed, clean sheets, room service...(even a mint) Bakin' take the wheel I don't want to swerve us When you roll with me, you're a VIP Here are Grandma's keys to the Mercury. When you roll with me, you're a VIP Here are Grandma's keys to the Grand Marquis Yo Bakin'! Sup Sick? It's getting' foggy in here. Well let me hit that button to defrost the rear. Bakin's at the wheel cold captaining' this boat, like I'm looking' for some booty, tokin' every quartie note. This Grand Marquis is one to revere. Go past 85 you hit that phantom gear. Flyin' down Olympic, yeah we have no fear Lookin' like an undercover so the coast is clear. Tape deck in full effect while the bitches collect and genuflect in respect to this VIP, Sick B-A-K-I-N muthafukkas, shakin' it up and bakin' it up and makin' it pop ya dumb suckas Cop A/C keeping' it cooley so the fly ladies nip out their nippies! Jesus on the keys so we all at ease Hell yeah, muthafukkas!! Let's go get some shrimps.

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