1. EasyUAV with Flexipilot


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    my first longer video mission.this fly i make without using my RC.only start and landing i make manually. not many action, but nice video :-) the plane flying a big box twice with approx 800 meters legs.then circle and descent to home position. heavy wind sometimes...

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    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle EasyUAV fully automatic takeoffs and landings


      from Krzysztof Bosak / Added

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      This is a real-life video demonstrating using toy plane EasyUAV flying the shortest fully automatic mission: takeoff from hand, losing altitude then straight landing. FLEXIPILOT performed well as all landings ended in designated area. Note the absence of groundstation: the plane tries to land around its takeoff position, using GPS and IMU (Inertial Measurements) as a guidance. Somebody asked why sometimes the flight path is all around the place when approach line is straight. There are 4 phases: -maximum climb at whatever direction (max throttle, course against the wind with wind estimator drifting in the first seconds) -descend around middle waypoint until altitude met (might be 1/4 or 1/2 circle, whatever happens to be necessary) -fly a little out -return with the wind with little time to correct updrafts over hot grass All taken together is a lot of turning just to get at correct descend slope, altitude and heading at the last 50m in relatively tight place for an RC plane.

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      • T3 contest on DIYDrones, round 6, simulation


        from brakar / Added

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        T3 contest on DIYDrones, round 6, simulation. EasyUAV with Flexipilot is used.

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        • EasyUAV Test Flight


          from Innes / Added

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          Test flight of a EasyStar UAV containing a UAV DevBoard autopilot.

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          • T3-4 Photocontest using EasyUAV


            from brakar / Added

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            Part of one lap from the T3-4 photocontest on www.diydrones.com EasyUAV was used.

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            • UAV fully autonomous long range aerial video flight


              from Krzysztof Bosak / Added

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              3km range flight, automatic path following in sunny yet turbulent weather. Sidewinds and up/downdrifts are present. The plane has navigated fully autonomously using only 3 waypoints out of 128 possible. The waypoints were absolute, found using GoogleEarth. A camera has been attached in the nose. The takeoff was manual. After trimming out the plane for changed aerodynamics and center of gravity the autopilot has been enabled in return-home mode. After a short loiter, MODE_CHANNEL on the transmitter has been flipped and the mission has begun. As you can compare with simulated flight the real plane climbed slower due to extra load and drag. You can observe also the effect of turbulence. The video has been stabilised by software after the flight. The landing was fully automatic, the transmitter has been turned off after some 1min of flight. After next 3min the plane disappeared out of sight and returned 10 min later. Using FPV equipment and RVOSD FLEXIPILOT output you could track the plane all along the way, but this time I have chosen to put classic camera in the nose, in order to test it. Safety first: before launching such a mission it is important to setup RETHOME conditions and launch a simulation BEFORE starting the takeoff as discussed in navigation manual. kbosak@box43.pl for details http://www.aerialrobotics.eu/easyuav/easyuav-manual-en.pdf http://www.aerialrobotics.eu/flexipilot/flexipilot-navigation-en.pdf Also look at the similar flight in the winter, including the photomapping of the same area http://www.vimeo.com/8447537

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              • UAV search&rescue flight with onboard camera, real sound


                from Krzysztof Bosak / Added

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                This is more a navigation demo than actual search. The mission consists of consecutive passes over the search area while advancing 50m after every turn. The area covered is around 200x200m, flight time around 10min, altitude 100m AGL. Return-home position was right over the takeoff, at 50m AGL, tested briefly just after the takeoff. Some 60s after the takeoff RC transmitter power was completely turned off in order to spare the battery, F/S settings using Futaba PCM kept the autopilot enabled, flying the pattern without emergency return-home. After the climb the motor is typically inaudible at 200m. This time, the takeoff was manual, engaged autopilot 10s after. the landing was manual as well. There is sparse fog, 1h before dusk. Used Nikon Coolpix S1, 15FPS only, only 320x240 real resolution due to ultra strong QuickTime compression. The airplane is a production prototype (RCM Pelikan Focus) using Flexipilot Lite with 4DOF IMU. kbosak@box43.pl for details

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                • EasyUAV typical mission beginning


                  from Krzysztof Bosak / Added

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                  In order to test return-home, takeoff in manual mode with MODE_CHANNEL set to magnet home (HIGH). At safe altitude (20m min) enable the autopilot. Observe as the UAV is circling while gaining altitude. Should anything be mistuned, you would be able to spot it while the UAV is overhead (be ready to take manual control by disabling autopilot at this stage). You also make sure that emergency return home is functional. Once the RETHOME_MIN_AGL is achieved, you can hear lowering motor throttle. Move MODE_CHANNEL slider to low position (enabling normal navigation) in order to start mission execution. http://www.aerialrobotics.eu/easyuav/easyuav-manual-en.pdf

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                  • UAV low altitude flight, autopilot with IMU


                    from Krzysztof Bosak / Added

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                    Will it fit the meadow? Amateur robotic plane flying at tree level (10m above takeoff point). Envelope pattern with 150-170m legs and very little error margin for anything. Only barometric altitude sensor has been used, GPS might drift too much during banked turns. Takeoff and landing in manual mode (classic RC transmitter). There was also 8m flight but the camera power died. In general altitude control band is +/-4m, 8m in windy weather worst case. NO distance ranger has been used. kbosak@box43.pl for details

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                    • T3 Trust Time Trial robotic airplane pattern flying using IMU autopilot


                      from Krzysztof Bosak / Added

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                      AerialRobotics FLEXIPILOT mounted in EasyStar RC model flying a route agreed for the T3 contest. The idea is to show the fastest time flying the circuit using amateur RC plane fitted with autopilot, in fully automatic mode. The platform chosen is far from being the fastest, as has been designed for aerial photography. The contest time is 1:26. The UAV uses autopilot-specialised RVOSD version for displaying the navigation. kbosak@box43.pl for details. http://www.aerialrobotics.eu/easyuav/easyuav-manual-en.pdf

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