1. Silver and the Deflation Thesis


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    56,859 contracts represents over 284 million ounces of silver in a market with a total of just under 1 billion ounces in open contracts (open interest of 197,092) and a combined warehouse “physical” inventory of just over 180 million ounces.

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    • To all Greeks - National measures for defending yourselves against deadly and merciless EU Financial Warfare


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      Dick Eastman Yakima, Washington oldickeastman at q . com

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      • Houdini Sand Vimeo


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        cmiVFX Releases Brand New Houdini Sand Solver Video High Definition Training Videos for the Visual Effects Industry Princeton, NJ (June 28th, 2015) Another brand new advanced Houdini video from cmiVFX! We've brought back another one of your favorite mentors, Mehdi Salehi. This time we will show you how Houdini can be used for developing a sand solver. This tutorial does not use the “Grain Solver” tool which is available in Houdini 14. Instead we will develop a new tool based on “Flip Object” to simulate sand so Houdini 13 users can also follow this tutorial. By developing and using this solver based on Flip object, you can take advantage of flip simulation speed and you will also have various parameters available so you can control the behavior of flip object and achieve the desired results in a reasonable simulation time. Moreover, in this training video we will show you an excellent method that can be used to turn a low-resolution simulation into high-resolution simulation which will also speed up your workflow. You also can use this method for other simulations like “POP simulations” to convert your low-resolution simulation to high-resolution simulation. All this and more is included in this video. Enjoy! Vimeo Teaser Trailer https://vimeo.com/132031608 Short Description This advanced video will take you through the steps of creating a sand solver in Houdini. |||||||||||||||||| Houdini Sand Solver |||||||||||||||||| https://cmivfx.com/store/642-Houdini-Sand-Solver

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        • The Great Un-Participation


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          Discussing the risks and reality of hyperinflation in these situations feels much like describing in detail the evidence and implications of the decades- long silver manipulation.

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          • Hyperdeflationary Death Race 2000


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            The middle class has been squeezed. The engine behind real growth is gone. Generations to come have been bled dry already. Without the engine, there is no growth. Sadly, no growth means no debt service. No debt service is a direct threat to the systems of power. Without that, nature becomes a threat. If you aren’t, you are dying. There is no way they can let that happen.

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            • Focus actions avec Christian Bito (CBT Gestion)


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              Patrimoine TV KNEIP donne la parole à Christian Bito, fondateur de CBT Gestion et professeur à l'ESSEC. L'expert reste optimiste pour les actions. Explications en images avec Bogdan Kowal pour Patrimoine TV KNEIP.

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              • Irving Fisher M•V + M'•V' = P•Σq


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                M = paper money in public's hands V = average rate at which a dollar changes hands per hour or velocity of paper dollar circulation M' = total bank deposits of households, businesses, government spending agencies V' = average rate at which a dollar of deposit changes hands per hour velocity of deposit transfer (circulation) P = Price level (estimated by nominal price of a basket of different items) - in pure theory it is the average price of the individual prices at which all items (Σq, read as "the sum of all goods sold") Σq = All apples, oranges and everything else sold per hour as would be itemized on sales receipts. The equation says is that money available for circulation increases (either paper or bank checking deposit) in quantity and or as the rate of paper money spending or deposit transfer increases there is a corresponding increase in either price level or quantity of goods. But also, as any of these numbers, M,M',V,V',P,Σq changes up or down -- there must be adjustment of at least one of the other numbers up or down to keep the equation in balance. THE EQUATION IS ALWAYS IN BALANCE JUST AS CERTAINLY AS THE AMOUNT STATED ON A CASH RECEIPT (WHICH IS A TITLE FOR THE GOODS) GOING TO THE BUYER IS EQUAL TO THE AMOUNT OF MONEY PAID BY CASH OR DEPOSIT TRANSFER GOING TO THE SELLER. No one messes with the equation of exchange. It always holds true.

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                • Un nouveau Prix de l'Innovation pour CBT Gestion


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                  CBT Gestion vient de décrocher la Pyramide de l'innovation décernée par le magasine Investissement Conseils. L'innovation concerne les mandats de gestion. Explications en images avec Christian Bito, fondateur de CBT Gestion et professeur à l'ESSEC. Avec Bogdan Kowal pour Patrimoine TV KNEIP.

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                  • Houdini Compositing Vimeo


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                    cmiVFX Releases Brand New Houdini Compositing Video Princeton, NJ (March 16th, 2015) For a period of time, many high-end VFX apps were being adopted by several companies during corporate acquisitions. Some of the original CG apps were bought up by the same companies that owned VFX apps or high-end editing suites. During this time there was a need to power up the CG apps to make them more of a "One Stop Shop." This phenomenon was soon forgotten by influx of new VFX apps on the market. Everybody was getting in on the game, and the splitting of apps began again, some by redesign, others by feature request. However, Houdini has proven to be an all around powerhouse for all areas of VFX. Houdini has the ability to connect 3D, 2D, audio, mocap, rendering, and more into one giant network of self reliance. This video is an homage to the world of 2D and 3D compositing tricks usually only known by high-end compositors. In just a few hours, you can take advanced tricks to a whole new level without ever leaving Houdini! When it comes to innovative learning, there is only one choice. cmiVFX.com. Vimeo Teaser Trailer  https://vimeo.com/122255236 Short Description  Learn the secrets of how to take advanced 2D and 3D compositing tricks to a whole new level without ever leaving Houdini! |||||||||||||||||||||| Houdini Compositing |||||||||||||||||||||| https://cmivfx.com/store/632-Houdini+Compositing Chapter Descriptions User Interface Houdini is definitely magic when it comes to setting up your work environments. No matter what operating system you are on, or how many monitors you use, you can find a set of solutions for your daily grind. In this chapter we set you up for a screen resolution efficient compositing environment. Rotoshapes Rotoshapes are a set of tools compacted into a node based environment. This allows for the tracing of shapes with hand drawn accuracy and vertex level manipulation. Keyable over time, any user can animate their shapes to mask out objects in a 2d environment. Learn how to make the most of roto in Houdini with this chapter. Basic Keying That's right folks, you're gonna learn how to pull a green screen key with a deceptively simple looking keyer that rivals many commercial keyers. The magic will be shown using footage that we have provided for you, which is located in the project files with this video. Maynard Keying When regular keying just isn't enough, Maynard Keying is sometimes the only answer. Learn how to set up a modular keying environment using Image Channels and tools to extract out those channels. Combine that with math operators and you too will be an expert at keying for life! Mograph FX Houdini has built-in presets for doing animations with expressions. Learn how to customize your movements with ease using connected CHOPs known also as channel operators. We will also import audio to help drive 2d graphic elements to make your work appear more complex. Light Wrapping and Glows Need to do some finishing work on your 2D or 3D work? Why leave Houdini at all then? You can accomplish the same types of effects directly inside the Houdini COPs system. This chapter works with math operators and effects tools. Title Graphic Design Project Lets apply some of what we learned into a more complex scenario. In this chapter we make a title design that could be used for the opening of a film using only 2D elements which we learned in the previous chapters. 3D Render Pass Compositing This video wouldn't be complete without the render pass compositing chapter. Learn how to set up a render output node from your 3D world and render it into a multi-channel image which can later be broken down for detailed compositing in COPs. We will show you the full workflow, fast!

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