1. Herman the Sterile Thumb Piano


    from Ed Devane / Added

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    made with hair clips, lollipop sticks, sterile wipes container and some bolts, as part of an ongoing project with Tallaght Children's Hospital

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    • Kacper Ziemianin - live @ villa K, The Hague 2014


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      Teaser of my new live set. All sound come to live and are controlled by light, using 'lightefface' instrument (find out more about it in this video: https://vimeo.com/59142013 ). Various light sources lend themselves to different sound manipulation techniques.

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      • Bowerbird: TECHNE + Girls Rock Philly


        from Bob Sweeney / Added

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        On July 22, 2014, Bowerbird presented a concert featuring young musicians (ages 13 - 18) from Girls Rock Philly in collaboration with sound artists Bonnie Jones and Suzanne Thorpe. This event was the culmination of a two day workshop called "ARISE: A Dynamic Musical Environment for Change" led by TECHNE at the Girls Rock Summer Institute. TECHNE, an arts education initiative of Jones and Thorpe, lead workshops combining sound, technology and musical improvisation. For more information, please visit girlsrockphilly.org Video by Bob Sweeney

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        • Noise Maker from an AM Radio


          from Atosha McCaw / Added

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          Circuit bent AM radio housed in a biscuit tin.

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          • Imaginary City, Ptuj, 2011


            from zul mahmod / Added

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            Imaginary City was first performed in Hong Kong Art Center in 2010. It explores the different layers of sound in the city where often we took them for granted. During my residency period, I recorded sound from different parts of the city in Hong Kong. It was an interesting process where some sound at a particular space cannot be reinvented or reproduce. With different layers of sound from different sources, the whole environment become noise and distorted. For the performance in ART STAYS 9, I will be recording sound from the city of Ptuj and combining it with sound from Singapore and sound from my diy sound instruments. These sounds will be layered together during the live sound performance. On top of that, I will be using a new sound instrument which I created for ART STAYS to add to my current set up. The sound instrument will consist a midi controller, a turntable, variables and subdivided oscillators. This work will further explore the psychology of the mind where we construct and deconstruct the sound to suit our taste and desire for an imaginary city. New sound and instruments will be added and some of the old ones will be omitted from the set. Audience will get to experience the new composition and hence imagine what their imaginary city would be through sound.

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            • Kacper Ziemianin - live @Barbican center, London, August 2013


              from kaziem / Added

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              This recording was made during a Music Hackspace event at the Barbican center, London, 2013. It was first time I used this live set-up: drum robot + light sensitive interface + circuit bending, so it was still in development (it still is, but it's much better now;-). I upload it for documentation purposes mainly. The audio and video quality is also not perfect, but you can clearly get the idea of what is happening. With thanks to: Tomoroh Hidari, Enrico Bertelli, Music Hackspace London, Susana Garcia, Tadeo Sendón

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              • the Cacophonator-Luden Looksharp noise concrete music machine


                from doc. Luden Looksharp / Added

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                THE CACOPHONATOR-a Necchi sewing machine turns to a musical weapon 2010,Doctor Luden Looksharp purchased at a local flea market in Pavia Italy an old 1945 foot operated sewing machine assembled inside a wodden cabinet. After modifiing it adding crank wheels springs and various sort of objects, the old and abandoned sewing machine started its new life: a (un)musical totally new instrument capable of variuos sort of sound and noises ..from terrible and terrifing screams squeal to very deep and low hums to tenderly and amusing flattering sounds. The Cacophonator is a concrete sound generator, part analog and acoustic, part electronic; the electronic part consist solely of a basical circuit with two oscillator, the grandfather of the modern syntethisers.... Q: Hey, you looser, why all this effort and difficulties to compose and produce music while there are various music brand that sells every sort of sampler synth etc etc...? A: we depend totally from the nature of the instrument, the instrument force us to develope skills and beheaviours to be able to make music with it..I was gettin' lazy with all that software and laptops... 90% of musicians don't have time, don't have skill, doesn't want to learn music so the result is that they use only 20% of the potential of all the gear they have but worstly they use only 20% of their imagination..the majority of this musicians find in electronic and experimental music their perfect field and genre to work with , electronic and experimental music offer the best result with the lowest effort if you don't have "traditional" music knowledge or even don't know how to play any instrument....also abstract art is a perfect field where people may try to perform art without having particular skills, if they stay the more obscure and less reconoscible as possible the more are the chances the listener or the viewer will like the work ..the result are 99% pieces of nice and lovely art to see and listen to,( I love white canvas too)...like all the nice '800/900 paintings you may find in your grandmama house, but way far from the words "personality originality etc etc..... Doc. Looksharp travels time and go back to the era in which you where supposed to make music just with the instrument you were able to build yourself ...made of all the stuff and junk that was around you... the cacophonator force the player to grow his imagination and push fantasy to unknown limits.. the perfect players for the cacophonator are kids.. the cacophonator grows everytime the player desire to produce different sounds... from his first appearence on stage with the maskedmarvels it changed a lot its look... now is a real weapon capable to compete with an entire band. enjoy doc. luden looksharp

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                • 373©TR0N0M@7Y - Live at Cameo Gallery, NIME, 2011


                  from zaquerie applepress / Added

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                  "Electronomaly" is a three-movement musical experiment composed in traditional sonata form for an ensemble of three performers, each assigned a unique, invented, non-traditional mode of creating and controlling the sound of their own instruments when the piece is performed live. Orchestration: 1.) Solo Vocalist/Beatman - wears a pair of gloves-- one to control volume, sample record / playback, & pitch (autotune)**; the other uses 4 laser diodes & a webcam + CV to trigger sound effects and change filter parameters. **Later configured to control video sample playback (as in this video)** 2.) Solo Pianist - uses separate frequency-specific, sound-responsive LED strips / patterns to toggle between MIDI voices. 3.) Auxillary - One performer controls all non-instrumental sound by playing a series of amplified boxes that groan, whistle, and clap at varying tempos & volumes when the lids are opened at varying speeds. Written by myself & long-time musical collabrother / genius Ben Sanofsky & performed with Carl Eveleigh at the ITP New Interfaces for Musical Expression Show, Cameo Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, December, 2011.

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                  • Toktek vs Simon Berz at Wahu Bar


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                    http://www.toktek.org www.simonberz.ch http://www.myspace.com/wahubar

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                    • " Te ves Hermosa Cagando "- composition for cacophonator solo- Doc. Luden Looksharp 2014


                      from doc. Luden Looksharp / Added

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                      A composition for the cacophonator:string theory meets Gurdjieff and animal instincts

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