1. veronica and neil's same day edit // do you need a hankie?


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    a couple so full of emotion that even just putting together the same day edit had quenna in tears more than once. quenna and i put this together, but i think the story really told itself. never before have i seen so much of a reaction to the vows, so much so that the ring bearer, a rather young boy named chad, was in tears with his reaction to the same day edit. i didn't put that in as i had a hard time understanding whether he was crying in response to the vows or if it was more that he wanted to be outside on the bright sunny day. turns out he told veronica and neil shortly after the ceremony that he was crying because he was so happy for them. soundtrack used with permission. the song is 'this moment' by nic chagall and you can purchase it on itunes here http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/nic-chagall/id118757212 or visit him on myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/nicchagall P.

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    • a trip with the saints to meet the president


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      today, as i looked into my viewfinder, there was a moment when i thought i was actually watching a recording. i was shooting with a 135 and i could see the president rather large on my screen - it felt so surreal. i quickly snapped out of it, remembered that this was live and got back to it. those couple moments though were quite the experience. this weekend i was asked to travel to new orleans so that i could film the journey of the saints into washington to meet the president as the culmination of their superbowl victory. the flight over wasn't a media event - that meant i had very little access but i was also the only one not on the team that could tag along. when we landed in DC, a motorcade guided the five buses to the hotel. it was quite the trek to be a part of. the next morning, we headed over to the white house as the president delivered a couple remarks to the team and spent some time shaking their hands. being that this was a media event, we had very specific places we could be (it seems like you lose whether it is open or closed to the media...). somehow i got lucky and a perfect profile shot was completely open so i scooped it up. carrying the MKIV and a handful of primes, we covered the brief event as best we could considering we had about a one foot square in which to stand. we were filming this whole journey as part of an episode for a new series called 'the season' that we are filming for the nfl network. we are working with kevin shaw from 23films.com as the director, and it was great to have somebody so enthused by DSLR technology (he shot second angle when we could) and so open to our ideas and philosophy. we will be travelling back to new orleans later this month to finish up the coverage for this first episode (which is expected to debut around mid-september). 'the season' will focus on human interest stories related to the game of football. we are going to be checking out some pretty interesting places this year and i am excited for the stories we are getting a chance to tell. on the tech side, we had to travel light because of all of the security at the white house. so i had one bag with me, a monopod, and a cinevate slider. we brought a pile of primes, and i am so glad i did. it slowed me down a tad but the imagery is so not broadcast. i had a 14/24/35/50/135 and a 1.4 telconvertor. i brought an extra monopod for the director, kevin shaw, who shot b-cam whenever possible. colored in apple color. a couple interesting things i learned over the weekend; one // airplane food is not nearly the same for a football team as it is for us mere mortals. the plane ride over served garnished steak or chicken parmesan. two // if that wasn't enough, when we arrived at the hotel through the back door, with lots of security) they had a whole banquet room setup with snack food. like the plane, it isn't what you would expect. they had plates of burger, different types of pasta, tubs of haagen daaz, and more than enough to make a buffet restaurant - but this was only a late night snack. three // if you find yourself on the white house lawn and your not a US citizen, watch what you do with any tools you might bring. i was doing a slider show with out cinevate LTS30 and as i put it on the ground i mentioned to kevin, the director, that this probably won't last long. within 30 seconds we had security there. the thing i didn't know was that being from canada made me a foreign national. being a foreign national meant i needed an escort anywhere i went at the white house. all of that meant no slider shots on the white house lawn. here is a quick clip from the weekend. music by ryan rebo, entitled 'dizzy american', licensed through withetiquette.com special thanks to brian at the nfl network for letting me publish this here. all footage is property of the NFLN. follow us on twitter @stillmotion P.

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      • stuey baby + dairy // in front of all of my fathers . sde


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        for those of you unfamiliar with the lingo, this is an same day edit, or sde, produced on the wedding day and screened at the reception. a wedding their way. a nice country setting, jeans and cowboy boots, the reception in a barn, and their own special words to each other. dana grew up on a farm, hence the nickname 'dairy', so it seemed very fitting to capture some of what was happening there that morning aside from the preps (which included milking the cows). stu's father has passed and they lit a candle in his memory at the beginning of the ceremony. that in conjunction with their very moving vows led the priest to actually stop the ceremony for a moment just to let everybody wipe their eyes. looking around the crowd, i'm not sure i've seen that many people that emotional at a ceremony before. soundtrack by zachary lucky 'our new home' licensed through www.withetiquette.com P.

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        • Randeep + Pranavan Highlights // A hindu wedding in London


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          Esta es nuestra primera boda fuera de España y también la primera vez que asistimos a una ceremonia hindú. Y esto supuso un reto en muchos sentidos. Para empezar, las ceremonias hindúes están repletas de rituales que empiezan desde primera hora de la mañana, tanto por parte del novio como de la novia. Esto te obliga a estar atento en todo momento y aunque Pranavan intentó explicarnos el funcionamiento de cada ritual, hasta que no estas allí no puedes llegar a hacerte una idea real de lo que va a suceder. Por otro lado cambiaba nuestra filosofía de trabajo a la hora de planificar el video. Nos gusta conocer a las parejas mucho antes de la boda y que sean ellas las que nos transmitan como debemos contar su historia. En este caso no pudimos conocer a la pareja hasta el día antes de la boda, aunque habíamos mantenido mucho contacto, vía mail, y eso nos decidió a ir a grabar a Londres. Para nosotros ha sido una experiencia increíble, nos gusta proponernos nuevos retos porque, creemos, que es la mejor forma de seguir creciendo. Estamos muy agradecidos a Pranavan y Randeep por dejarnos compartir su día, aunque no tuvimos todo el tiempo que quisimos para conocerlos, podemos decir que son una pareja muy especial. ---------------------------- This is our first wedding out of Spain, and also our first time in an hindu wedding. And this was a challenge in many ways. To start, the hindu weddings are full of rituals that begin early in the morning. This forces you to be alert at every moment. Pranavan try to explain us, but it's difficult imagine exactly the rituals until you are in the place. By the way, this wedding change our philosophy of work. We enjoy meeting couples long before the wedding and in this case, we meet Pran and Randeep the day before the wedding. We had a lot of contact by mail and for this, we decide to travel to London. For us, it has been an incredible experience, we like to propose new challenge and overcome. It is the best way to keep growing. We are so grateful to Pranavan and Randeep for letting us share this day. We didn't have so much time to meet us but we can say that they are a special couple. Song: Comes and Goes - Greg Laswell http://www.amazon.com/Comes-and-Goes-In-Waves/dp/B001EDB04M

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          • karman + rudy // to the infinite moments true love brings . sde


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            for a full write-up on the blending of cultures within weddings please see out main blog, stillmotionblog.com for any more general questions please see our edu blog and the question of the week section where we are spending quite a bit of time going through a range of questions every week, many of which evolve from vimeo threads. soundtrack is city lights by newly added with etiquette artists, two seconds away. check them out on withetiquette.com for tons of great tracks. P.

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            • it's on like donkey kong // christine + ben's (yosemite) same day edit


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              christine and ben are one of those couples that have a blast together in whatever they do. the morning of the wedding they wanted to go for a hike together (which is something they frequently do together) and decided to also pick up some senior's scooters for their grandparents to get around yosemite. the walk was rather reflective and romantic, but as soon as the scooters were revealed, pure mayhem broke out. you can see where ben's daughter, who was doing random interviews throughout the weekend, get's it from :) being a same day edit, it is often tough to weave together so many different elements of the day into one cohesive piece. for christine and ben, i couldn't be happier with how everything just seemed to fit so perfectly and tie into each other. the soundtrack is 'NADUS 03C spring' by daniel dixon, licensed through withetiquette.com shot with the steadicam zephyr (prototype), MKIV, and 7d. almost entirely shot on L-series primes. audio through on board rode video mics or wireless lavs into a zoom h4n. oh, and one more gear comment. i am absolutely in love with the image of the second last shot (the first kiss) shot with the MKIV and canon 50 f1.2. P.

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              • matthew + michelle // reagan and the channel cat


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                shot mostly on the MKIV, also some 7d, and MKII in there. our first sde processed almost entirely in color. the last bit (the boat scenes) were done in FCP due to timing. this was out first time trying the z-finder and it was a huge help in the sun. we used to use the playback/check histograms method but having the z-finder was huge in nailing focus and not worrying about exposure. a wedding bursting at the seams with epicness. as we entered ronald reagan's old ranch house for the ceremony, we saw wild horses running as the clouds rolled over top. while sailing on a catamaran for the reception, we passed by a buoy that had a good dozen seals resting on it, many of which actually turned on their side and waived as we went by. get this one, during their first dance, there just happened to be dolphins jumping only feet away. transportation was an interesting theme for matthew and michelle's wedding. we rode in a van, stretch hummer, bus, jaguar, limo, catamaran, and a trolley. thanks to the rayjoyce team for coming out and being a huge help on this one. we tested out the zacuto z-finder on this shoot. the ceremony and rehearsal were both outdoors in the blazing sun and after getting used to the z-finder, it was quite tough to go back. it is one of those things that i truly don't know how we lived without. this was also our first time using the hero cam from gopro. tying into the theme of transportation, we couldn't have had a better weekend to bring this along. song by ryan rebo 'king of something' licensed through www.withetiquette.com P.

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                • what it takes. a stillmotion introduction


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                  what does a same day edit and kickboxing have in common? featuring world champion and egyptian champion of kickboxing khaled fahim. shot entirely on the MKIV in 24P. 2010 will be the year of same day edits for stillmotion. we will be offering two different sizes. you can come see us this january, the 17th-20th, in austin, TX as the featured speakers of IN[FOCUS]. we will be doing a 3 hour presentation on what it takes to bring your same day edits to the next level. this will be an action packed 3 hours guaranteed to help those who are just getting into same day edits, or those who have been doing them for years. we will also be starting the first off shoot of the evolution experience, a same day edit workshop. it will be 2 days at our edu studio here in toronto where we focus on theory, shooting, and actual editing exercises (FCP based). we are looking for a very small group - only 8 people per class - so we can have a lot of one on one time and really cater the experience to your skill level. if your just starting out, this workshop alone will make you more than confident to start offering amazing same day edits. if you have been doing them for years, this experience will surely take every same day edit you do to the next level. this workshop will cover pre-production, shooting, and lots of editing. each attendee must have FCP 7 as well as a laptop to do their own editing. we will provide cameras, lenses, and other gear to shoot, capture, and work with. you can grab a seat at IN[FOCUS] and hear 12 speakers across three days in austin, TX this jan 17-20th for $645US. you can register at www.infocusvideoevent.com if your interested in one of the eight spots in our same day edit workshop here in toronto, ON this april 13-14th. check out www.stillmotionexperience.com to apply. the cost of registration is $2000.

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