1. God Deeds 13c6 Integ Ennui Proof


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    New Debate forum for God Series: http://brainout.net/frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=116 So we're free to get integrated with God or alternative 'loves'. So what proof do we have in the world of how this integration, works? To test, claims and results? File Name: 13c6.avi, 8/24/15 from mp3 of 4/23/15. Also uploaded to Youtube, same name.

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    • God Deeds 13c5 Integ Ennui Freedom


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      So how one become free of the crisis of ennui? When we LOVE learning and living on Bible, as in 'the truth shall set you free and Galatians 5:1.. Free not to sin forever. Building that freedom down here, one line upon a line, upon a precept. Sin nature removed at death, so we see the truth for what it is and like God, don't want to sin. Now that, is heaven. File Name: 13c5.avi, 8/2/15 from mp3 of 4/23/15.

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      • God Deeds 13c4 Integ Ennui Origins: Entrenchment


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        So how does the crisis of ennui, become entrenched? When we LOVE being toxic. Integration begets a kind of integrity, and one hardens in it: come to call doo-doo, chocolate. Forever. File Name: 13c4.avi, 8/2/15 from mp3 of 4/23/15.

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        • God Deeds 13c3 Integrated Ennui Origins, cont.


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          So how does the crisis of ennui, begin? When we don't detox. Hardest thing is, we harden in our unwillingness to detox, and come to call doo-doo, chocolate. File Name: 13c3.avi, 8/2/15 from mp3 of 4/22/15.

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          • God Deeds 13c2 Integrated Ennui Origins


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            So how does the crisis of WHY AM I HERE begin? Usually too late. For we're integrated with this world, and thus have to face the crisis, before we will be willing to detox. File Name: 13c2.avi, 7/27/15 from mp3 of 4/22/15.

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            • God Deeds 13c1 Integrated Ennui


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              Plateau time: when the meaningless of this life really hits you. It's a stage of life whether spiritual or not, but when spiritual, it's even harder to live through. Odd, huh. Not really, for your standards have risen so much, everything starts being substandard, and then you realize.. it always was. Always will be. A person whose faith hasn't been growing, comes to this point and wants to sublimate or kill himself. So too, the growing believer, unless he REALLY starts looking at God in everything he does and thinks. It's the only motive which can carry you: CREATE ASSOCIATIONS WITH GOD to get through the moment. Any moment. Every moment. And of course, that was God's goal all along, to get you to this place. Huh? Think about all those personal Bible stories from Adam through David, think about their low times, their frustrations.. how did they get past 'it'? This audio doesn't yet cover that set of parallels, but don't you already know those stories from childhood? So then think about them... File Name: 13c1.avi, 7/20/15 from mp3 of 4/22/15.

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              • God Deeds 13b9 Integrated Interest Effects


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                Interest always leads to an outcome. Vertical interest, to a vertical outcome, and horizontal interest, to a horizontal outcome. File Name: 13b9.avi, 7/12/15.

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                • God Deeds 13b8 Integrated Miss-Interest


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                  Back now to audio only, general problem of WHERE the interest goes, and HOW the missed interest in God, goes undetected. And, how to recover it. By the way, I changed the format to Windows WS to make the file size smaller, since this is audio-only. If you prefer some other format, you can download it by clicking 'download' below the video. If you want me to instead make it 1080p I can, but the picture never changes. It's text of Matthew 4, which is the 'theme' for this Integration Interest subseries. File Name: goddeeds13b8.avi, 7/6/15.

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                  • God Deeds 13b7e Integrated Interest: Spiritually-Mature Soul


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                    Now let's look at a putative soul of a Spiritually Mature person. Okay, I can't make it pretty, but the meaning is purple enough. Again, put your thinking cap on as I talk and feel free to call me wrong, for I'm just brainstorming here, not claiming Divine Correctness. :) File Name: SpirMatSoul1.avi, 5/11/15.

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                    • God Deeds 13b7d Integrated Interest: Achiever Soul


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                      Okay, time to practice what you've learned. Here's a putative Profile of an 'Achiever' soul. File Name: AchieverSoul1.avi

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