1. 11th February 2015 - Darkness


    from Stuart Bowditch / Added

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    A little bit of darkness in our lives. Now with CC Subtitles.

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    • The White Widow (2015)


      from Fred L Epee / Added

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      The White Widow (2015) Film by Fred L'Epee and Kenneth Gentry. "The White Widow" is a psychotropic visual arts film representing the themes of mythology, mysticism, and the existential struggle. The realm is that of the subconscious, the alterations of perception, in the other-worldly than the worldly. Once upon a time the white widow at the edge of a path. CREDITS Screenplay Kenneth Gentry Editing Fred L’Epee Design Fred L'Epee Music soundtrack Artist: Cooper Raines Album: "Subterranean Holiday" Titles: Uranium, Surface tension, Mystery of the Junkman Additional sound 169035_cormi_harp4-d Special thanks Freesound Prelinger Archives Helicon Films 2015 Fred L’Epee Kenneth Gentry Ed Alvarado This work is licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.

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      • Black Box


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        Directed by Valera Pokotilov Studio: leravalera.ru model: Mitzi Wolf Undewear: Black Box

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        • The Forest/The Peripheral


          from Tove Skeidsvoll / Added

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          This video is about researching the peripheral

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          • Darkness


            from Cristina Pavesi / Added

            DARKNESS 02'00" Video & Sound Cristina Pavesi ©2014 Artificial lights from various sources illuminate a night landscape. The context and the unnatural lights give an alienating effect contrasting the idea of landscape. The video wants to create a linkage and to renew the classic pictorial genre "landscape with figure" emphasized by an inherent soundscape. Video projected at "The wanderer above the mist project", care of 4Frontal-Fest Miden, Theater of Neos Kosmos, Atene, Greece Luci artificiali di varia origine illuminano un paesaggio notturno. Il contesto e le luci innaturali danno un effetto straniante all'idea di paesaggio. Il video vuole legarsi e rinnovare il classico genere pittorico del "paesaggio con figura" sottolineato da un inerente paesaggio sonoro.

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            • Apollo, Daphne and drakness TRAILER


              from Martina Mrazova / Added

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              The theme of the film is inspired by the myth Apollo and Daphne written by Publius Ovidius Naso. Relationship between a man and a women is irreversibly affected by the invasion of mocking god Eros. In everyone's life events become that permanently stigmatized and transformed us into a different beings than we used to be.

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              • Noise


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                Experiment with noise.

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                • Why is God speaking to people?...


                  from God speaks today / Added

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                  Why is God speaking to people?.... Consider, you humans, what it means when your God and Creator draws close to you in order to speak to you Himself, for thereby He must be pursuing a goal which you are unable to grasp in its full depth.... I bend down to you Myself in order to speak to you, thus it must be very important that you hear My Word, that you receive certain knowledge from Me because I deem the latter necessary. I don't just pass on admonitions or warning to you but try to raise your degree of realisation and provide you with instructions of how the latter can be accomplished.... First I want to remove the darkness in which you live, and thus I also want to tell you what is causing this darkness and how you can resolve it, I want to enlighten you because the darkness is a wretched state for you given that in darkness you cannot find the right path to the light of day. You renounced all light, all realisation.... You don't know anything about Me anymore, your God and Creator Who wants to be your Father; you don't know anything about yourselves, what you were in the beginning, why you changed and for what purpose you live on earth.... And this is an ignorant state which cannot be called divine. You, however, are of divine origin, you once were perfect and thus you also were illuminated, you knew of everything, of My overwhelming love which constantly permeated you and prevented the said darkness, so that you brightly and clearly understood all correlations and possessed the knowledge which only a divine being was able to possess. You voluntarily relinquished this knowledge, the light, the realisation, and fell into the dark state.... your concepts became confused, and you were no longer able to understand anything, neither yourselves and the purpose of your existence nor the relationship with Me.... with the One from Whose strength of love you emerged.... You plunged into darkness, and the darkness will keep you imprisoned until you voluntarily desire My illumination of love again, which will also grant you a light of realisation once more. And into this darkness My Word rings out from above.... Can you comprehend the depth of My love which wants to grant everything to you again which you once renounced of your own free will?.... Can you therefore recognise the tremendous value of My Word as the greatest gift of grace on My part which I impart to people in order to make their retransformation into love easy and possible? I Am speaking to you directly, I Am bridging the vast gulf which still exists between us and I Am sending a flow of grace from the kingdom of light onto earth, which is intended to irrigate and revitalise the extensive spiritual drought on the dark earth.... I want to change the miserable state people live in and present them with the help to find their way out of the state of darkness by sending them a beacon of light if only they are willing to accept it and allow it to illuminate their future path of earthly life, so that they will find their goal for sure, which will only ever be in the light and never in darkness.... It is a greater than great act of compassion which I bestow upon humanity that I offer those who once rejected the light of love, the same light of love again, that I send it to earth despite the fact that people don't express any desire for it apart from a few, whom I use as go-between bearers so that they will carry the light where darkness still prevails.... Yet all people may partake in it, I don't want to withhold My gift of grace from any human being, I want to guide every single person into My sphere of light and try to illuminate him, so that he will begin to sense the correlations, think about them and then be able to be guided by the world of light, which only ever waits for a person to become accessible to their loving care.... And I will keep radiating light down to earth, for the darkness will continue to intensify before the end; but the light will shine for anyone who desires it.... He will enter the state of realisation again because I Myself will initiate him into profound knowledge, which cannot be given to him from external sources unless he accepts it from one of My messengers whom I have guided into this knowledge Myself.... I will still offer My gifts of grace to many people, and even if someone just asks for a small light, it will shine for him and guide him into truthful knowledge which will also make him happy.... For I will still pour out an abundance of My gifts of love before the end, and anyone of good will can still change his unsatisfactory state until the end, he can accept light and increase it himself through a life of love, and he will not have to fear the end once he knows the purpose and goal of his earthly life and then also consciously strives towards this goal.... For then his will shall have made the right decision, he will want to return to Me and thus will also safely reach his goal.... Amen

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                  • Is the Bible completed ....New Revelation


                    from God speaks today / Added

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                    Is the Bible completed.... How misguided you are to assume that with the Scriptures, the Book of the Fathers, My Word has come to an end.... that I Myself have set a limit in so far as that I now do not communicate anymore, that I do not speak to people any longer.... Who gives you the authority to make such an assumption?.... Who will deny Me to speak time and again as Father to My children? Who gives you the right to make the assertion that the Bible is sufficient on its own, that you humans need no other Word?.... Those of you who reject every new revelation are still confined in the darkness of spirit.... And in this darkness you will not understand the Bible either, thus it is still a closed book for you because you do not understand the spiritual meaning of the letters, or you would also find the references concerning My continuous revelations in this book and the working of My spirit would be comprehensible to you.... But as long as your spirit is still unenlightened you cannot grasp the meaning of the Word which I Myself spoke to My disciples while I lived on earth....You humans would be unfortunate if you had to content yourselves with a book which can no longer be checked by you yourselves for changes in its contents.... if you were not repeatedly offered the pure truth from above as a guiding principle as to whether you yourselves are living in truth.... Those of you who only accept the Book of the Fathers have not yet penetrated 'the Word' yourselves, you have only read it intellectually but not allowed the spirit within you to speak, who instructs you and explains to you the spiritual meaning of the Word....You adhere to the letter and do not understand its meaning.... And when I Myself want to guide you into truth you deny My activity, and you suspect My servants of associating with My adversary.... you question My will and the power to speak to those who devoutly offer their service to Me and who are thus also able to hear My voice within themselves.... And you stubbornly hold on to your opinion that My Word is concluded with the Scriptures, which you acknowledge as the only book through which I have revealed Myself....And that is your loss, because by rejecting My Word from above you prove yourselves to be mere dead Christians, because living Christianity is an 'activity of love', and this would result in your spiritual enlightenment and thus also in an understanding for My exceptional help in times of spiritual hardship.... Then you would also comprehend the Bible words, the promises, which I Myself gave to you and which point out that I will reveal Myself to those who keep My commandments.... So how do you intend to interpret My promises, if you deny every 'New Revelation'?.... Do you want to call Me a liar when I announce My 'comforter' to you who will 'guide you into every truth....' How do you understand these Words which have to come to pass, because every promise I gave to people during My life on earth fulfils itself.... And why do you not want to believe? Because your spirit is arrogant, because you lack inner life, spiritual awakening, and thus you believe that you are able to determine and limit Me and My activity as it suits you.... But you are mistaken, even if you believe that you have acquired knowledge through your studies which entitles you to reject My Word from above....You are spiritually arrogant and therefore you can never receive a revelation from Me yourselves, because I only bestow My grace to the humble, and you are lacking this humility.... And thus you still walk in darkness, and you will not be able to penetrate it since you avoid the light which could give you insight if you wanted to step into its radiance.... My love for My living beings will never end, and hence I will never fail to speak to you humans wherever the conditions to do so are met. And My Word will always sound in those who are of good will, to whom the Father can speak like to His children and who have a living faith in Me. And to them I will give evidence of Myself, and My Own will recognise My voice because I can be present with them.... I can reveal Myself to them as I have promised.... Amen

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                    • AWAKE: Darkness


                      from Rogers First Assembly / Added

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                      Part 2 of our AWAKE Series. Pastor Danny talks about casting off the works of darkness and putting on the light.

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