1. Ps90-4-6 God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 Hebrew Meter


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    Features of Moses' Psalm 90 Hebrew meter which depict BIBLE DOCTRINE (not Bible Codes, lol), and how Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter keys off the Psalm 90 rhetorical style. Download Psalm90: http://www.brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.doc Download the fonts: http://www.brainout.net/Bibleworks.com/fonts.html . Or, download the pdf, http://www.brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.pdf . The primary doctrines communicated metrically have to do with Israel's calendar and prophecy "years" meanings: 56 represented the Harvesting of the Gentiles (because in Jewish time the 'day' begins piggybacked on the prior evening), and 70 represented how the sabbatical years literally BUY a 50-year evangelical 'voting' period for the world (math of this is covered in #9 of my http://www.brainout.net/TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc and is quite shocking). So when Moses uses 56 and 70 syllable 'paragraphs' THREE TIMES (3 denotes Trinity), Isaiah also will do the same thing. The opening 84 syllables in Psalm 90 are the Decree for Messiah, which is 70+14, with the 14 representing the TWO seven year periods that Israel will reject her king, first David and Last David. As these are LOSS years, they will be mirrored back to her (analogous to Pharaoh's dream), in the yet-future Tribulation and in 64-70AD, respectively. So you're introduced to that numeracy, in Episodes 1-2 of this series. Now we'll begin to walk through how Isaiah uses Moses' Psalm 90 keywords, to 'answer' them -- demonstrate God's fulfillment. It's shocking, phenomenal. This is a vital rhetorical technique pan-Bible for establishing that a new piece of claimed Divine Writ (here, Isaiah 53, compared to Psalm 90) is truly from God. I call this technique "threading", and you'll find it explained in more detail within my Isaiah 53 Exegesis playlist. Threading is done by every Bible writer, and from it you know when one book was written compared to another. It's the JOB of the new writer to thread through the themes of ALL prior Bible books into his new one. By doing that, he proves a valid witness from God. Hence you should find in John's letters and Revelation, ALL of the prior Scripture (and you do), since Genesis. This helps you separate false from true, as well. False verses, false interpretations, etc. For always the Scripture interprets itself. Your job, is to 'listen'. So listen to how Isaiah threads from Moses, and you'll become adept at seeing the same threading STYLE in other Bible books as you study them. Worth it! Production Note: the original video Episodes were sliced in 7-10 minute segments, with names like 3a, 3b, etc. That was confusing. So here they are instead joined; just ignore the video text regarding Episode numbers. This video was originally posted 5/18/2009. File Name: 4-6Ps90.avi, remix 10/29/13 from the 5/16/09 'Revised' originals (no new edits, just added together).

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    • Ps90-2-3 God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 Intro, cont.


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      Overview of how Psalm 90's Hebrew Meter is constructed, and why it's prophetic. Isaiah 53 keys off Psalm 90's rhetorical style. The numbers all have doctrinal meanings, Bible teaching metaphors all scholars (Jewish or Christian) know. Links to Related Webpages, etc. How God Mirrors Time (with Bible backup): http://www.brainout.net/Mirroring.htm Psalm 90 in Hebrew, Meter (UPDATED, no longer exactly as in video) http://www.brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.doc . Download fonts so can read the Hebrew: http://www.BibleWorks.com/fonts.html Or, download the pdf: http://www.brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.pdf . See also my '10 GGS' videos, which show how PAUL ties to Psalm 90's meter (ergo I had to make minor corrections, versus these Ps90 videos of a year prior). Isaiah 53 in Hebrew, Meter: http://www.brainout.net/Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.JPG http://www.brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls . This video was originally posted 5/16/2009. File Name: 2&3Ps90Intro.avi, remix (solely added) the 5/16/09 originals. All in Psalm90 folder.

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      • Apocalypse Code: Introduction (Hank Hanegraaff)


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        The introduction to Hank Hanegraaff's book Apocalypse Code.

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        • John Nelson Darby


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          A zealous man of God with some faulty theology.

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          • Acts 126b - Kingdom Offers; Exorcism vs. Casting Out


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            Kingdom Offers; Exorcism vs. Casting Out. Acts 19:11-18. October 1, 2013. A man with a demonic spirit inside him leaps on seven sons and in a smack-down brawl leaves them battered and naked. No, this isn't the adrenaline-charged plot of an action movie. It's a true incident in the book of Acts. Discover the Greek words for demon possession and different categories of demons. See how Paul, through the power of God, was healing sicknesses and casting out demons, making the jealous exorcists in Ephesus try to copy him. Find out how demon possession was active during the two offers of the Kingdom of God to the Jews during the first century. www.deanbibleministries.org

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            • Tough Questions Christians Face (Scottsdale) Q&A session #1


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              From the 2008 Ligonier Fall Conference with John MacArthur & Ligon Duncan, R.C. Sproul moderating

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              • Ekklesia


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                Many have said that the Church is not Israel and Israel is not the Church. Why? And is that understanding correct? If it is not, then what impact does that have regarding the law of God?

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                • Romans 103c - Israel: Replacement Theology, Christian Palestinianism


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                  Israel: Replacement Theology, Christian Palestinianism. Romans 9:1-6 (Introduction). June 6, 2013. If we believe God is faithful and will fulfill His promises to Jacob's descendants, then are we the new Nazis? Listen to this lesson to learn the view of a replacement theologian who makes this false accusation. Find out what Christian Palestinianism is to avoid the evils that come from it. Hear seven observations to help us recognize those who would have us believe that God doesn't keep His Word. www.deanbible.org

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                  • The Kingdom Comes In Power


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                    The features of the Great Commission were prophesied by Daniel in the Old Testament. The Son of Man is pictured as ascending into heaven with the clouds to present Himself before the Father (the Ancient of Days) and receive authority over all the earth. Jesus alluded to this Old Testament prophecy several times before going to the cross, indicating that the Kingdom would come in power before that very generation had passed.

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                    • Christian Reconstruction Debate (1988)


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                      In 1988, Gary DeMar and Gary North faced off against Tommy Ice and Dave Hunt about dispensational theology and Christian reconstruction.

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