1. Riak at OpenX


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    Los Angeles-based OpenX will serve around four trillion ads this year. In this talk, Anthony Molinaro, Engineer at OpenX, goes in-depth on their architecture, how they've built their system, and why/how they are switching to Riak and Riak Core for data storage after using databases like CouchDB and Cassandra in production.

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    • In-Depth on Riak 1.2


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      Riak 1.2 was released on August 7th, 2012. This was a huge release that was many months in the making. Some of the noteworthy changes: new and improved cluster management system; more performant and robust stats; official FreeBSD support; added visibility into handoffs; huge improvements to LevelDB; and much more... In this talk, recorded at the September Bay Area Riak Meetup, Shanley Kane and Andy Gross go in-depth on Riak 1.2 and bring you up to speed on why you'll want to run it in production..

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      • Logic and Lattices for Distributed Programming


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        Developers are increasingly choosing datastores that sacrifice strong consistency guarantees in exchange for improved performance and availability. Unfortunately, writing reliable distributed programs without the benefit of strong consistency can be very challenging. In this talk, Recorded as BashoChats 004 in San Francisco, Neil Conway discusses work from his group at UC Berkeley that aims to make it easier to write distributed programs without relying on strong consistency. Bloom is a declarative programming language for distributed computing, while CALM is an analysis technique that identifies programs that are guaranteed to be eventually consistent. He then discussed his recent work on extending CALM to support a broader range of programs, drawing upon ideas from CRDTs.

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        • Escape Hatches in Go


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          This talk is from San Francisco-based engineer Jeff Hodges. It was recorded at BashoChats 004 on June 27. This talk is all about Go, the language. Specifically, it's an exploration of the escape hatches it gives the developer, and how its simple, clear design allows the developer to do more with less.

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          • Riak in Production at Voxer


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            Voxer relies on Riak as their primary database for various services. They have more than 50 machines dedicated to Riak to support their huge growth and user base, and this has made for an adventure in scaling. Voxer engineers Matt Ranney and Ryan Sokol talk about the Voxer architecture and how they use Riak, along with the road they took to get there. They also spend some time talking about how they use Node.js and their open source Node.js client, node_riak.

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            • Udi Dahan - Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus Studio


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              As developers build larger and more distributed systems than ever before, many questions come up around modeling like, how do I represent services, how do I compose these services into physical endpoints, and how should cross-cutting concerns like authentication and auditing be handled. Join Udi for a first look at NServiceBus Studio - a modeling environment based on the decades-old principles behind NServiceBus yet fully integrated with code-generation into Visual Studio.

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              • Building a community around Healthy Distributed Systems: Mark Phillips


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                Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2012 www.erlang-solutions.com www.erlang-factory.com "Distributed systems aren't limited to the world of computing. Companies and communities, for example, are also distributed networks of resources. In this talk, we'll take a high-level look at computers, companies, and communities as distributed systems and examine why maintaining their health is crucial if they are to scale." Follow us on Twitter @Erlangfactory  https://twitter.com/#!/erlangfactory  Join our group on Linkedin Erlang Factory  http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Erlang-Factory-2003110?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

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                • Scaling Riak at Kiip


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                  In this talk, recorded at the May San Francisco Riak Meetup, Armon Dadgar and Mitchell Hashimoto of Kiip give an overview of how and why they are using Riak in production, and the road they took to get there. You can also get the slides for this here: https://speakerdeck.com/u/mitchellh/p/day-at-kiip

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                  • Berkeley DB at Yammer; Application Specific NoSQL Data Stores for Everyone


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                    In early 2011 Yammer set out to replace an 11 billion row PostgreSQL message delivery database with something a bit more scale-ready. They reached for several databases with which they were familiar, but none proved to be a fit for various reasons. Following in the footsteps of so few before them, they took the wheel of the SS Berkeley DB Java Edition and piloted it into the uncharted waters of horizontal scalability. In this talk, Ryan will cover Yammer's journey through log cleaner infested waters, being hijacked on the high seas by the BDB B-tree cache, and their eventual flotilla of a 45 node, 256 partition BDB cluster.

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                    • Helgi Thorbjoernsson - Think like an ant, distribute the workload - phpday2011


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                      Many services / applications now a day are ill equipped with handling a sudden rush of popularity, as is often the case on the internet now a days, to a point where the services either become unavailable or unbearably slow. By taking a chapter from the ant colonies in the wild, where their strength lies in their numbers and the fact that everyone works together towards the same goal, we can apply the same principle to our service by using systems such as - gearman - memcache - daemons - message queues - load balancers and many more, you can achieve greater performance, more redundancy, higher availability and have the ability to scale your services up and down as required easily. During this talk attendees will be lead through the world of distributed systems and scalability, and shown the how, where and what, of how to take the average application and splitting it into smaller more manageable pieces.

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