1. 352 The Dove


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    352 The Dove Luk 3:21 While all the people were being immersed, Yeshua too was immersed. As he was praying, heaven was opened; Luk 3:22 the Ruach HaKodesh came down on him in physical form like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, "You are my Son, whom I love; I am well pleased with you." It is very important to understand what the Mikvah “immersion” means to Adonai. How He wants His ways to encompass all of our lives. How Adonai desires that He be part of every part in our lives. When we make a decision. When we are going through trials, and when we are rejoicing. There was a very important event as Yeshua went through His Mikvah “baptism”. There was a dove that physically landed on Him. There is only one other place that we see a dove landing on a righteous man. We are going to look at the three gospels and see how each shows us a different picture of events leading up to the Mikvah and the dove landing on Yeshua. What these event mean for those who have eyes to see what is coming. What these events point to in the scriptures. Many people because they lack a Hebraic understanding of the bible are not aware of what the events are leading up to the dove landing on Yeshua, how these events point backwards to the flood and forwards to our time period. How these events also show us something very, very important from the prophet Yonah “Jonah”. How if we do something for our King of heave, He will see and our world will become a much better prosperous place.

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    • Life Inside Out VOD


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      When a mother returns to her musical roots, she rediscovers the passion of her youth and finds a way to connect with her troubled teenage son. Starring Maggie Baird, Finneas O'Connell, Lori Nasso and David Cowgill.

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      • The Divine Dance


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        Love and acceptance are the greatest longings in this world. Pastor Tim Chaddick teaches from Matthew 3:13-17, wherein Jesus is divinely inaugurated to serve humanity.

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        • Suzi's Doves The Movie ( Full History ) - part 2


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          The Colony Get Established. The Doves from late May 2013 to September 2013. Originally broadcast as episodes 27 to 53 with music from various artists.

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          • Annik Buzian- Mulheres Poderosas


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            Annik Buzian é a entrevistada pela Silvia Canquerini no programa Mulheres Poderosas no All Tv o canal virtual. Annik produtora de casting fala sobre a sua experinecia na publicidade e seus projetos.

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            • The Significance of Jesus’ Baptism (Mark 1:9-11) John MacArthur


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              http://www.gty.org/Resources/Sermons/41-3 And now we come to the gospel of Mark in our worship, this morning. Our worship is always richer and better when it is informed by the glorious revelation of God in Scripture. The most important part of our worship is our understanding that informs our praise. And so, as a part of worship service, we always turn to the Word of God. We may have more to praise t he Lord for as we offer Him our worship. We're in Mark chapter 1 and our text this morning is verses 9 through 11. Because this is such a monumental event, we have to take it in one lesson. I'd like to cover more verses but not on this occasion because these three are so significant. Mark 1:9 through 11, “In those days, Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. Immediately coming up out of the water, He saw the heavens opening and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him, and a voice came out of the heavens, ‘You are My beloved Son, in You I am well pleased.'”

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              • Suzi's Doves The Movie ( Full History ) - part 1


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                The Beginning of the Story. The Doves from October 2012 to mid May 2013 Originally broadcast as Episodes 5 to 26 with music from various artists. Note the given dates are the release dates of each episode and so mostly the date of the last shot in that episode which is marked by the different soundtracks.

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                • Crescent & Dove: Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam with Qamar-ul Huda


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                  In the face of overwhelming attention to extremist movements and the fundamentalist Islam they often espouse, exploration of peacemaking and conflict resolution in Muslim communities is especially timely. Crescent and Dove looks at the relationship between contemporary Islam and peacemaking by tackling the diverse interpretations, concepts, and problems in the field of Islamic peacemaking. Although Islamic law requires followers to preserve and protect life, and peacemaking efforts arise in Muslim communities everywhere, those who advocate for Islamic principles of nonviolence and peacebuilding, as well as traditional methods of conflict resolution, face serious challenges. Writing from their perspective as Muslim scholars and peacebuilding practitioners, the contributors offer critical perspectives on what works, what opportunities exist, and what areas are fertile for effective peacebuilding efforts. Their experience and analysis demonstrate that fostering a culture of peace in Muslim communities and building effective conflict resolution practices must occur within an Islamic framework and must engage Muslim leaders. Crescent and Dove addresses both theory and practice by delving into the intellectual heritage of Islam to discuss historical examples of addressing conflict in Islam and exploring the practical challenges of contemporary peacemaking in Arab countries, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Indonesia. These groundbreaking essays offer possibilities for nonviolent interventions, peacemaking, the implementation of human rights, the reinterpretation of texts, peace education instruction, and employing successful mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills in an Islamic context. Qamar-ul Huda is a scholar of Islam and Senior Program Officer in the Religion and Peacemaking Program. He recently edited book, The Crescent and Dove: Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam (USIP Press, 2010) provides a critical analysis of nonviolent strategies and peace building efforts in Muslim communities. His specialty is Middle Eastern history, Islamic ethics, religion and violence, conflict resolution and non-violence in Islam. His current research examines comparative Sunni-Shi’ite interpretations of social justice, ethics, and reconciliation. This is building on his earlier work on the production of religious knowledge, the diversity of religious interpretations and practices in Striving for Divine Union: Spiritual Exercises for Suhrawardi Sufis (Routledge). Huda has served as the special guest editor to The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development and The Muslim World Journal. He has published articles on comparative ethics, inter-faith dialogue, religious and peace building. He is serving as an adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University's Conflict Resolution Program, and served as assistant professors at Boston College and Brandeis University. He earned his doctorate from UCLA in Islamic intellectual history, earned his B.A. from Colgate University, and studied in Islamic seminaries overseas.

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                  • "The Baptism of Jesus or Why Is There a Dove on the Steeple?" Gregg Anderson and Ellen Stapenhorst 1-8-12


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                    The symbol of the dove has been quite interesting throughout history. It has been an ancient symbol of covenant and peace even before the time of Jesus such as in the story of Noah and the Ark. The dove also announces Jesus during his baptism and baptism takes on a new historical and contemporary meaning. What does it possibly mean for us at the beginning of the year 2012 and where do we go from here? Also, Ellen Stapenhorst will introduce her new song, "There Is A Light."

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