1. Midway Bull's Eye Lightbox demo video


    from James Schidlowsky Added 188 0 0

    An animated lightbox I made from the painted plexiglas panel and frame from a "Bull's Eye" wall game made by Midway circa 1972. Before videogames, people used to play these. It was a 2-player dart game with hand controls to select when to release the dart, and it would take one of 3 trajectories and hit one of several spots on the dartboard. I've only seen a photo of the original interior with a bunch of light bulbs and some sort of control mechanism. On youtube you can find a video showing the real machine working. I simplified the action and just have one player shoot and follow one trajectory. Either the bull's eye is hit, or it's a miss. This time I used a PICAXE microcontroller to handle the logic sequence, plus shift registers and transistor array chips for the two LED chasers. More (technical info & photos of the inner workings: www.jamesschidlowsky.ca/electronics2.html#bullseye

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    • underbelly & Error Instruments


      from fcr Added

      underbelly & Error Instruments at Twente Biennale, Enschede, Netherlands, 2015

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      • Voltage Controlled Turntable first test.


        from Tom Richards Added 37 0 0

        controlling a turntable with CV from and analogue synth.

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        • 'A Dialog Of Three' Live @ Volkspaleis, October 2014


          from kaziem Added 14 2 0

          This is a documentation of a piece entitled 'A Dialog Of Three'. It was performed live during the Sonology event at Volkspaleis in October 2014. The drum robot can communicate with the light sensitive interface in a very crude way and they can react to each others actions. Third voice is my intervention into this conversation... Unfortunately I didn't get the video file from another camera with a wider shot and different angle. Also the mic was positioned quite high, which creates a weird effect of very close-up video and far sound due to a lot of reverberation (it was a large hall). All in all I think you can get the idea. Thanks to Marko & EWP and Sonology Department.

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          • Sea Breeze lightbox demo video


            from James Schidlowsky Added 65 0 0

            "Sea Breeze Lightbox"... a standalone lightbox made from a circa 1949 pinball backglass. It is made to look pretty on a wall. It is not part of a pinball machine, nor does it make sound. I made a circuit that provides general illumination, as well as two chasers. There are 45 "warm white" LEDs inside. One chaser is for the S-E-A-B-R-E-E-Z-E letters, and the other is for the 18 different score values. Only one chaser is active at any one time. The "score chaser" also periodically speeds up and then slows down progressively until it hits its base speed. "Sea Breeze" was the first of two pinball machine models ever produced in Canada. It was made by the North Star Coin Machine Company of Montreal, which you can read about here: http://www.montrealpinball.com/blog/stories.asp?view=plink&id=62 . It was a lot of work and it is not for sale... it was made as a gift for friends. It was my second such project... see Faces Lightbox here: https://vimeo.com/91720349 , I have a page that shows a few photos of the details and circuits: jamesschidlowsky.ca/electronics2.html#seabreeze

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            • New Track of Unknown Terra II


              from Neal Unreal Added 45 0 0

              Copyright Neal Spowage 2015

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              • Crafting electronics for kids


                from Afrdt Added 105 0 0

                Upcycling plastic soda bottles into noisy dolls. Fun circuit with 3V battery, buzzer and cap switch ;)

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                  from DUMPTRUCK Added 111 0 0

                  Optoelectronic panning oscillator (2 channel stereo with “fixed” waveform). In preparation for a performance that themes around the process of Holography. I have been working on a new device that can take a stereo or mono-split audio signal and create two independent output channels with waveforms using gain attenuation. All this is accomplished using re-purposed laser pointers and a PC fan and couple of photo cells. Using CV to control fan speed=frequency of channel oscillation. Waveform is created by the shape of the fan blade. In theory, the angle of the fan this can adjusted slightly producing a shift in the waveform. The motor and lasers are running on a 3v circuit. The result is a left to right or right to left stereo ping pong panning effect.

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                  • Collin's Lab: Solar


                    from adafruit industries Added 2 0 0

                    Harness the power of the sun for - whatever! Solar technology may be commonplace, but converting light into electricity is still an amazing bit of magic. Join Collin as explores what makes solar tick and it how it relates to other common components.

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                    • Otosimbionte: a feedback-based, performative installation


                      from Andrea Valle Added 101 0 0

                      Otosimbionte by Simone Pappalardo and Andrea Valle is an installation developed in the occasion of "Il sogno verde" exhibition at Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli, organised by Antonio Capaccio and Claudia Rozio, on March 23rd 2014. We coupled our DYI feedback-based systems into a unique recirculating system, placed on a raft. At the core of the system there is the Gate modulator, and Arduino-based device the chops four incoming audio signals (the red box). Otosimbionte is an autonomous installation that may be also performed. Here some excerpts of various improvisations we did. The last two minutes show Otosimbionte sounding by itself. Otosimbionte and the Gate modulator are described in Andrea Valle and Simone Pappalardo. The Gate Modulator. An experiment in digitally-controlled analog synthesis. Paper, XX CIM-Colloquio di Informatica Musicale, Rome, 20-22 October 2014 Video and editing by Antonio Capaccio (thanks!)

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