1. 2010/12/31 코엑스 아쿠아리움


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    • Panasonic GH2 Auto Focus Test with Roland Vocoder


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      Testing the auto focus feature on a Panasonic GH2 with a Lumix HD 14-140mm lens. I was using the GH2 microphone for audio recording to see whether the auto focus sound of the lens was recorded by the GH2 microphone. The auto focus system of the lens was operating quietly. The Roland Vocoder VP-330 Plus was built from 1979 to 1980. Around 2000 pieces were produced. Underworld, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Laurie Anderson and Phil Collins among many other artists were using this vocoder.

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      • Sacré GH2 ! (first hands-on with different lenses, different modes)


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        Sacré GH2 ! (first hands-on with different lenses, different modes) Just received the new GH2 (thanks to Michel Ponomarenko from Panasonic) ! This is a quick test and editing with it. I have the opportunity of having the leica 45mm 2.8 lens from Panasonic, a very good lens, and it's doing macro ! I also test the crop 1:1 GH2 option, it's very useful, especially for avoiding the vignetting from C-mount lens ! I have also tested the 80% slow motion mode, there is no sound on this mode. I also test with my new C-mount Canon 35mm 1.2, a very interesting lens, but the rear is too large, so I did "lens wacking" (detached lens). 1080i manual mode 80% slow mode 24P mode crop 1:1 tests Edited on Premiere CS5, exported on 24P sequence No CC music : Dimitri From Paris "Sacré Français !" lenses : Panasonic Leica 45mm 2.8 Canon FD 28mm 2.8 (thanks to Christophe) C-mount Schneider Kreuznach 25mm 1.4 C-mount Fujia 35mm 1.7 C-mount zoom no name 17-102 2.0 C-mount Canon 35mm 1.2

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        • Panasonic GH2 Microphone Test with ARP 2600


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          I wanted to test the sound quality of the built in microphone of the Panasonic GH2 camera. In the video I switch between the soundtrack recorded by the GH2 Mic and a Zoom H4N recorder. Just playing around on an ARP 2600 analog synthesizer. This vintage machine features built in loudspeakers (not that good), which I was using for this test video. Video footage was a bit color graded.

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          • Panasonic GH2 Test - Snowflake Dance


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            My first Test-Video shot with the new "Panasonic Lumix GH2" PAL camera and a 14mm-140mm Lens. Various whitebalance settings. Raw footage straight from the camera. No color correction!

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            • Baking Christmas Biscuits - GH2 video and audio


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              My children were making biscuits to give out at school on the last day, so made this little video of the whole process to see what you could do with just the GH2, 14-140 lens, and built-in mic. To see it really sparkle, download the file and play it on your machine. Handheld apart from speeded-up rising biscuits, which was stabilized in Syntheyes. All available light. Recorded 1080-50i, rendered in 25p. Gentle overall film curve in MB Looks. Video levels corrected in one shot but GH2 video otherwise untouched. The camera was in front of my (noisy) computer fans while I improvised an arrangement of a Christmas tune (harp image is a still from the harp recording). Tiny bit of convolved reverb added to audio. The biscuits were fantastic!

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              • Touch-AF on GH2


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                Hi all, For some reason I thought you couldn't do this - but thanks to Dieter (below) pointing out that it's just "AF tracking" that doesn't work during video. Anyway, I'll leave this video up here to show what touch-af does during a video. It's a really useful feature for quick shots where you want to lock focus on something and keep it there. Obviously if you have more time to set up, you'd do it manually, but nice to have this option. You have to switch off Continuous-AF in the second page of the motion picture menu, then you can use the various touch-screen modes to focus while you shoot. The lens will stay focussed at that distance until you select something else on screen. Here, I was using the area mode and touching between the wall outside and the kitchen utensils. The camera focusses very accurately. This looks incredibly sharp in the original - so do download the file and have a look. The Vimeo HD mode sometimes looks terrible (sorry Vimeo)!

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                • GH2 vs XHA1 low-light noise comparison


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                  OK, so the video is a bit roughly matched, and the story lacks a dramatic twist, but I wanted to test out my XHA1 and GH2 using the stock 14-140 lens. As we all know by now, in very low light, the GH2 is amazing, and I'd agree. Having played around with it for a couple of days I was interested to see how the GH2 and XHA1 would compare shooting side-by-side, in normal, dull lighting - a room with a single north-facing window about 2 hours before sunset on an overcast day in winter. I've slightly adjusted both images in terms of level / gamma to bring them vaguely together. Obviously this isn't a scientific test, but even so, the GH2 looks better to me. I suspect that in good light, there's far less difference, and that being so, this got me to thinking of the wider practicality of shooting a couple of forthcoming projects using both of these cameras. Here's my take: I love the XHA1 because it's very easy to use for quick set-ups - the camera is also robust, the sound is really easy to do well, and I know my way around the controls. The lens is great for close-up work and has a 20:1 zoom range on a very controllable zoom rocker (you can also set the top zoom control separately, for a single-speed, very fast zoom - useful). The AF tracks quickly without overshoot and MF is easy to use. You don't really have to add anything to the camera to make it work well for video, as that's what it's designed for. Why I like the GH2: tapeless workflow, nicer LCD, light weight, shallow DOF (useful I hope for greenscreen work, as well as making nice images). Very compact, so easy to have to hand. Light, so less fatiguing to use on a stabilizer. Adds the functionality of a good stills camera for odd rostrum stuff. The stock 14-140 lens is beautifully stabilized, and sharp without the CA the Canon can exhibit (although f4 against the Canon's F1.7) Of course you can put faster lenses on the GH2 - but the test got me thinking about the practicalities of shooting video with these cameras, and specifically, whether my XHA1 is redundant or not. And to be honest, I'm certainly not chucking it out. I think the XHA1 does some things better than the GH2 - and for the two shoots I'm planning, I can envisage places where they would both come into their own.

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                  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 on Blackbird Stabilizer - a natural pairing!!


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                    My new GH2 on a Blackbird Stabilizer (the latter available from www.camotionllc.com). I've used the Blackbird with my XHA1 cameras, but the GH2 is a lot lighter, so I can use the stabilizer for extended periods. I moved house last year and having not used the Blackbird for about 9 months, it's easy to get going with it again. In this video there's no audio and this is the complete take, just me walking around looking at stuff. You have to plan where you're going, and keep only half an eye on the LCD, as you also have to avoid treading on things on the ground. I'm walking quite fast in this video - slow moves look really good with a stabilizer, but are much more difficult to get right so I need to work on those. Settings: GH2: 14-140 lens at widest angle, with OIS switched on (normally you switch OIS off using a stabilizer, but it seems to work fine with it on). Blackbird Stabilizer: Minimum weight (one small weight each side, short bar at the bottom, gimbal extension raised slightly). PLEASE NOTE 3 minutes long, 8mbps file, and no audio - it won't look as gorgeously detailed as some of the other GH2 footage on Vimeo, but the point of it is to see the motion rather than the details, and I had to balance quality against upload speed. Settings were cinema, full auto, and 1 stop underexposed. Assembled but otherwise completely ungraded in Vegas. By the way, there's a still frame from the Vegas timeline on the right side of the page - click through to see it properly. Stepping through the original frames, the quality is just jaw-dropping for such a tiny, elegant camera. I'm doing a 3-minute drama scene on location next week and will be using the Blackbird / GH2 for a couple of shots - and on the basis of this, I think it's a potentially killer combination. Any questions please ask. If you download and it doesn't play, try changing the file extension to .mpg - that should work.

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                    • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 - 24P Cinema


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                      The 24P Cinema mode adds a rich, cinema-like gradation to your movies.

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