1. Thanks a Million


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    This short film celebrates an important milestone in an inspiring, audacious project to replace every kerosene lamp in Africa with small, portable solar lights by 2020. Shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, mostly ProRes, in film mode. Initially we tried shooting all the night scenes at 'magic hour' - when the lights come on but it's not really dark yet - twilight - but it got so dark so fast we quickly realised we'd never get all the shots. And of course, there are no lights in rural Africa where we were working. When it gets dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face. So we started shooting day-for-night. It was risky. “We’ll fix it in post,” we said nervously. Virtually all the night shots were shot in the day. So there is a lot of heavy grading and visual effects involved. The stars are all real Zambian stars, which are magnificent – the first time I’ve *really* seen the milky way. Daylight scenes were graded with stacked LUTs - OSIRIS 3 Strip and Fuji Super X 400 - from LUT Utility and FilmConvert Pro 2 respectively. The OSIRIS 3 Strip is my favourite as it dramatically shifts red, green and blue while leaving neutral colours alone, and it creates the impression of wider dynamic range. The Fuji Super X LUT was then used on top to add warmth. The day-for-night shots were simply manually graded. ABOUT THE PROJECT In 2009, the charity SolarAid distributed just 5,000 solar lights. This year, through their social enterprise SunnyMoney, they reached a million lights. This short film celebrates the hard work of all the supporters, entrepreneurs, school teachers, students, volunteers, fundraisers, community leaders and employees who made this happen, and will hopefully inspire everyone to the next million. Many families in rural Africa will spend something like half their income on kerosene to light their homes. It keeps them poor and the health effects are disastrous: it's like each member of the family smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Most families can pay for a solar light in a matter of months, and then direct all the money they used to spend on kerosene on better food, clothing, education, medicine and so on. This film will have it's first public screening on April 9th at Google, London. While there is evidence that the impact of the solar lamps on education is enormous, Google is funding a study to measure just how big the impact is. The solar lights are often distributed through schools, and they mean children can study after the sun goes down. While I'm personally cautious about the notion that you can solve big political economic problems by throwing technology at them, this is a a hugely inspiring project. Who would imagine a tiny solar lamp would have such an enormous impact? www.solar-aid.org Shot in and around Mapanza, Zambia. CREDITS Music by Dexter Britain http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Dexter_Britain/Creative_Commons_Volume_2/Seeing_The_Future And Matthew Tyas http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/43234/welcome Made by www.bradbell.tv in collaboration with Elly White @SolarAid and Robin Mwanza and Namu Akombaetwa from SunnyMoney, Mr. Ndambo, the Haundu family, and Alex Burrough in Zambia.

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    • Torsion (Space Warp Gameplay Prototype)


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      This is a gameplay prototype that I was working on for several weeks about one year ago. The player is given the ability to warp space by placing two warp anchors anywhere in the world, warping the space in-between those anchors. Space warping also affects physics, which may be used to make objects roll off curved surfaces, bridge gaps etc. Note that the focus has certainly not been on graphics. Like previous demos, this prototype was built on top of my engine/framework/sandbox called breeze, using DirectX for rendering and PhysX for physics simulation. Visit http://alphanew.net for more info. Also feel free to follow me on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/alphanew), if you're interest in my daily findings and annoyances regarding real-time graphics and other development.

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      • Sculpting With Time


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        Hello, my sincerest thanks for taking a look at our newest showreel. This is cataloging the last three projects we have done. Comments and feedback greatly appreciated! Check out more of our work @ www.sculptingwithtime.com and like us on facebook @ sculpting with time

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        • Sea Urchins - Planktonic Origins


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          Barely visible to the naked eye, sea urchin larvae grow and transform into bottom-dwelling urchins. Plankton Chronicles Project by Christian Sardet, CNRS / Noe Sardet and Sharif Mirshak, Parafilms See Plankton Chronicles interactive site: http://www.planktonchronicles.org [taxonomy:binomial=Paracentrotus lividus] [taxonomy:kingdom=Animalia] [taxonomy:phylum=Echinodermata] [taxonomy:class=Echinoidea] [taxonomy:order=Camarodonta] [taxonomy:family=Parechinidae] [taxonomy:genus=Paracentrotus]

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          • Getting Started with Objective Resource


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            This is a brief screencast for iPhone developers that illustrates setting up and using the open source ObjectiveResource (http://iphoneonrails.com) framework to connect an iPhone application to a Rails application.

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            • Theppam


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              This collection of facts and narratives of the local community members present the effects of the mega development drive in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. Livelihoods and culture of the locals have been directly affected by the changes that aim to convert the region to a tourism hub. While people hope for inclusive development, they remain wary of the changes to come. More info:http://lawandsocietytrust.blogspot.com/search/label/Kalpitiya%3A%20Development%20and%20Rights Directed by Shashika Bandara Special Thanks to Mr. John Pulle Pathmanathan and Mr. Herman Kumara. Editing support: November Production

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              • Fire RnD 2 combined all v01 h264 UQ


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                This time around I dug up another fire research and development project. I kinda continued (in spear time) RnD from where I have stopped after publication of previous RnD on Fire (http://gecko.com.pl/fire-rnd/). Fire RnD II is all about reducing the scale a bit down - concentrating more on candle / torch look and behavior. Both of those RnD's were made inside 3DS Max 2013 using FumeFX 3.0 than 3.5. The bush I have burned and "turntabled" at the end was modeled in SpeedTree. For more info please visit www.gecko.com.pl (Fire R'n'D II - in the blog section) Thanks for watching.

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                • Feather Wrap Deformer Development


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                  idea from X-MEN Days Of Future Past Reference: http://youtu.be/GyFo559P2DQ http://youtu.be/1vGlBa9fM3w

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                  • DemoReel Scripting Python 2012


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                    DemoReel 2012 Python Maya Four scripts introduced : --- SetLights Manager Development Tool to manage lights on scene with many features --- Cellular Automata Graphic Generation based on the Game of Life Rules --- Landscape Generator Graphic Generation --- Jerusalem Temple Graphic Generation

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                    • Elizabeth


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                      How can a half-acre tree farm change a woman's life in rural Kenya? Learn more at www.komaza.org Designed by Matthew DiVito (matthewdivito.com)

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