1. // Something Beautiful // Human On Purpose


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    // SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL // Inspired by people and events, I set out to ponder and put into action a concept I find interesting. With the help of videographer Cameron Gundlock. The whole thing took me about a month of slacking off to get done. Song list is in the credits. -Jordan

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    • Art of Ink Bird


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      Artist: Max Diffuzer (Ink Bird's Tattoo's http://vk.com/inkbirdstattoos) Directed, Filmed & Edited by Ivan Levkin (Ivan Levkin Films http://vk.com/ivanlevkin) "Hang Out" by C-Trip https://soundcloud.com/user4918396

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      • Zagreb Diary


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        http://mediascape.info/2012/ mit Pablo Alonso, Barbara Caveng, Cécile Colle, Ralf Nuhn, Heiko Daxl, Ana Elizabet, Igor Eškinja, Andreas Muk Haider, Sibylle Hoessler, Duje Juric, Peter Kees, Iva Kovac, Paul Magee, Martina Menegon and Stefano D’Alessio, Isin Onol, Rivka Rinn, Ilse Ruppert, Michael Saup, Dimitrina Sevova, Riikka Tauriainen, Branka Uzur, Zahra Mani, Ignacio Uriarte, von Ingeborg Fülepp Sibylle Hoessler Iva Kovac Isin Onol Dimitrina Sevova bei HDLU - Mestrovic Pavilion Croatian Association of Visual Artists

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        • K-Space


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          Video/Sound Heiko Daxl, 2010 Idea: Susanne Kienbaum http://susanne-kienbaum.de - http://k-space-berlin.de The K-space is an extension of the concept of Fourier space that is well known in imaging. In MR imaging the k-space is a temporary memory of the spatial frequency information in two or three dimensions of an object; the K-space is defined by the space covered by the phase and frequency encoding data. The relation between K-space data and image data is the Fourier Transformation. The data acquisition matrix contains raw image data before the image processing. In 2 dimensional Fourier transformation imaging, a line of data corresponds to the digitized MRI signal at a particular phase encoding level. The position in K-space is directly related to the gradient across the object being imaged. By changing the gradient over time, the k-space data are sampled in a trajectory through Fourier space at each point until it is filled.

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          • MIM´s Biotop-Berlin


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            Guerrilla gardening is gardening on another person's land without permission. It encompasses a very diverse range of people and motivations, from the enthusiastic gardener who spills over their legal boundaries to the highly political gardener who seeks to provoke change through direct action. It has implications for land rights, land reform. The land that is guerrilla gardened is usually abandoned or neglected by its legal owner and the guerrilla gardeners take it over ("squat") to grow plants. Guerrilla gardeners believe in re-considering land ownership in order to reclaim land from perceived neglect or misuse and assign a new purpose to it.

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            • MediaScape 2010 "THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT"


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              documentation of the exhibition in Zagreb October 2010 www.mediascape.info/2010

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              • Bottled Messages


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                a video about world poetry translated into morse code, inspired by Vladimir Nazor´s poem and Croatian tongue-twister “CVRČAK” Cvrči cvrči cvrčak na čvoru crne smrče. Chirping chirping cricket on the knot of a black spruce. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Nazor in the garden of the Museum Lapidarium in Novigrad / September 2008 http://www.muzej-lapidarium.hr during MediaScape 2008 "Beyond Horizon"

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                • CHIDORI IV - Shiwasu


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                  Performance by Junko Wada and Hans Peter Kuhn at MediaScape 2010 www.mediascape.info/2010

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                  • INFERMENTAL_X_Cassette_6_SOUND_SO


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                    Videosound sounds so and so. In his essay "Film as pure form" (1929) Theo van Doesburg regarded the film as a vehicle of "optical poetry, dynamical architecture of light", as a tool "to create a mobile ornament". The film, he continues, will achieve Bachs Dream "to find an optical equivalent to the temporal structure of musical forms." Signal becomes sound. Image becomes sound. Sound becomes image. The eye hears "an art that should look like music sounds". (John Whitney) WIPE BOARD - Volker Schreiner 2:42, BRD 1989 One hundred and thirty changes on the screen in one hundred and fifty-eight seconds a video that takes the "wipe" at its word. JAPANISCH FÜR ANFÄNGER - Birgit Antoni 16 mm, 7:30, BRD 1990 Dog, fish, bell, carrot and all kinds of combination with Japanese subtitles. TRAVELLING - Vencislav Voidanovski & Stojan Stojanoski 3:30, YU 1990 Leave your skin. Imagination is the best way to travel. BEAM - Enrique Fontanilles 4:30, CH 1988/89 The demarche on which the computer animation BEAM bases, is the creation of sound and image,in total simultaneity and direct influence. For the present video version, various takes from four live performances were assembled by means of magnetical recordings. KNIESPIEL III - Claus Blume 3:40, BRD 1990 The video-editor as a music instrument. The staccato like montage transforms a typical Bavarian Schuhplattler performed by the Traunwalcher Goasslschnalzer to a new audio-visual pattern, close to minimal music. MUSIQUE - Jouri Lesnik 1:20, USSR 1990 Leningrad mix-up RADIO IMAGE - John Goff 4:30, GB 1990 Electromagnetic rays are visualized with the helßof a cathode ray tube and a computer: the radio-image moves in an attempt to display its heterogeneous sources. ZUCKERHUT - Ralf Drechsler 4:00, BRD 1990 Why is life so hard? Why do we live? Why there is so much unfair in this world? Where do we go for holidays this year? THE IMAGE OF DISEASE - Matrix Mind 4:00, SF 1989 Based on the genetic code of the Aids-virus the structure of death is giving beauty. MATTSCHEIBE - Christoph Doering 5:00, BRD 1989 For once the screen is not just a projection surface for visual ideas but is used in its concrete measures as a sprace and in its illuminations. But what happens when the images feel imprisoned in their cages and tubes? AND GRIND HARD STONE TO MEEL - Agnes Hegedüs 8:25, NL 1989 Mediative approach to different aspects of sound-implementation using computer/animation within an interactive sound-video connection. Symbolical intercourse between the meaning of the sound and the elements of the image. C'MON BABE (DANKE SCHÖN) - Sharon Sandusky 16 mm, 12:00, USA 1989 This film uses footage of lemmings running frantical across a northern landscape to represent history as obsessive compulsive behaviour. The images and sounds were totally taken from found- footage. C`MON BABE was proclaimed as "the Blue Velvet of the documentaries". THERE REMAINS THE SMALL HANDFUL THAT DID NOT MAKE THIS FATAL JOURNEY, AND IN TIME, NEW GENERATIONS WILL TAKE THE PLACE OF THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN LOST

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                    • INFERMENTA_X_Cassette 5: IMAGES AND ICONS


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                      In all aspects of life and experience, our desires and intentions, images have superseded reality and have destroyed traditional distinctions and opposites. The image is everywhere, in our expectations, our ethics, in propaganda and advertising and create categories of experience, where differences between real and unreal are vanishing and illusions replace ideals. WHITEWASH - Jan Peacock 14:07, CDN 1989 "You can imagine everything ... you invent nothing" WHITEWASH challenges the assumption that information is inherent in the familiar forms of the TV news format and in commercials, which are constructed to prove the success of their products. WHITEWASH presents television as a world of appearances whose familiarity induces in us "the sleep of complicity", the semi- conscious state in which we absorb ideologies. DAS WESEN DER VERWANDLUNG - Monika Funke Stern & Hanno Baethe 8:00, BRD 1990 The frog and the princess; the famous prince, disguised as the frog, is searching for the magic word that frees him. And he keeps searching and searching ... Is it a blackout? Is the search thus magical? Or is the frog thus magical to keeßthe princess wishing he'll be a frog forever, searching and searching everlasting ... MARILYN'S CONDENSED BEAR SOUP - Barbara Lazar 2:00, A 1990 Under the cover of the perfectly styled product M.M. and contrary to it the lost personality of the artist M.M. has been remodeled. With the help of editing and an ironical kind of approach quotations from her films stand between new gestures ... NEO GEO IX - Screco Dragan 7:00, YU 1989 In the beginning was the line. LA VIE TERRIBLE ET ACHEVEE DE MONSIEUR MERCIER - Herlinde Smet 7:00, B 1988 What happens if a painter and a videomaker bump into each other in a disco? a) You can all put it down in a 5 min. video of basic gestures! b) You end ußwith a comic video strip! What can you do if someone asks you what life is all about? b) you end ußwith a comic video strip! a) you can all put it down in a 5 min video of basic gestures! THE TEMPTATION OF ST. ANTHONY - Simon Biggs 4:20, GB 1990 "... that our eyes might reach to the heart of the rocks, to the bottom of the seas, to the ends of the sky ... that our soul, irradiating everywhere, might go and live amongst all this ... forever to push forth under the sun of eternity its metamorphoses ..." (Gustave Flaubert,Travelogue from Belle-Isle, 1847) BLACK FOREST - BLUE DANUBE - Zora Mari Bauer & Viola Kiefner 14:11, BRD 1990, The videotape BLACK FOREST - BLUE DANUBE presents a listing of sometimes humoristic, sometimes sarcastic notes on the theme "homeland and folklore", packed ußin 24 chapters. The typical Viennese and typical swabian way, germanism and indispensable yodeling play ... under/in/with studiolight, bluebox and soundsampling ... between art, daub and cliche, Biedermeier and musicclip with themes of the present day: nationalism contra integration, pattern contra perspective and the ABC of songs and history contra the CBA of forgetting.

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